Off Page SEO (Guide for Beginners)

Bloggers and website owners are certainly familiar with the term Search Engine Optimization (SEO). There are two types of SEO that are usually used to optimize the intended results: On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO. The main purpose of using SEO is to increase traffic and page ranking in search engines.

You certainly want your website to appear on the first page or the first five pages. Increasing your page rank in search engines can increase the visibility of your website. This helps increase traffic , brand awareness , page rank, and conversion from visitors to customers.

What is off-page SEO?

In SEO, the term off-page optimization refers to factors that are not related to your website page. If on-page SEO relates to websites such as internal links, content, and keywords, off-page is related to link building or back linking .

To achieve the goal of using SEO, it's not enough just to care about your website and brand. You also have to try to improve your reputation so that prospective customers want to visit and learn more about your website and business.

What is the difference between off-page SEO and on-page SEO?

When evaluating a site, search engines will look from on-page (things about your website) and off-page (how popular your website is).

Simply put, your ranking category is determined by on-page factors and how high your ranking in search engines is determined by off-page factors .

In on-page SEO, tips that are usually given are about page loading speed, content, content quality, external links, titles and descriptions, and more. While in the off-page , you will be given tips on link building , social media marketing , and social bookmarking .

Why is off-page SEO important?

When someone searches for information about a brand, they usually already have their own opinions based on reviews, comments from friends and family, or acquaintances in cyberspace, as well as any information they can get both online and offline.

Off-page SEO basically tells search engines like Google what visitors think about your website that can help your website become an authority website by increasing visibility. This technique also makes visitors refer to your brand and link it to the content of your website.

However, many think that off-page SEO is just a link building . Though there are several other ways to optimize the use of off-page SEO.

The ancient method of off-page SEO

1. Promotion Through Forums

Although it is not detrimental but this method takes a lot of time. You are asked to mention your brand in various forums that are suitable for the product or service you are offering. It's better to spend time increasing other important things in your business.

2. Entering a Website in a Search Engine

This method is used to be used to ensure that your website appears in Google and Bing searches. However, with the increasingly difficult search engine algorithms, this method is considered no longer delivering results.

3. Article Directory

Creating content for article directories is also one of the old ways that is commonly done in content marketing. But in reality most people do not read this website directory because the article is not qualified and contains irrelevant things.

When Google Panda appeared, this website directory was the first website category to experience a significant transient decline .

4. Directory Website

This is a method that was once considered effective but now this website is considered useless. This website is rarely visited because Google has now replaced the usefulness of website directories with faster search times.

5. Social Bookmarking

Following social media forums like Reddit and StumbleUpon will give good results if your brand becomes viral, but this opportunity is very difficult to obtain. This is because websites like this are updated quickly so that if you upload something, your post can disappear the next day.

6. Excessive Social Media Use

Maybe you think the more social media you have, the more likely it is to increase traffic . Many social media that are not related to your business. You need a social network that is related to help with good promotion.

Focus on some social media that are suitable for your business so you can concentrate on your followers on these social media.

New off-page SEO method

Link Building

This method is the most popular and effective off-page method. Basically when you give an external link to your content, you try to gather as many votes as possible to increase rankings and outperform your competitors.

Similar to content, make sure you get quality backlinks . Many backlinks , but not high quality, are no better than a few backlinks, but from quality links. There are several factors that determine the quality of a link:
  • Trusted website
  • Context that is relevant to the content of your content
  • Popularity of backlinks
  • The text for the link must describe the content of the target link in a few words
  • Natural links and not shaped like javascript
Then how do you get this link? Natural links are the links that are most preferred by search engines. Natural links means that your website is liked by other website owners and provides a link to your website because it matches the content of their content.

Getting natural links is not easy. The best way is to upload quality content that is worthy of being a backlink on their website. If you use old methods that only emphasize quantity, be prepared to get a penalty from Google.

There is one other way to do link building, namely guest posts where you write on other blogs or vice versa. However, it's a good idea to do this not just to get the link and don't do it too often.

The rules for using link building change every time and search engines try to avoid using the wrong way. However, if you implement a good strategy the purpose of using link building will be achieved.

Social Media

Almost everyone has social media. In addition to socializing and having fun, this can also be used for off-page SEO. This is a good way to increase traffic . Although the links that you find on social media are usually no-follow links, that does not mean that the link is not valuable. Promoting your brand on social networks can help increase traffic significantly.

The more people find your profile, the more likely they are to visit your website. Social media can be an extra link that directs potential visitors to the website through your profile.

Local SEO

With the increasing use of smartphones and better internet connections, Local SEO methods are also increasingly popular.

Although it looks similar to SEO usually, these two SEOs are very different where Local SEO focuses on providing related results based on the user's current location.

To use Local SEO, use the Google Places for Business Page and complete all the information needed and synchronize with your Google+ account. Google recently stated that 87% of people use their cellphones on their way. In addition, 95% of mobile users search for local information through their cellphones.

Off-page SEO factor

Here are some important factors that help off-page SEO methods and increase your page rank:

Inbound Links

In increasing the ranking of your website in search engines, usually by looking at the number of links that are directed to your website.

The use of hyperlinks directed to your website is calculated as a vote of support for your website. The more links to your website, the more votes you support in the eyes of Google and several other search engines.

It's also a good idea if these links come from different domains.

Anchor Text

Anchor text is text that is used as a hyperlink. In applying off-page SEO, it's a good idea to give the appropriate keywords for the link that help search engines to identify your website and find out which keywords will be ranked.

Make sure the anchor text used describes the content of the link provided. Also use varied anchor text that is preferred by the latest algorithm from Google.

Link Quality

Not all links have the same value. Links from popular blogs will not be the same value as links from beginner blogs.

Websites that are usually categorized as trusted websites are usually:
  • Website with .edu or .gov domain
  • Authority websites which are large websites that always appear based on your keywords
  • A website that has been around for a long time
  • A website that matches the topic of your content
The use of several high-quality links from sites that are included in the above categories is preferred over having 100 quality links.

Link Building Speed

The speed of link building is also one of the important factors in off-page SEO. However, link building that is too fast will also be considered unnatural by search engines and can result in penalties (especially if your website is still relatively new).

Search engines can find out the speed of good link building, so getting 1,000 low-quality links on one day when your website is less than a month old doesn't look reasonable.

As long as you don't use automated tools that promise thousands of links at one time, you don't need to worry too much.

Off-page SEO tool

To make it easier for you, now there are many tools that help optimize your SEO off-page method . Here are some tools that you can use:

Google AdWords

Many people assume that Google AdWords is the most useful tool for off-page SEO. Features offered include: increasing the number of customers, getting results that are fast and easy to understand, increasing quality traffic , providing information about the market, and searching for keywords. Google AdWords is a marketing tool that provides an opportunity to convert visitors into customers and become leads business. This tool is also easy to use, affordable, and has maximum relevance.


This tool is useful for many things because Ahrefs has a large backlink database and helps you know everything about your website and competitors. You will be able to find out how to outperform your competitors' rankings. Features offered include: tracking your backlinks, finding the most relevant keywords, knowing your competitors' information, and analyzing their strategies.


Majestic is also one of the best tools for SEO. This tool is also known as the most sophisticated backlink tool. The database is considered to have the most detailed search engine information. Features offered include: SEO for professionals, media analytics, business tools, comparison with competitors, exploring domains in detail.


The service provided by Moz is very complete which offers unique data traffic . By using Moz, you will be able to focus on the strategies you have so that you can easily be found among the billions of searches that are done every day. The features offered by Moz include: open site explorer , tracking your marketing campaigns, researching opportunities for keywords, and tracking browsing errors.

Balance off-page and on-page SEO usage

Usually SEO experts spend more time off-page SEO than on-page SEO.

However, no matter how much effort you make to off-page SEO, without good on-page SEO, your efforts will not be optimal.

A website that looks untrustworthy from the moment you open it will certainly not make you want to give backlinks to the website. A website with a simple but attractive design, clean of writing errors will be more likely to get backlinks from large and trusted websites like Forbes.

Even though you have many links, this will be in vain if visitors who are initially interested in reviewing your website see your website that looks unprofessional and trusted. The more people read or see your content, the more potential you get a link or citation .

The more you get citation and links, the better off-page your SEO will be.

Therefore, maximize your on-page SEO method before you start using the off-page SEO method .


In the world of SEO, there are two important methods that must be done in a balanced manner to get optimal results; on-page and off-page SEO.

Off-page is very important in increasing the popularity and reputation of your website, but the method is not only with link building.

Although getting links is a major factor (both now and in the future), keep in mind that this is only one factor among 200+ other factors in Google's algorithm.

In addition, link building is no longer a linear process where you continue to build links. You also have to use strategies to get links naturally. This is where on-page SEO plays an important role where quality content that contains detailed explanations will attract more readers and make your content content that is worthy of being a backlink.

Although these two things are related, there are still many people who believe that only by doing one of these two methods gives them optimal results.

Hopefully this SEO off-page guide  can help you!