How to Make a Blog and Tips for Beginner Bloggers

How to Make a Blog and Tips for Beginner Bloggers - You want to know How to Create a Blog? Want to know the latest blogging tips? Previously, you need to know in advance what blogging is and why you should start it. Blogs are an extension of Weblog where the activity of creating a blog itself is called blogging. Blogging is the activity of writing a website. Blogging is not just for business needs. You can benefit financially, professionally, and personally from blogging, especially if writing is one of your hobbies.

Here is a complete explanation of the reasons why you need to start blogging:

Reasons Why You Need to Start Blogging
As mentioned above, the steps to starting your own blog are easy and fast. What's more, creating a blog doesn't require too much technical ability. Even if you follow the step-by-step guide to creating a blog, you won't find a meaningful problem.

Attract Audiences
Blogging allows you to attract many people who use the internet. Blogging can help promote yourself or the business you are running. Blogging can be a method to attract an audience because it has value. By creating a valuable blog, you can attract an audience and slowly turn it into a customer, partner, friend or something else.

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Building Authority
Having a blog and writing about important topics that are relevant to your audience make you have authority in that space. This strengthens your professional image. Blog became a professional trait in 2000 like a business card in the 1990s. Blogs are now a new form of business card.

You Can Blogging Anywhere
One interesting thing about running a website is that you can work from anywhere. You can blog at home, from a cafe, or while on vacation. There are even bloggers who do their jobs when traveling. Of course, their blog is centered on traveling, but other bloggers can still run blogs when on vacation or away from home.

Blogging Increases Your Writing Skill
Another benefit of blogging is that the more you write, the better you become a writer. Although many bloggers have initially become good writers, some bloggers, even some successful bloggers, not good writers. Through blogging, they improve their writing skills.

The longer and often you do something, the better you do it. So whether you are a good writer or you are not very good at writing, if you blog regularly, the quality of your writing will increase.

Sharing Knowledge with Others Through Blogs
Maybe you really know about a particular subject, if so, a blog can be a great way to share knowledge with others. Even blogs are a useful source of information for some people about a particular subject.

For example, there is a blog containing a review of electronic products that help consumers find the best products and guidance on how to use these products. If you are an expert in electronic products, you can use this expertise on your blog.

As a result, you can help many people make better decisions when buying certain products.

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Blogs Can Increase Sales
Adding a blog to your business is a powerful way to increase your brand and build trust with customers. Of course, a strong and more trusted brand has more sales. But that's not the only way a blog can give more sales to your business.

Because blogs can be a great way to get links and share on social media from other sites and this is a way to get more traffic to your business website. The more traffic your website gets, you get more buyers and more sales occur. Also know the strategies to increase traffic on blogs that will be useful for you.

Blogging is the Beginning of a Writing Career
Through blogging, there are many bloggers who have written books and made writing as a job on large websites. This is proof that blogs have enormous power now.

In the past if you wanted to be a writer, you usually need to have a degree and if you want to write a book you have to be lucky to find a publisher or know someone in this industry. Now, with a blog you can show posts to anyone, build an audience, and prove that you can write well because there is an audience for your writing.

Creating Opportunities
Blogging can lead to business or other traffic that creates opportunities. For example, people who find you through a blog contact you to be a speaker at an event. Blogging allows anyone who has something interesting to identify as an expert.

Organizing Ideas and Learning
Blogging forces you to teach yourself what you don't know and express what you know. When you start writing a blog post, you are forced to organize ideas. If there is a gap in the topic that you are writing about, you must learn it. Writing and expressing ideas are ways to internalize something that you have learned or experienced. Writing helps you become more familiar with the topic you are writing about.

Share Your Story
Blogging allows you to become your own media company. You can share the story the way you want without relying on journalists. When you write about a topic of your own interest, you can decide how to photograph the story, what information needs to be included, and what needs to be deleted. Blogging allows you to ensure all the factual information that is included in the blog.

Meet New People
The audience you get from blogging doesn't always have to be your audience. They can be friends, colleagues, partners or others. There are many people that you will meet immediately after they read your blog. Some of these people can be your friends or business associates.

Become Visible
Only 1 percent of internet users actively create new content, while 99 percent only read it. With blogging, you separate yourself from this 99 percent group. Being "seen" becomes important in increasingly competitive economic conditions.

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Make money
If you have many readers, then you have the opportunity to monetize the blog. In the current economic conditions, having additional sources of income can be very beneficial. If you work for a fee not as expected, or you just want to increase income, blogging can be a way. Entering from blogging can be passive, meaning it can be automatic or not directly related to the amount of time you allocate.

Guide to Starting a Blog
So you now want to start a blog, but don't know how to start? There is a lot of info on the internet or lots of suggestions that you will receive to do different things, and you feel that all of that is too confusing. Here we describe a simple and easy to understand guide.

There are 4 main steps you need to start a blog. If you follow these 4 steps and guidelines, you will have a blog of your own in less than 30 minutes.

Steps to start a blog:
  • Choose the blog platform that you like 
  • Choose web hosting for your blog 
  • Organize blogs on your domain 
  • Design your blog 
Choose the Blog Platform that you like
Choosing where you want to build a blog is the first way you have to do it. You can use WordPress, which is the biggest platform in the world. There are more than 82 million active users of WordPress.

But there are also other alternatives as follows:
  • Blogger - next best after WordPress. 
  • Tumblr - A combination of blogs and social networks. Interesting and very easy to use.
Even though WordPress is bigger than both, here are the reasons why you need to use WordPress:
  • The settings are easy and free 
  • There are many free themes and layouts 
  • There are many support forums to guard when you experience difficulties 
  • People can interact with you easily. Your content can be shared, commented on, and so on. 
Self-hosting or free?
This is the biggest decision you need to make before going further. You need to decide whether to pay for your blog or choose the free one. GordPress, Tumblr, and Blogger, all offer free blogs. This is great for those who are not too serious about blogging. But there are also disadvantages:
  • You cannot have your own domain name. On a free blog, your blog's web address (URL) is usually not interesting. Have a free blog with the blog service above and your domain name becomes: blogsaya.wordpress.com, blogaya.blogspot.com, or blogsaya.tumblr.com 
  • There is a limit to free blogs. You cannot fully monetize it, and chances are you cannot upload all the videos and images that you want to show. Everything is limited, even you don't have access to the free themes offered by WordPress. 
  • You do not fully own your blog. It may sound silly, but you really don't have your own blog. Your blog is hosted on someone else's web property and they can delete it at any time. This means that all your hard work on a blog can be lost in seconds. 
Conversely, with a self-hosted blog and your own domain name, you become the real owner of your blog. You can name any blog that you want, for example, youname.com or blogspot.YOU.com. You can edit it with .com, .co.uk, .net, .org, or other web suffixes. There is also unlimited bandwidth for videos and images.

Starting a Blog with Your Own Domain (If You Choose Self-Hosting and Custom Domains)
If you are still confused about what is meant by a self-hosted blog, here is an explanation and how you can manage it yourself.

You need to choose a domain name that you like and also choose a hosting company that can host your blog.
  • Domain. The domain is basically the URL of your website. For example, google.com (Google.com is a domain), Facebook.com (Facebook.com is a domain).
  • Hosting. Hosting is a company that puts your website on the internet so anyone can see it. Everything is stored there. This is like a computer hard drive on the internet where your blog will be stored.
Design your WordPress Blog
Make your blog exactly what you want. To choose a new theme, you can go to Appearance> Themes and install free WordPress themes or you can go to the premium website theme and buy the theme. You can choose one that looks professional and easily adjusted. WordPress also has this feature that allows you to change themes in a few clicks.

So if you are bored with the current blog template, you can replace it with another without losing any content or images. Keep in mind, blog design must not only reflect your personality, but also about the contents of the blog. There is no correlation in showing the theme of football if your blog is about tennis, isn't it?

Your blog must also be easy to navigate if you want people to arrive. If not, people will not feel at home on your blog. Design is a subjective art, meaning that everyone likes different things. But no one likes a bad website and they don't like the web that is difficult to navigate. Make everything easy for your audience.

Beginner Blogger Error and How to Fix It
Before going further in building a blog, you need to know some common mistakes when starting blogging.

Use Design With Dark Backgrounds And Bright Texts
This problem is not about aesthetics but more about the usefulness and ability of content to be read. Reading text online is more difficult for the eye than reading traditional letters. Using a dark background with light-colored text makes the eyes more difficult to read.

Use the Word "Click Here," Not a Keyword Phrase for Links
Choose the word for your link carefully. When you write a post and need to enter a link, consider how you will write the sentence and where you include the link. For example, which of the following sentences is more effective?
  • We can help you find information about the most popular blog hosts .
  • For information about the host blog, click here .
The first sentence is more effective because it has keyword phrases that help SEO and are more descriptive for the reader. The word "click here" or even just the word "here" is connected to another page in one place on the web.

Choosing a Blog Name that Is Not Interesting or Excessive
If you start a blog, whether for the long term or not, consider the title seriously. Try to avoid words that are too general. The goal is you want to stand out. Choose a name that reflects your personality and niche, but also creative.

Some things you need to think about when naming a blog:
  • Is the title flexible? Does the name you choose allow your niche to grow? For example, if you start a blog about pregnancy and the blog title you choose is Pregnant Stomach, what happens when you are still blogging after 18 months and you are no longer pregnant? The overall focus of your blog has changed, but your title is not so and no longer reflects your topic. 
  • Does the title reflect the topic of the blog? Titles are a great way to improve SEO if you choose words carefully to reflect your blog's niche. 
  • Does the title you choose match your domain name? Your URL must match the name of your blog. It will be confusing and difficult to remember if your blog is named The Nelson Three but the URL is seosuneo.blogspot.com. Both are very unrelated.
Now, you know the reason why you need to start a blog, how to start it, and which mistakes beginners need to avoid. Enjoy your new blog!