Simple Way To Make The First Ranking on Google Search

Simple Way To Make The First Ranking In Google Search - Google and similar search engines are the source of traffic or the best visitors for a blog. Yes, we all bloggers and other online marketers already know that. But now Google is the most used search engine, even in the world.

In this article, Art of Thinking tries to uncover the secret of making blogs at the top of Google search results, in other words, revealing the secret to making blogs ranked first on Google. Because Google's search algorithm is often updated, starting from penguins, pandas, to the latest hummingbird, then we inevitably have to set a new strategy to seize the top position in Google search results.

Why Must Be the Top Ranking on Google?

As I mentioned earlier, Google and other search engines are the best sources of traffic for a blog, whatever our purpose is to build the blog. From the keywords typed in Google's search engine, the average searcher doesn't want to bother to open page after page if the article from a website / blog at the top has answered his thirst for something he is looking for with that machine.

If our blog / website is at the top of the list, it is likely that traffic from Google will flood our blog. This is the best thing for a blog. Well, in this discussion, how do we make our blog ranked first on Google?

How does Google rank our blog now?

The algorithm used by Google is now very smart. The machine uses something called a 'bot crawler' or crawler robot that collects data related to keywords from all related articles published. Google Robot can now distinguish the use of the words we use. In English-language blogs, Google robots have been able to distinguish the structure of the wrong word, the use of the wrong word, and so on.

Google also prefers fresh articles, in the sense that they are new and not many publish about related topics, nor are they different from what other articles have on the same topic. Google also ranks our blog with the popularity of blogs on social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and so on.

So what is the right strategy to be ranked first in our blog?

This is the essence of this article. Here's what I can explain to you:
  • Article: try to make the articles written really read again before being published. Arrange the sentences with the right structure of the keywords (at the beginning of the paragraph, middle, and last sentence with the percentage of keyword density of a maximum of 8%). The articles we write must also be unique, at least 90% unique because Google has distinguished which copy-paste or plagiarism and which are not.
    Articles that are also written are at least 300 words, not too few and not too many. A maximum of 750 words if possible. The keywords used must also be really relevant to the topic of the article, don't spam it!
  • Promotion : the more you promote articles from your blog, the greater the likelihood that the article will be ranked first in Google search results. In addition to attracting extra visitors to your blog, promotion also shapes your personal branding as a writer and owner of the blog, also allows you to easily earn income from your blog.
  • Reset the design of your blog , such as the use of ads, scripts / flash media, and reduce the number of widgets that are not really needed. Google also ranks blogs from the speed of loading the blog. The faster loading a blog when it opens, the more visitors and Google robots will like when indexing our blog.As much as possible use the 'related articles' feature at the end of the article you wrote.
    Also provide social media buttons so that visitors more easily share the article through social media. This will help reduce the bounce rate so that your article speed up on Google's top rankings.
  • 4. Pay attention to the use of keywords , don't spam! Try the keywords that are used for each article changed or paraphrased. Do not have duplicate content or duplicate pages to target keywords .
  • Use an SEO plugin if you are a self-hosted WordPress user. SEO plugins like WordPress SEO by Yoast and All in One SEO Pack are very easy to use.
  • Register your blog in Google Webmaster and Google Analytics so that you can see search statistics, keywords, crawl errors, and find out the number of visitors and where those visitors came from. From there you will learn about the statistics of your blog from time to time.
  • Try to succeed in your blog niche. That is, if the niche you choose is fashion in Americas, then try to keep you able to compete with competitors in the fashion industry.


That's a variety of things to find out how easy it is to make our blog top of Google. Online marketers are basically ready for everything about SEO, because it fails in SEO so online businesses can be considered a failure. But there are many things that can make our blog top of Google. Good luck!