How to Reduce Image Size in Optimizilla

Currently many applications that can be used to reduce or reduce the size of the image, you can use applications such as Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft Office Picture Manager, or other compress & resize applications. Do you know if you can do this image optimization in a browser?

Optimizilla is a website that provides free online image optimization services to reduce and lighten images without reducing quality.

This on-line photograph optimizer uses a mixture of the exceptional optimization and compression algorithms to limit the dimensions of JPEG and PNG pix to the minimum possible at the same time as retaining the specified fine.

How to Optimize Images using Optimizilla

  1. Please visit http://optimizilla.com
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the website, then click "UPLOAD FILES" and select the image file you want to optimize
  3. After successfully uploaded, the application will automatically compress the image itself. You can also change the image quality you want.
  4. After that select "Change" then click "Download / Download All" (If uploading more than 1 picture)
That's all about how to reduce the size of the image, hopefully useful for you. Thank you and good luck :)