How To Get a Quality Backlink .GOV .EDU

How To Get a Quality Backlink .GOV .EDU - Talking about SEO can not be separated from the factors that influence it. Because SEO isn't built instantly. And one of the strongest factors is backlinks. Backlinks for SEO are certainly not just links that are embedded in other sites without considering the quality of the environment.

SEO masters argue that backlinks from sites that have domain extensions that have credibility such as .edu, .gov, .ac and .sch are backlinks that can boost the ranking of a website to a page and even the top ranking of search engines.

Unlike the Tempo blogging spaming strategy first, backlink this one even though with a small amount, however, the effect can be felt quickly.

How to get EDU and GOV backlinks

The backlinks of the extension have a significant effect to improve SEO and the web / blog on the first page of search engines. this is because, the extension has a guaranteed level of legality on the search engine.

Collection of quality redirect backlinks .GOV .EDU

For how to use it, you can already, Change the link with your blog link listed above the bar. Use wisely and don't spam
  1. https://goo.gl/ayADVN
  2. https://goo.gl/6CjgXV 
  3. https://goo.gl/ayADVN 
  4. https://goo.gl/8jdZrh 
  5. https://goo.gl/GWsTb3 
  6. https://goo.gl/n71HMo 
  7. https://goo.gl/8sRt2Y 
  8. https://goo.gl/yheoa6 
  9. https://goo.gl/9eZM7W 
  10. https://goo.gl/ahbz26 
  11. https://goo.gl/v7QkaX 
  12. https://goo.gl/7jZo3N 
  13. https://goo.gl/Tmxr6q 
  14. https://goo.gl/VGqryz 
  15. https://goo.gl/tnwSBt 
  16. https://goo.gl/HrFEBF 
  17. https://goo.gl/etX6ZX 
  18. https://goo.gl/D8snum 
  19. https://goo.gl/8Ci22o 
  20. https://goo.gl/JRS8D9 
  21. https://goo.gl/v7QkaX 
  22. https://goo.gl/u7CnVF 
  23. https://goo.gl/i9uZQu 
  24. https://goo.gl/pFjxdZ 
  25. https://goo.gl/xrem3H 
  26. https://goo.gl/MyuTt3 
  27. https://goo.gl/6fY2rr 
  28. https://goo.gl/EKkgzX 
  29. https://goo.gl/B5gr9V

How do you get backlinks from .GOV and .EDU

This discussion we will focus on the linking strategy for backlinks by using the blog commenting method. This method can indeed be said or included in the category of spaming. But with good placement and provisions that do not violate, this method remains effective.
To find .GOV backlinks and .EDU, all we have to do is use more specific tools or keywords. we will use these keywords as search tools on search engines. so sites with EDU and GOV extensions that we can build links will appear in the list of search results. we will use the SEO footprint.

The keywords to look for  EDU and GOV  Quality backlinks on search engines can be seen in the collection of SEO footprints for EDU and GOV backlinks. The following:
  • site:.edu “blog comments powered by disqus”
  • ‌site:.edu “comments powered by Disqus” site:.edu “Please enable JavaScript to view the comments powered by Disqus”
  • ‌site:.gov “blog comments powered by disqus”
  • ‌site:.gov “comments powered by Disqus”
  • ‌site:.gov “Please enable JavaScript to view the comments powered by Disqus”
  • ‌site:.edu “Get your free guestbook service!!”
  • ‌site:.edu inurl:guestbook.htm “Powered by Bravenet”
The steps are very simple, we only need to copy - paste one of the above SEO footprints on Google for example, then press enter and all the lists with the extension you want will appear on the search page. Then look for sites that have high PA and DA, and then start commenting. If there are questions, write in the comments column below. greetings seosuneo