CSE Adsense Tricks with Automatic Keywords

Familiar with CSE? What is CSE? Yes .. Here Google CSE or stands for Custom Search Engine is a google service that is more crowded discussed in various forums. In this case, Google's ability to search and index blogs cannot be underestimated, as evidenced by almost 98% of netizens searching for information through Google Search Engine. But how do CSE adsense tricks and tricks with automatic keywords based on the content title?

Judging from the ability of Google in terms of exceptional information search, various bloggers racked their brains so that the Grabbing method which is considered a danger to the health of blogs can be done safely and comfortably. That's why now Grabber prefers to use Google's API to search for information related to searches.

The easy way to use Google CSE, the display of search results will be similar to Google search results. In addition, if a Google Adsense Publisher, then with this Google CSE can increase your Adsense revenue. Why? This is because ads from Google Adsense can be displayed on Google CSE search results. Then, how do CSE adsense tricks with automatic keywords based on the content title?

No less important is about the ad keywords and articles, the keyword ads can you replace with keywords according to your wishes. If your visitor is Indonesian, it's better to use Indonesian Keywords. Such as: Smartphones, Insurance, Novels, Vouchers. But it is recommended to use keywords that match the content of your article.

Then what is IDID CX? This is where you can get this ID when you open the CSE Dashboard, one of the search units that you created earlier, then check the URL, the URL is the CX ID. Then Copy and Paste it into your CSE Iframe code. In addition, no less important is the wbsite link. You can enter your website link, keep in mind that you don't need to add HTTP because the code already has an HTTP code. If it's double, it will be problematic. Then put the CSE Iframe code on the Blog then it's time to generate your dollars.

Here are CSE Adsense Tricks with Automatic Keywords Based on Content Titles

Currently, many of us use tricks to increase adsense earnings with CSE media. For example, spread it to social media FB with shortlinks and so on. But there are also those who combine it with javascript. This is the CSE adsense trick with automatic keywords based on the content title. Here is an example script.

1. You Please register: https://cse.google.com/cse/
2. Then download the script: CLICK HERE

Other tricks can be through Android Apps. Make a special browsing android application. Then install the cse code so that each application user can use the cse column as a place to search. Then promote the application at 9apps / uc union / on other adsnetwork (except Google Adword). The second uses Desktop Apps. Make a DESKTOP software with the same technique with point number 1.

The third with cse spam tricks. Please check the example here https://cse.google.co.id/cse?cx=partner-pub-7993386324372830:7062703105&ie=UTF-8&q= DIGITAL COUPON OCEAN CODE # gsc.tab = 0 & gsc.q = DIGITAL COUPON OCEAN & gsc. page = 1. Those are some CSE adsense tricks with automatic keywords based on the title of the article content that you can do.

Now in addition, you can change the keyword search results displayed on Google SCE that you have created. Please try and apply some CSE adsense tricks with automatic keywords based on the title of the article content that you created. If I understand, you can find a large amount of information from various sites.