Tutorial On Registering And Blog Verification On Bing Search

Tutorial On Registering And Blog Verification On Bing Search - To optimize blog performance , especially in terms of bringing traffic from search engines as a blogger, it is an obligation for us to introduce sites that are managed on search engines so that web posts are easier to appear on search results.

In addition to registering a blog on google webmaster tools that are owned by the search engine king and verifying blogs on yandex webmasters . In order for the famous blog opportunity to be bigger then we should also register and verify the blog on Bing .

Why ?

Because by registering and verifying site ownership on Bing . We can more easily control and monitor the performance of the web that we manage. Apart from that Bing is one of the toughest rivals of Google search engines, and in words there are also many internet users who are browsing or searching information using Bing.

Not only that Bing is also very good at SEO , because Bing is owned by one of the leading companies, Microsoft. And is a combination of three well-known search engines, namely Live Search, Windows Live Search, and MSN Search, which were introduced to the general public since May 2009.

For several reasons above, even though Bing is still less popular or unable to compete with Google Search. As an effort to improve SEO and open opportunities for blogs more often appear in search results. There is nothing wrong with friends also registering or submitting blogs that are owned by Bing webmasters and verifying site ownership. Who knows, this way our blog / website / site will become more easily known and attract a lot of traffic.

But to be able to submit a site to bing our webmasters are required to have a Microsoft email account, such as Hotmail or Outlook. So, if you don't have it, please make it first. To make it easier how to create a Microsoft account, friends can watch the video tutorial to make the following hotmail email:

After finishing creating a hotmail account, the next step is to submit the URL of the website / blog on Bing webmaster tools, please follow the steps to register below:

Tutorial Register or Submit the Latest Blogs on Bing Webmaster Tools

To be easier or easier, you should first log in to a Microsoft account (Hotmail Email). After you have successfully logged in or are logged in to register the site the steps are as follows:
  • Open a new tab, visit the bing webmaster page or just click https://www.bing.com/toolbox/webmaster
  • Click the sign in button . If you don't have a Microsoft account, please click sign up.
  • Then you will be directed to the bing webmaster tools page. Then enter the URL / address of the blog / web / site / website that you want to list in the box provided. 
  • Click add on the right side of the field.
  • After that, you will be diverted to fill in the registration form, fill in the requested data correctly. 
Note: Boxes marked with an asterisk are data that you must fill in.

Description of How to Fill in the Bing Webmaster Registration Form

  • URL : Usually this section is filled in automatically but if this column is empty, please fill in the URL of your site,
  • Add a sitemap : Enter the sitemap url of your site. 
  • Example of the blog sitemap url
  • https://seosuneo.blogspot.com/sitemap.xml
    https://seosuneo.blogspot.com/feeds/posts / default.
  • Please choose one, we can add another later. It is important to replace blogtipsintrik.blogspot.com with the name of your blog or siitus.
  • When do you receive the most traffict to this site for your local time of the day ? Just choose All day (Default)


  • Fist name : Fill in your first name.
  • Last name : Fill in your last name.
  • Email : this section is usually filled in automatically, but if the field is still empty, please fill in the Microsoft email address you created earlier. 
  • Job rule : Fill in your work or it can be empty because it's not so important.
  • Company or organization name : Fill in the name of your company or organization, if the admin usually fills with the site name.
  • Company or organization size : Fill in the size of your company or organization. If it's not there, just write "none".
  • Industry : Select the category of your site or blog. For example, your blog about health care, then choose Health Care. If there is no corresponding other click, or it can be empty.
  • Contact phone : Enter your mobile number here. Admin usually passes this box, because it's less important.
  • City : Write down the city or district you live in.
  • State / Province : The name of the province you live in.
  • Zip / Postal code : Fill in the zip code of your area.
  • Country or Region : Name of your country. I hope you know what your country name is.
  • I am an agency, not a site owner : Checklist if you are not a site owner. If you are the owner of the site, please leave it alone. Bing search engine Bing, Bing webmaster tools, Bing craws, create a Bing sitemap
  • Yes, I would like to receive Bing webmaster communication : Checklist to get the latest information from Bing about tips and offers.
  • How often do you like to receive messages about yoyr site (s) 'issues? : Please specify when to receive messages about your site. Is daily (daily), weekly (weekly), monthly (monthly).


Please check all the fields below, usually we don't have to bother anymore because this section has been checked all.

After making sure all the data is on the side, especially the starred data, the next step Click the SAVE button on the lower right to save all the data that has been filled. 

Up to this stage the site registration process has been completed, but for the blogs that we submit can be immediately terminated by search engine robots, we must first verify. The methods are as follows:

How To Verify Ownership of Sites / Blogs in Bing Webmaster Tools

After saving, you will be directed or brought to the site verification of ownership. Here friends will find three choices of verification, namely, namely Place an XML file on your web server, Copy and paste a <meta> tag in your default webpage, and Add CNAME record to DNS.

In order for the verification process to be easier for the admin to use the second method: Copy and paste a <meta> tag in your default webpage. The installation method is as follows:

The steps to install the verification code bing on the blog

  • Copy the Meta Tag code as shown in the red picture above, 
  • Log in to blogger
  • Click the Templates menu
  • Edit HTML
  • Then paste or paste the verification code that you copy right below <head>. After making sure it's installed properly, click save template.
  • Re-Access the webmaster Verify ownership Bing page, scrool down then click the Verify button , wait for the verification process to take a few seconds, if successful it will open a Dashboard page.
If the site ownership verification process fails to try again from the beginning, there may be one step or invalid data.

This is a quick tutorial written by SEOSUNEO about Registering and Blog Verification on Bing Search. If a friend has a problem or is still unclear, please ask in the comment box below. Greetings Blog!