Tips For Google Adsense Not To Be Banned 100% Safe

Of course familiar with the term Google Adsense, right? This is one of the features possessed by Google. With this through Google Adsense, everyone can make money. Bak was from the Blog or Youtube, through advertising provided by the Google Adsense.

Now, why can a Google Adsense account be banned? Hmm that's because the publisher or account owner has violated the policies of Google Adsense. But that can be overcome with tips so that google adsense is not banned.

Then what does it look like? This depends on the level of error that has been made. actually advertising on sites that use Google Adsense is soft selling. So it means that site visitors are expected to click on ads based on their interest in the product after reading the content contained on the ad serving site.

Tips For Google Adsense Not Banned

1. Know some of the causes of Google Adsense accounts being banned

You need to know the cause of your Google Adsense account being banned, you can anticipate the steps you should take to prevent this. Here you can read some of the causes of Google Adsense accounts being banned on several articles. Try it you are looking for. These are tips so that Google Adsense doesn't get banned first.

2. Know the Adsense Policy Guidelines

Tips so that google adsense is not banned the second is that you can do the best for your blog and ads by knowing the AdSense policy guidelines. Now to find out the policy guidelines, you can visit the Adsense Policy Guidelines.

3. Play sportsmanship

Please note that Google Adsense is very tolerant of members who play sportsmanship. Basically Google Adsense really hates acts of manipulation and fraud done to get a lot of clicks. In this case they have a sophisticated bot system so that they can detect abnormal activity on your ad. So here you should stay away from things like clicking on your own ad, asking your friends to click on your ad, asking visitors to click on your ad using the word "Click Here" or so and using software to help click revenue
In addition it must avoid manipulating script code and tricking visitors to get clicks, such as changing the length, width, or placing floating ads on blog pages. Avoid creating links that point to your Adsense ads and avoid installing Auto Refresh on blogs with very fast lag times. These are tips so that Google Adsense is not banned by the third. Guaranteed 100% safe.

4. Don't put other advertisements

Tips so that Google Adsense does not get banned Google Adsense fourth, like a lover who does not want to be double, so you are prohibited from placing other ads together with Google Adsense ads. Do not believe? Please try to prove it. You should not miss these tips either.

5. Don't steal other blog articles

You certainly understand that copy and paste articles is something that is hated by search engines, especially Google. This also affects the reputation of Adsense ads on your blog. Therefore, the prohibition of copy paste article not only applies to Google Adsense, but also all matters related to your blog optimization efforts in search engines.

6. Don't advertise on blank pages

Do not display ads on blank pages. This is considered an effort to get people to click on your ad, and of course this is risky for your Adsense ads. Remember, that the purpose of a blog is actually for quality content.

Those are some tips so that google adsense is not subject to 100% safe banned. Please try to apply it. See the results, whether as you wish or not. You can find more information from various sites that provide other tips. Good luck.