Understanding Organic Traffic and How to Get Organic Traffic from Google

Understanding Organic Traffic is site visitors who come directly from Google pages. For example, they type a search query on Google, then enter the article, friend! Now this is what is called organic traffic.

Organic traffic and social media traffic are different. If organic traffic is done / obtained from On Page SEO steps, then the traffic obtained from social media relies on Off Page SEO material.

On Page SEO is a site optimization strategy to capture many visitors by optimizing on the inside of blogspot (Internal. Example: Meta Meta Tags); while Off Page SEO is an optimization blog SEO strategy to get visitors by relying on social media (External. Example: Google AdWords).

Always remember... The best traffic is organic traffic, while the best backlinksare backlinks obtained directly from Google+ . However, now backlinks are dead and have been replaced with Knowledge Baset Trust (KBT).

A little more, this organic visitor has something to do with the UX Experience Algorithm that was discussed before; about how Google robots do a website's Crawling / Indexing.

Definition of Organic Traffic and Examples

As explained above, the definition of organic traffic is the visitors that enter our site - derived from the Search Engine Result Page (SERP) based on the queries they type. 

some experts, experts and masters of SEO blogging say that other terms of organic traffic are natural visitors, natural visitors, or natural blog traffic.

The term organic traffic is not just referring to our biggest Search Engine, Google. This term can be used for other Search Engines such as Bing, MSN, Yahoo, Yandex, Baidu, AOL, and so on.

How to get Organic Traffic from Google

Getting or increasing organic traffic from Google, is just the same as strengthening the quality of a site's SEO, right? 

The edges definitely lead to the first page of Google, or the Google Page One .

Uniquely, world bloggers and experts, explained that Google's first page was not as important as it once was. After all, traffic is not only obtained from SEO On Page, but also from Off Page SEO strategies and techniques!

Registering Blogs to Google Search Engines, Bing & Yandex

Google, Bing, and Yandex are the biggest and most popular search engines in the world; especially Google. 

If you want to get organic traffic, then inevitably, the blog must be registered with the Google Search Console. You can also practice How to Register Blogs to Bing and Yandex at once. 

Don't forget, register the site to DuckDuckGo

Until now, the DuckDuckGo search engine! does not have a webmaster page. So, how to do this? Please search on Google. This blog has been registered with DuckDuckGo.

Following the Development of Algorithms

In order to improve the site's organic traffic, you must keep abreast of Google's latest algorithms. 

Google's most important algorithms to follow are Knowledge Based Trust algorithms , MobileGeddon , Hummingbird , Penguin , and Domain Authority & Page Authority

The five algorithms above determine the ranking (ranking) of your site on the first page of Google. 

The better the application, the techniques and SEO strategies that are implemented, the better your ranking position on the first page of Google; the more organic blog traffic you get!

Blogger, Qualified, and High-Value Blogger Templates

In essence, the template has a big influence on Organic Traffic. 

Some criteria or characteristics of a good Blogger theme are (1.) SEO Ready, (2.) Fast Loading, (3.) Responsive, and (4.) User Friendly. 

Want free? There are, very many. Please check the SEO Blog Template or see Sitemap . 

If you want to use a premium blogger template (paid), and are interested in buying it, please check out the SEO Kraken Blogger Theme . Maybe it suits you 

Quality and High Value Articles

Articles or high-value posts are articles that prioritize quality, not quantity.

"Don't make articles for us, but make articles for readers. We see (judge) the quality, not quantity" Google .

Content is Still King! Content is king .

How good and good the SEO strategy is that you apply, will not work properly if the content is not quality.

Simple conclusion

From the various materials described above, and some additional site links, it can be concluded that Google's first page is important. 

Practically this is the case, when a blog post on the first page of Google, will automatically get Organic Traffic

Gradually, this Organic Traffic will continue to increase. When organic traffic continues to grow, it will certainly affect the UX Experience and Domain & Page Authority

So, what other parts have not been understood? Please ask in the comments field, and I will reply one by one! 

That's the definition of organic traffic, how to get and increase Organic Traffic from Google naturally correctly and precisely. Ok, hopefully it's useful. Greetings SeoSuneo