Tips on Choosing a Responsive Blog Template

We have freedom in determining our blog template. But the important thing is we can post and bring up what we write in a web browser page. This depends on our taste to determine what color and style of the template we choose so that our blog or website looks attractive. With an interesting and responsive blog it will affect the number of visitors. Then, how to tips on choosing a responsive blog template?

It is undeniable that choosing a template is an important part of blogging. Therefore we must carefully choose a template with a note that the origin is not good and cool. Of course we know that a good appearance is not necessarily good for our blog. Likewise, cool templates, not necessarily good for the fate of blogs in search engines and users (users) or visitors (visitors).

Tips for Choosing the Most Precise Responsive Blog Templates

For those of you who want to choose a template that is responsive mobile friendly, fast loading and has a good structure, it takes certain ways or tips to look for it. Now what is the effect for the Blog? Certainly using templates that are friendly with search engines can increase your blog's ranking on search engines / searches. How do you know the quality of templates and tips on choosing a responsive blog template?

1. Responsive
Said to be responsive if the template that looks can adjust to the device we use, such as opened on a cellphone or gadget. The important thing is that the size of the template automatically adjusts to the size of the device. So here we do not need to zoom in on the article or image that appears in the posting area. This has enormous benefits, because Google will refer to MobileGeddon, which is a blog that is mobile friendly.

Nowadays the development of android-based technology is developing, so in the future it is predicted that more users will visit the blog using a smartphone. Here you can visit the responinator.com page, Mobile Testing from Google, and mobiletest.me. Try entering the name of your blog on that site or someone else's blog for comparison. Here are tips on choosing a responsive blog template.

2. Clean and structured
In using a template that is clean and user friendly, will have a positive impact on new users of your blog and can increase visitors every day. You can use the testing tool through the testing tool from https://developers.google.com/structured-data/testing-tool/ for that matter. These are tips on choosing a responsive blog template that you can try.

3. Fast Loading
You must understand tips on choosing a responsive blog template. Of course using slow templates will have a significant adverse effect on your new visitors. Having a blog using a fast loading template will direct visitors to visit other pages. If you want to test this you can use gtmetrix.com. If the template that you are testing has a score value above 80% it includes a template that has a high speed. But if it's below that and has loading above 5 seconds, don't use the template.

Well, if you want to start building a blog then look for templates according to the criteria above. Don't forget to understand tips on choosing a responsive blog template. In addition to the problem of templates that are responsive, clean, user friendly and mobile response needs to be supported by good articles and attracts visitors as well. May be useful.