Free Blogger And Wordpress Templates

Free Blogger Template 2019 - Blogger is probably the oldest blogging platform this is nevertheless actively walking at the net, Google Blogger has been domestic to thousands and thousands of bloggers for greater than sixteen years now, and nevertheless maintains a reasonably solid market proportion inside the listing of content control structures. Of all the regarded web sites that run a content material control machine, Blogger is utilized by 1.9% of the web sites.

Some nevertheless use Blogger due to the fact this is a Google product, and you can expect excessive standards of safety and nice. Others revel in blogging navigation that is simple to navigate to get content quick and with out ache.

Blogging has been one of the maximum important topics inside the beyond few many years. Small and large commercial enterprise proprietors have long realized that running a blog is a top notch medium for producing visitors, more sales, loose exposure, and normally to build groups around publishing content material. The advantages of running a blog are easily larger than negative because they have to set one, and in reality ought to preserve one.

From simple rewards like increasing search engine visibility and viable branding, to things like authority, and increasing conversion prices - blogging has something to provide for everyone.
Google Blogger makes it as an alternative easy to fashion your personal weblog the manner you need it to, you simplest need to understand a little HTML and CSS to get began, and besides that, every person could make their very own Blogger Template conduct that they can percentage with their buddies, and network in fashionable.

Finding a terrific template can once in a while be a touch inconvenient inside the ass, now not due to the fact there is no availability, however just the alternative - there are such a lot of amazing styles and templates to select from, the system of finding the right you may every now and then sense top notch. We have decided to try to fix the mystery of finding the right template by compiling a list of free Blogger and WordPress templates that have been modernized and optimized with modern functions, widgets, and code standards.

Shapely (WordPress)

Shapely is a super sophisticated tool that you can use for almost any online project that you want. And if it's not complete, you can easily improve it with your creative touch and introduce different plugins for it. In the end, whatever you try to solve with Shapely, the results in terms of web design will be extraordinary with every effort.

Shapely is truly responsive, mobile-ready and displays content on a clean retina screen. You need to invest a little time and energy to make everything move in the right direction with Shapely. You can translate it, create an online store with it, or create a web site with Shapely. Awesome Font Icons, unlimited colors and hero images are just a few additional specialties from Shapely.

Sparkling (WordPress)

Sparkling is a easy and minimum tool with a flat format that handles any device and all cutting-edge net browsers. They can take a look at your content material from hand-held gadgets, in addition to computing device computer systems; no longer anything disturbs Sparkling. The ideal site canvas adapts to the retina display, too, and does now not battle with other technological practices. This may be seo, load pace, and person revel in. With Sparkling, everything has the wonderful first-rate on your convenience.

Sparkling net format will be very essential, but nevertheless appears on the super expert net. But from time to time, it's far a fundamental and easy element that wins massive time. This equal precept additionally applies to online presence and that is what you need to be privy to in advance than constructing your net website. The "preserve it easy" approach is constantly a amazing selection to make.


Gossip is a neat, neat, and minimal Blogger template that you can use to percentage your tales and snap shots. This is an clean-to-use tool that will help you get commenced almost right away. You do not actually need to do a good deal in terms of website online development and more. An remarkable net design is there, ready and ready on the way to use and begin making.
To be compatible with present day internet users, Gossip is completely responsive and equipped for mobile. That stated, your page will alter seamlessly to any screen device, whether or not it is a hand-held or computer device. In addition, Gossip also remarks properly so you will now not have a mission in using and modifying this template. On pinnacle of that, Gossip is enriched with diverse special widgets and full format options. Bring your ideas to the real global with Gossip and make adjustments.

Activello (WordPress)

Cleanliness and minimalism are two vital capabilities of Activello. Of course, there are a ton greater than that, but the  assaults which you point out as soon because the preview web page opens. This is the identical look, you could exercise together with your own internet site or you can use a bit variation. That stated, if you want to alter Activello, with the aid of all method, do it with free will. Leather web sites are easy to use for absolutely everyone to get the maximum out of it.

Some gadgets from Activello are sliders, social media icons, lower back to pinnacle buttons, drop-down menus or even on-line keep features. In addition, Activello is ready for advertising and marketing while you want to monetize your blog and convey it to a totally new level.

Sora One

Sora One is a free Blogger template that is very good for you to create online magazines. It has content at your service, all you need to do is use it and bring it to your advantage. Even though canvas sites are free, Sora One still has quite a number of features that will benefit your web space. Previously, Sora One stirred up a contemporary look that would attract all of your readers.

Some features of the Sora One template are response, retina and mobile readiness and fast loading speed. Indeed, Sora One is also fully compatible with all major web browsers and optimized for search engines. It has many other cool and valuable assets, such as form contact pages, social media icons, place ads, and drop-down menus

News Paper

You don't really need a lot of introductions when it comes to free News Paper Blogger templates. Just by reading the name of the next tool, you already know what it is for. Of course, News Paper is a website that hit the skin for news paper style pages but you can also easily change it for other projects, such as online magazines. Make sure your imagination doesn't limit you and broadens your view.

Paper News is an amazing free and interesting-pull tool that comes 100% ready-to-cellular and SEO optimized. While it keeps everything simple and clean, News Paper still has many things ready to use. From headers and mega menus that can be adjusted to the leading content widgets, customized pagination, and social sharing. News Paper is a very simple web design that can be used by anyone out there.


With zero prior knowledge about website coding and development, you can still start your blog career using Alpha. Yes, you read that right. Anyone and everyone out there is willing, not only testing water, but fully committed, but lacking skills, can start his online journal with Alpha. This is a free Blogger template with all that is needed and then some to create the latest online presence.

Alpha is a super functional, flexible and extensible tool that follows all the latest technology and web regulations. You don't need to worry about one technical part, Alpha has thought about it and applied it to the layout. I mainly talked about cellphone and retina readiness, SEO optimization and cross-browser compatibility. You are getting closer to the realization of your dream blog.


Boxy is a very creative and fun name from a free Blogger template with a box layout. These are items for news websites, magazines, and blogs that you can create in a short time. The design is there, you might just need to refine it to fit your branding to T and you're ready to roll. Start releasing interesting and info-rich content and let Boxy do his magic and appear on the web neatly and regularly.

Boxy has an attractive slider, multi-level drop-down and mega menu, fully customizable headers and many special widgets. You can have the right page that you see in the preview directly for yourself or you can modify it with free will. One thing is certain, no matter what you plan with Boxy, the results will always be interesting and compelling mobile pages.


That doesn't really matter what your niche is, SEO MAG is here to serve them all. You can write about travel, fashion, food, marketing, sports, lifestyle, and so on. You can do it, SEO MAG comes down for topics that exactly match your interests. All of this tells you how adaptive and all-around SEO MAG is. With this in mind, make sure you use it to the fullest and shine online.

SEO MAG is a template that, just like all others, is mobile and retina-ready and aligned with all popular web browsers. It also includes many features such as carousel slider, unlimited mega menu, sticky sidebar and widget-rich footer. And after you develop a newly created website for a certain volume of traffic, you can start monetizing it with MAG SEO integrated ad placement.


Undoubtedly, Morpho is a free, sophisticated, elegant and simple Blogger template for everyone who is willing to start their own online project. Morpho has a very modern and refined look that applies to ideal modern mobile users. By the way, Morpho is fully responsive to work on all devices like a dream. Smartphones, tablets and desktop computers, Morpho is ready for everyone.

With its flexible layout, Morpho ensures that your content is delivered in a way that everyone will experience it at the highest level. You don't need to worry about technical things at all. Morpho practices the latest technology to ensure every visitor feels your content and your website as a whole in an amazing way. But don't hesitate and decorate the look of Morpho with your signature style and make it your own.


For something that is a bit more niche oriented, here is a free Techwise Blogger template. However, now, you already know that all the canvas sites we have here for you are fully customizable and very adaptive. True, they usually apply to many different niches and industries even if they aim for something completely different by default. And the amazing Techwise template is no different.

Techwise works on all devices and seems to be very search engine friendly because of its SEO readiness. Apart from that, it also sports online magazine layouts, tons of widgets, mega menus and various shortcodes. Even though you can use Techwise exactly like that, you can also get things moving your way and fix them but you like them. All the tricks that you plan to do are very comfortable to execute because of Techwise's user friendliness.