Get a DoFollow Backlink from the DMCA

Get a DoFollow Backlink from the DMCA Talking about SEO certainly can not be separated from the name Backlink. Backlinks are very important because with quality backlinks, your blog or website can easily get first place in the search engine. Not just backlinks anyway ... content, good navigation, and other things can also be a determinant of whether our site can get the top position or not, it all depends on its quality.

Before starting, I want to explain a little about quality backlinks. Quality backlinks are backlinks that come from DoFollow sites, because the links that we plant on the site will be indexed when the bot crawls the sites that we have embedded the links.

Quality backlinks are backlinks that come from large and well-known sites. DMCA.com is a site that has a high DA (Domain Authority) value. Domain Authority itself is a website metric that is a measure of trust of a site or website based on referrals that come from search engines and users.

Domain Authority is an important factor that can affect the traffic and ranking of a website, because domain authority is the value of the level of trust of the site itself.

The DMCA is a law originating in the United States that first appeared in 1998. The law deals with violations of copyrighted digital works.

In addition, this law guarantees the safety of several online service providers, including internet providers, from copyright infringement laws.
The DMCA is a law that protects content from theft. If at any time your content is stolen, imitated, or someone recognizes your content as their own, the DMCA can help you take it down.

How to Get DoFollow Backlinks from the DMCA

To get a free dofollow backlink from the DMCA site, the first thing you have to do is create an account first. Please follow the steps below.

Step 1

Please visit the address https://www.dmca.com/, then click "Signup", then click "Get a Free Badge".
Not only that, this law also covers the production or manufacture and distribution of software used to infringe copyright on digital works.

Step 2

Please select the badge that you want to use, then continue to fill in the name and email address that you want to use to register.

Step 3

Next, please click "Add to Blogger", then select the blog you want to use.

At this stage, you have successfully created a new widget that is used to store badges from the DMCA.

Step 4

Next, please check by clicking the badge through your blog page.
At this stage you have managed to get a DoFollow backlink from the dmca.com site. Below this is proof that the backlink is dofollow.
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