Analyzing Keyword Competition Levels

Analyzing Keyword Competition Levels in Search Engines - Choosing the keywords that we will use should not be arbitrary to choose and use. You must really analyze each keyword that you will use.

Indeed, not all website owners will analyze each keyword, some large websites and those who have large capital do not always use this method "Analyzing the Competition Level or the difficulty of a keyword".

But for us, the law is obligatory and must analyze if you want to compete in search engines.

Why do you have to do this?

This is because the website we just built, which is only 3 to 6 months old, is usually rather difficult to get a good ranking on search engines in order to compete with websites that have been built for longer.

It's the same as we meet other people for the first time, we certainly don't just believe in that person right? We must know who he is, where he lives, what kind of person and others. Search engines are also the same as us. Google does not yet know and do not trust our website.

Because of that reason, we need to choose the keywords that we previously analyzed, whether or not the competition in light search engines is not? The goal is so that we get visitors.

As time goes on, the reputation of our website will also be better in Google's eyes.

How we do and can reach that stage, let's learn together by implementing some of the steps SUBMITClimb often does for this website and some websites that I manage.

misunderstanding that is always done

As I have always said in the previous discussion, there is always a lot of misunderstanding that is always done by people when doing keyword research.

Why do I always repeat these words?

Because this has been an old tradition carried out by SEO actors to this day, so it's very difficult to change that habit, that's the reason why I always repeat these words.

When you use the Google Keyword Planner and do keyword research, you will always see the Competition box (see picture below)


... the competition that you see there is not a competition for the level of SEO competition.

You must know the Google keyword Planner tool is a tool to help those who use AdWords. So the competition that you see there is competition for the difficulty level of advertisers in AdWords.

The word "high" there means the level of difficulty for keywords is heavy because many people put up for that keyword. As for the low word, the opposite of high or very few ads.

So never use competition to benchmark SEO keywords.

Install the MozBar & SEOQuake Extension

I'm sure you must have installed the extension, the extension that I mentioned is to analyze the keywords that we will use.

Just choosing one doesn't matter, I installed both because I use two browsers, Mozilla and Chrome.

  • SEOQuake (Install in Mozilla)
  • Mozbar (it can't already work on Chrome and Mozilla)

Indeed there are differences from these two tools, Mozbar will display fewer numbers than SEOQuake. I use SEOQuake more often.

Both are free, so please use them to help us analyze keywords.

After you have finished installing, now we will start practicing together. Please type in the keywords that you have chosen, then the image will appear like this:

SEOQuake will display lots of numbers

I'm just dizzy especially you. But I will explain one by one what numbers they display.

Pay Attention to PA & DA of a Website

Okay, we will continue to see a lot of PA (Page Authority), this is the number that we see and made based on the calculation of Moz from - 100, this number shows an increase in the height of a website.

DA (Domain Authority) is similar to the Authority Page but rather to the domain itself not to the pages of a website.

If a website has a high PA and DA it can be difficult for you to compete with that site on search engines, while websites that have low PA and DA can make competition easy.

Unfortunately to see this, the Moz extension is no longer able to appear in Chrome and Mozilla in search results (I don't know if this is because my browser is wrong or it can't already). We must look at all the metrics by opening a website that appears in the search engine.

Just to find out the keywords of the PA and DA numbers may not be enough, you might want to be more confident, so you have to analyze other numbers.

Knowing the Number of Website Backlinks

Backlinks are always a determining factor for a website to be on the first page of a website. But as long as you use a source of backlinks, you can't necessarily make your website rank on the first page of search engines.

The backlink that we point to our website can also form PA and DA numbers on our website.

To see other metrics we will use the SEOQuake tool.

  • L in SEOQuake: defines the number of backlinks that point to that page.
  • LD in SEOQuake: defines the number of backlines that point to all the pages on your website.

For numbers in MozBar there are two numbers on the left and right:

  • Left Numbers: Number of backlink numbers that point to the website page (one main page)
  • Numbers on the right: Number of backlink numbers that point to all domain pages or websites.

RDs (root domains) This is the number of domain numbers that are embedded backlinks to our website.

So for example, one of the websites that you have provides a backlink to the SUBMITClimb website from 2 articles to 2 different pages on the SUBMITClimb website. Then later the numbers to be given by MozBar will be 1 on the left and 2 on the right and each will get 1 RDs.

As I said above, if you play a lot of backlinks in the current year you can't, we can't use backlinks anymore.

Because if we look out there many SEO players use incorrect backlink techniques (the term used is black hat)

We must ensure that the number of backlink numbers is sourced from content or websites whose discussion is the same as the website that gets backlinks or not, if it is different then I can say you can beat the website easily.

Notice the Title and Content.

Search engines always know what will be given to people who are looking for certain information.

This means that the content that will be displayed will always match what people are looking for by using the keywords they type in the search engine.

But not all search engines will display the appropriate content or right, because there are still many content that does not match the keywords that when we type in the search engine does not display the right content.

Example Penelitian Hasil Emisi dari jalan plastik

I can only mention one example, maybe there are still many examples of other keywords that still do not fit the content being searched for. (This is the search result when this article or video was created)

From the keywords I typed not exactly what I want to know there is only plastic waste used for road asphalt, exhaust emissions push up sea level rise, try plastic asphalt.
For me this is not the content that I am looking for and need, because it has not answered what I am looking for and no one has done research on the results of emissions from plastic roads.

Imagine if you made content like this with that keyword, it could be in a matter of a few days you could already be on the one page of a search engine.

Note the Quality of Competitor Website Articles

In my opinion this can be done by anyone without having to be seen by SEO actors. I think looking for this is a very accurate way to directly see our competition in search engines.

This method is actually easy and almost the same as we see the method in number 4.

As I said above, Google and other search engines will always try to display content that is as relevant as possible to the keywords that are searched for. So that visitors are satisfied and find the best answers on the Internet.

Therefore the main key of all is the quality of the content of each website.

To find out directly the quality of the content of each website is by directly visiting each website on the first page of the search engine, we cannot replace this job with a machine or tool made by humans.

You yourself must see and check every article on the first page of the search engine. Indeed this is a very time-consuming job, but this is the only way we have to do it.

If the results of checking the quality of the content are not good, you might be able to compete with them.

Even if the website on the first page has a large PA and DA and has a large number of backlinks, if they are not supported by good content then you can compete with them on the first page of the search engine.

So now the competition in search engines has led to a wider direction, not only seen in terms of backlinks, but also seen and assessed from all aspects even including the quality of the content.

If you are good at creating better content from your competitor's website, you should make content that is better and more complete than them, if you cannot make articles or content that are better than your competitors, then I can say this competition is very hard for you.

Automatically Analyze Keywords and Many Keywords

You may have implemented and followed the keyword research guidelines that I made in the previous article or guide, there you and I will find lots of keywords displayed.

Imagine how long do we do keyword research if there are so many one by one?

Nowadays, there are a lot of software and web-based tools that will help us to do keyword research a lot without having to bother.

Even so we still have to manually check to really ensure the keywords that we will use.

What software can help us?
Term Explorer

The appearance of the website of this tool for me is less convincing. For me it looks really bad. But even so this software can help our work easier.

Indeed, this may not be 100% will produce accurate answers, but we can use it as a quick reference tool to decide which keywords are not too difficult competition.


This software is fairly newcomer in my opinion even though it's new and not long ago (starting from when this article was written) this website immediately shot to become popular because of the ease and many features that make our work easier and faster.

KWFinder is indeed designed to find Long Tail Keywords with low competition. The ease and need for reading complicated number metrics will make it easier and faster for anyone to determine which keywords to use and create content.

Actually there are many other tools that we can use, it's just that I prefer to use KWFinder instead of other tools. You can also use keysearch, Moz Keyword Explorer, Keyword Difficulty Tool from SEMrush, use Traffic Travis, Keyword Reviewer and so on.

Since the existence of KWFinder, this tool has changed the way I Analyze Keyword Competition Levels in Search Engines more quickly and simultaneously.

So it's a way you can find and analyze keyword competition. In the next article we will learn why we need to use the Keyword Long Tail. If you need to know this article is Premium content that is usually available in paid online courses, at SuoSuneo you don't need to pay.