5 Ways to Secure Your WhatsApp Account

With so many WhatsApp users, this instant messaging application is an easy target for cybercriminals. Ranging from fraud, the spread of hoaxes, to the spread of messages containing malware on WhatsApp. GBWhatsapp Mod Apk

To help users protect themselves as best they can, the team behind WhatsApp issues a number of warnings to be safe. Way

1. Two-step verification (two-step verification)

Two-step verification is an additional layer of security for the account. You will be asked to make a pin consisting of 6 digit numbers and WhatsApp will ask for it when doing an account reset or verification.

2. Update the privacy setting profile

You can control how many people can see Last Seen, your profile photo and status on WhatsApp. To change this setting, you can enter Settings - Privacy.

3. Set the group chat privacy settings

You can see who can add you to a WhatsApp group. To do this, enter Settings on WhatsApp - Account Privacy Groups and choose one of these three options: Everyone, My Contacts, or My Contacts Except.

My Contacts means that only people in your contacts can add to the WhatsApp group. My Contacts Except, means additional controls for the exclusion of people who are already in your contacts.

4. Lock with Touch ID or Face ID

You can decide whether you want WhatsApp to automatically lock immediately when not in use, or after a period of time of inactivity. Touch ID (using fingerprint) or Face ID (with face recognition) is an important additional security feature.

5. Update WhatsApp regularly

The last way to secure WhatsApp is to diligently update it. periodically continue to update the application. That is why, there are always features and new security updates. If the phone is not set to auto-update, you need to manually update the application by visiting the Google Playstore or App Store app store, search for WhatsApp, and tap 'update