The Right Way to Submit Blogs to Yandex Webmasters

The Right Way to Submit Blogs to Yandex Webmasters - To increase the number of visitors to the blog we can take advantage of various free features available on the internet. One of them is registering a blog and verifying it on google webmaster tools . But in addition to listing on google webmasters, we should also submit sites that are managed on one of the world's most popular giant search engines such as yandex .

Yandex is one of the popular search engines as well as Google, which is widely used by some internet users to explore cyberspace. Although Yandex is only famous in Russia it doesn't hurt us to try it. There is nothing wrong with us also submitting or registering our web on this search engine. Who knows by doing that site visitors can explode someday.

Besides being able to improve SEO, register and verify websites on yandex webmasters can also add DA PA blogs and increase the chances of organic visitors coming. Where in this way all posts can be more easily detected, so that it is likely that reputation and page rank will become more stable so that the position in the SERP will also continue to increase.

Well, for friends who want to register and verify the blog on Yandex webmaster, please follow the steps the admin gives below.

The Right Way to Submit Blogs to Yandex.

In order for the registration process to run easily, you should first login to your yandex mail or yandex email account. If you don't have one, please make it first, need a guide, please read the tutorial for the latest yandex e-mail . After you successfully login to your Yandex Mail account, to register for a blog on Yandex Webmaster, please follow the steps below.
  • Still logged in to your Yandex email account, open a new tab, visit the Yandex Webmaster page or click https://webmaster.yandex.com/ directly
  • Click the " + "
  • Enter the blog address that you want to register and verify in the column provided, then click ADD.
  • Click the meta tag tab , copy the meta code provided. See the picture below.
  • Log in to the blogger account
  • On the blogger dashboard see the left bar, select the T emplate menu and click Edit HTML
  • Look for the <head> code, after finding the paste (paste / copy) code that the meta tags that your friends copy on the webmaster's yandex is right below it. Or friends can paste the Yandex verification code below or above the verification code of Bing and Google Webmaster Tools if previously friends have submitted a blog on the Google Search console and Bing Webmaster Tools.
  • After making sure the verification code is installed properly, click save template.
  • Then go back to the yandex webmaster page, and click Check.

Done, your blog has been successfully submitted and verified to Yandex Webmaster. However, so that the blog / web / managed site can be more easily explored and crawled by the yandex search engine robots, we must also submit the address of the site map or blog sitemap that was registered earlier.

How do I submit a site map / sitemap blog to Yandex webmasters? following a brief review.

How to Submit a Blog Sitemap / Sitemap to Yandex Webmaster

On the left menu, click on indexing, then select Sitemap Files
Enter the verified blog sitemap address in the box provided, then click Add . For more details, please 
After going through the stages above now the quality of SEO blogs that your friends manage has become better and optimal.

This is a tutorial on the Right Way to Submit Blogs to Yandex Webmasters. Hopefully it can be understood, if there are still problems, or there are questions please enter in the comments column below.