How to Register and Install the Complete Propeller Ads Guide Ad

How to Register and Install Propeller Ads Ads - For those of you who have a hobby of blogging, of course you want to get extra income from blogs that they develop especially from advertising media. Google AdSense itself is still the main choice of many bloggers. But tight and difficult to join Google AdSense alone makes most blogger activists choose to look for other Adsense alternatives so that their blogs can make money. 

Currently there are many alternative adsense such as Mediavenus , Propeller ads , Chitika, Bidvertiser, Infolinks, Net Media, revenuehits and so on. From these various Adsense, many people ask how to join and register and even advertise on their blog.

Propeller Ads is one of the Google AdSense alternatives that are also the most sought after by bloggers, the reason being that it is easy to implement and flexible for blogs that are downloadable. Propeller Ads uses a CPM (Cost Per Million) system or installs a popup or banner ad. For earnings or income alone it is quite good compared to the others.

Now for those of you who have a visitor that has quite a lot, what's wrong with trying to register here, instead you also get a backlink from there by attaching your blog URL to Propeller Ads.

Next, I will give a tutorial on how to register and install a Propeller Ads ad that can directly be applied on your blog. This article is suitable for those of you who want to start registering because I will explain from the beginning to register until the advertisement on your blog.

How to Register Propeller Ads and Place Ads on Blogs

1. Your first step is to open the Propeller website. Or click here Register then follow the steps as shown below :
2. After you select the publisher, it will be directed to the next step, which is filling in the form correctly after filling in the terms and conditions section, then clicking AS PUBLISHER.

3. Next you will get a confirmation e-mail from Propeller Ads , then you click to approve it, you click to get the password to log in to the Proppeler ads, then please login with the e-mail and password given earlier.
4. After you log in, it will go to the Propeller Ads dashboard for the settings we want. Please click on Site> Add new site> fill in your domain or url address> then Submit.
5. After you submit it will get the meta tag code that will be applied to the blog to verify your blog. Then copy the code like how to verify Google webmaster, enter first on the template of your blog edit, search for </ head> and paste it before the code </ head> then verify it with click verify. Success.
6. So far the registration and verification process has been successful.
How easy are all colleagues to register on propeller ads. The next step is how to put propeller ads on your blog. For the steps please refer to and apply on the blog that you want to advertise.

How to Install Propeller ads on a blog

1. After the above steps are successful then you will be taken directly to the ad settings or click Site> Add new Channel in the top right like the image below then select the web advertising section by selecting Popunder then click Next.
2. Then fill in the name of your ad then Next. Fill in the appropriate name because this will make it easier for you to choose ads that you want to install, there are various types of ads that you can install at once.
3. Next you will automatically get the ad code that you want to display on your blog. Please copy the code.
To install, please take the PARSE code so you can install it on your blog. Now after you have the PARSE code now you can install it. How to install it as follows :

* Place the code you have parsed on the code </ body> or under the code <body> then save.
* Other types of advertisements try pairing by adding widged or templates.

At first glance, this ad is not visible, but if a visitor clicks on it, this ad will appear on a new page.

It's easy enough not to register and post ads on this propeller ads as well as to implement it definitely easy. Then you can see the report on the dashboard or revenue section. How interesting is it, don't try it, for that, please register yourself if you want to CLICK REGISTER NOW !!

So many discussions this time about How to Register and Install Propeller Ads Ads . Hopefully this little article provides useful information for you. If there is a shortage, I apologize if I would like to add or want to share with other visitors, please comment below. Thank you for all of us success.