How to make a portable application on a PC or laptop

An application is software that is installed on a computer or laptop. Ranging from mild to severe applications, it must be installed on your computer or laptop. Examples of software applications such as Smadav, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Adobe Reader, Corel Draw, Adobe Photoshop and others. To install the application certainly requires quite a long time right? Now in this discussion I will discuss about how to make a portable application on your computer or laptop .

What is a portable application?
Portable applications are applications or software that can be used without first performing the installation process. This portable application we usually use when we want to install new applications such as Adobe Reader for example on another computer or laptop.

Well, rather than we linger waiting for the installation process of the application, using a portable application we can directly use it without having to do the installation process first. This can also be used to minimize errors in the application when we want to use it.

Alright, just see the tutorial below.

How to Make Portable Applications on a PC or Laptop

1. You need to download an application called Cameyo. Download Cameyo

2. If you have already downloaded it open the application by right-clicking then selecting Run As Administrator

3. The next step you select Capture An Installation then click Ok.

Wait for the process a few moments. This process can be long or short depending on the number of applications already installed on your computer or laptop. If it is finished, a notification will appear as below. See the difference right?

4. If the notification appears as shown above, do not click Install Done first. Just leave it look like that and proceed to the next step.

5. The next step is to install the software that you want to make a portable application on your computer or laptop. Here I demonstrate I installed Foxit Reader.

For the installation process, I skip, yes friends, because I'm sure you can already do the software installation process that you want to install.

6. After you finish the software installation process, then you click Install Done. And wait for the process for a few moments until a notification appears as below.

The notice above shows that we have successfully created a portable application and is located in the Document folder in the Cameyo Apps folder. Then click OK.

7. To prove we succeeded or did not make the portable application earlier, we try to uninstall the application that we just installed earlier. The way to uninstall it is to click start - control panel - program - uninstall a program. Select the application that you just installed then right-click click Uninstall / Change.

8. Then you find the portable application place earlier in My Document in the Cameyo Apps folder.

Try you run the application. If it can be opened, it means that the sign has been successful.

9. Done. And the application can be copied and used on another computer or laptop that you want to use.

Well, what about friends? Easy enough right? Thus the tutorial about How to Make Potable Applications on PC or Laptop , hopefully this article can be useful and help all of you.
Thank you :)