How to Streamline Alexa Rank Ranking

Understanding and Ways to Streamline Alexa Rank - Lately, many bloggers have asked, "How do I check the ranking of the blog?" Alexa is the mas, he said, friends of bloggers. Doesn't that have to register first? " I replied "Of course you don't need to register mas, because now Alexa has automatically made a ranking for each blog that is in the global position of 20 million and above. Up here, the meaning is getting more up the better, bro.

Well before stepping into the tutorial streamlining the Alexa rank blog / website, it's good to know first what Alexa rank is

What is Alexa rank?

Alexa rank is a machine / tool developed by one of the Alexa internet giants to find out the ranking of a website based on the number of visitors, backlinks, number of organic searches and sources of visitors from around the world and from the domain name itself.

Examples of domain name you domainkamu.id rated global = 2000.000 and id = 20000. This means that the global ranking of your blog from all blogs in the world is in the order of 2 million, and for the Indonesian region, the order of your blog is at 20,000 from millions of blogs in Indonesia. Keep in mind the smaller the Alexa ranking of the blog, the better the blog.

Alexa rank services that are in many Alexa Internet services belong to an Amazon internet giant that was founded in 1996. Its founders are Brewster Kahle and Bruce Gilliat. Alexa's name was chosen as a tribute to the Alexandria Library.

Is alexa rank important?

In my opinion it is important because we build a blog with a goal one day the blog will be big. Now to monitor that development we must know the ranking of blogs from many blogs in the world. Maybe some people there are also those who think alexa rank is not important, but many also take seriously about alexa rank.

We make repairs and benchmarks to our blog by knowing the ranking. whether this ranking is good for our blog or not. Therefore we can do more optimization on our blog to improve its ranking.

Then How to Streamline Alexa Rank?

There are so many ways to streamline Alexa rank, of course, there are manual and automatic ones. Now on this occasion I will discuss these ways.

Here are tips to streamline your version of the Alexa Rank

Routine Update Article

This is the main way for me to streamline Alexa rank. Because search engines like websites that are always updated every day. For example, there are 2 students, the other is stupid and the other is smart. The stupid ones were cleared and always entered even though the grades weren't good, the smart ones even though the grades were good but they rarely entered classes and skipped classes. Surely the teacher prefers students who are stupid before, because stupid can be changed to be smart, but if it's bad character it must be difficult to change.

The same is true for this, even though the quality of the blog is not as good as a large blog, but if it's always regularly updated, one day you can overtake big blogs. It is very important to diligently update the article because the blog will live if it is managed by the owner.

Do Blogwalking Every Day

By doing blogwalking, we can introduce our blog to the wider community, the opportunity to create a bigger blog will be seen. Bloggers who are often blogging and who are not blogwalking have far different opportunities to make a blog bigger.

Try to do blogwalking every day, besides being able to increase the Alexa ranking, it can also increase the number of visitors and views on our blog articles.

Increase the number of organic visitors

Organic visitors, namely visitors who are purely from search engines, Google and other search engines prefer blogs that have fewer visitors but come from search engines than many visitors but come from social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and so on.

It is difficult to increase organic visitors, but if there is a will, there must be a way. so keep on cobalag and don't give up.

Expand Quality Backlinks

I have found a new blog that only has articles about 50 articles, but I check Alexa ranking to increase 3 million for the global and 50,000 for Indonesia. I thought how could it be, even though compared to the dewail blog, the number of articles is still far behind, after I scroll down it turns out that the number of backlinks makes me amazed. That is in the number 150.

It is important to have lots of backlinks, because the number of backlinks determines the popularity of your blog. The method is to establish cooperation between bloggers. This is a great opportunity to increase traffic and alexa rank for your blog.

Registering Blogs to Webmasters

The way to streamline Alexa rank is also important so that search engines can crawl your latest articles. Try to always update the blog sitemap to the search engines every time you finish publishing an article. To speed up your article index.

For those of you who don't understand how to register a blog to a webmaster, the following tutorial lists blogs to google, bing, yahoo, and yandex webmasters .

Connect Blogs with Google Analytic

If you want to monitor the progress of a blog, connect your blog with Google Analytics services. This can monitor your blog traffic starting from the number of visitors, source visitors, page views, reflections and so on. By knowing blog statistics without being complicated, we can optimize the blog more optimally.

Thus alexa rank will also increase.

Optimize SEO

Whether it's SEO on page or off page, optimize the SEO so that your article is at the top of the search engine. If your article is at the top of the search engine, then the opportunity to get a visitor is much greater and the opportunity to increase alexa rank traffic is much greater too.

If you don't know the basics of SEO and how to optimize SEO, here's the complete tutorial on SEO / Search Engine Optimization .

Install the Alexa Toolbar and Alexa Widget

In my opinion, this is the only way to streamline Alexa rank alternatives because the main ones are frequent article updates, but many bloggers also use this method to speed up streamlining Alexa rank. This method is also proven to be effective in increasing the Alexa rank in just a few time.

But I myself have never done this method because in my opinion this method has a small chance.

Sharing Articles To Social Media

Besides being obliged to increase visitors from search engines, this method is also required to use to increase non-organic traffic. But this method is just an addition if you want to get extra visitors. The main thing is still to increase organic visitors.

But if it feels that competition is high enough on search engines, you can share it on social media or you can also use Facebook ads or Facebook ads.


Maybe this information can motivate you to increase your blog's Alexa ranking.
Here are the 10 Largest Sites in the Alexa version of the world today:
  1. Google.com
  2. Youtube.com
  3. Facebook.com
  4. Baidu.com
  5. Wikipedia.org
  6. Yahoo.com
  7. Google.co.in
  8. Reddit.com
  9. Qq.com
  10. Amazon.com
Here are some ways to shorten your alexa rank with your simplified version. Fight always, surely the fight will be sweet.