10 Non-Adsense Ad Partners With Pay Almost Similar

Many goals for someone in creating a blog, there are those who want to just share experiences, there are those who want to write a life note or other matters relating to privacy. But there are also those who make blogs just to make money. The question is, is it really possible to make money from blogging activities? The answer is indeed possible, but it takes a hard struggle and is not very easy. It even takes one to two years to get 'small change' from the blog itself.

Time for one to two years is also not necessarily able to make money, especially coupled with the phenomenon of the difficulty of registering Google Adsense now.
Nevertheless, who already feel frustrated with Google Adsense because of reasons often rejected submissions, do not worry. Without Adsense advertising, your blog can still make money.
Therefore, please try the 10 alternative AdSense ads provider services that are proven to pay below:

1. AdNow

Maybe Adnow can be said to be one of the best ad providers besides Adsense. In addition to the relatively large click prices, AdNow can also be installed together with Google Adsense ads themselves.

As for those of you who have not so great Adsense income, it is not wrong to try to combine Google Adsense ads with this AdNow.
The payment threshold from AdNow is also not large enough, enough to generate $ 20, then you can withdraw it using Paypal or Wire Transfer. Not only that, AdNow payments can also be made every week.

2. RevenueHits

ReveneuHits is also an alternative ad network besides Adsense to help you make money. The ad provider itself, uses the CPA (Cost Per Action) system, which means the advertiser will pay when your blog visitors complete tasks such as registering to the intended site, or downloading the application provided, etc.

Fortunately, RevenueHits also provides several types of ad formats, such as:
Shadow Box
Top of the Banner

3. Media.net

Media.net is one of Yahoo / bing's ad networks which is also the largest ad network in increasing sales of products or services globally. The way this ad works is fairly easy, just by placing contextual banners on your blog.

The banner has also been sorted by Media.net so that the content that appears on your blog is in accordance with the topics that you review on the blog, in the sense that the ads displayed by Media.net are arguably relevant to your blog niche.

4. Chitika

Besides AdNow, you can also advertise this ad network called Chitika directly with Adsense ads. Aside from that, Chitika also mostly displays contextual and relevant advertisements to your blog.
But even more great, this ad provider also provides ads that match the location of the Blog visitors. Not to forget, this ad provider also provides Mobile Ads features that can display ads on your Smartphone.

For the payment system itself, dollars in Chitika can be disbursed using Paypal with a note, the dollar must

5. Qadabra

This ad network uses the eCPM base with a relatively large income offering. However, although Qadabra provides a choice of other types of advertisements, many users who prefer to choose the appearance of ads in a popup.

Nevertheless, registering this ad network is also not difficult. Because with one list, you can get the ad code to be installed on the blog.

6. Bidvertiser

Having the same base as Adsense, Bidvertiser also uses the CPC (Click Per Cost) system, which means that the ad provider will pay when your blog visitors click on the ads contained on the blog.
Bidvertiser payment threshold does not wait for the day, but can immediately be disbursed using Wire Transfer, Check, and paypal. The payment is paid when you successfully collect a minimum income of $ 10.

While the types of advertisements offered by Bidvertiser are none other than:
Size 728 × 90
Size 160 × 600
Size 300 × 600
Size 300 × 250
Size 336 × 280

7. PloppelerAds

PloppelerAds is one of the CPC and CPM-based ad networks that is marketed to people in the Asian region. PloppelerAds also publishes a very large number of varied advertisements. Even the click value of this ad is not bad.

Apart from that, to register to this ad network is also not longer than other ad providers. PloppelerAds income can be directly disbursed through payoner, webmoney Z, fire us, fire ru after you have managed to collect income of at least $ 50.

8. Infolink

One of the benefits of Infolink is that it can display ads that match the content on your site. This advertiser's payment system can be via Paypal, Check and Bank Transfer.

9. Popcash

Many large sites that still use the services of this CPM ad provider. Because in addition to being easy to use, Popcash can also make your blog make money quickly. The minimum payment for this ad is $10.

10. BuySellAds

One of the advantages of this ad provider, the blog owner can determine the advertising rates that will appear on his blog. Even more than that, BuySellAds is known as the largest advertising service provider with high CPM rates.

But unfortunately, to be incorporated with this ad provider was also quite difficult. Because if your blog does not meet the specified criteria, then you cannot join BuySellAds.
Now of all these ad providers, where do the alternative adsense ads providers make you interested?