Dangerous, Immediately Remove These 24 Wicked Apps from Android Smartphones

The emergence of malicious applications with malware on Android is increasingly massive.

According to a recent report from VPN Pro, a Chinese company named Shenzhen Hawk appears to have launched 24 rogue applications on the Google Play Store that have been downloaded a total of 382 million times.

These applications do not come directly from Shenzhen Hawk, the company uses a number of different developer names to obscure its evil motives

Why is it called a rogue application? Apparently some of the applications found are asking for specific permissions outside of their functions.

For example, an antivirus application instead asks for permission to use the camera. In fact, the antivirus does not need a camera to run its performance, because the real function is to scan the user's smartphone.

In total according to Zak Doffman's report from Forbes, there are 24 malicious applications that request camera access and 2 of them ask permission to contact lists. That is, these 2 applications can make calls from the user's smartphone.

"15 of all applications request permission to access the user's location and read data from external storage," wrote Forbes, as quoted by LifeHacker, Wednesday (05/02/2020).

Meanwhile, 14 other applications can collect the user's smartphone network.

In addition, 1 application requests permission to record audio on the device and 1 application can access the contact list on the smartphone.

Mentioned, by taking user location details, the lowest risk is to push targeted ads.

From there, user data is sold to advertisers, then users will receive personalized advertisements. These servers are in China.

Google itself has removed 24 malicious applications in question from the Google Play store. However, users who still have the application on their smartphone, must delete it manually.

Here is a list of 24 Evil Applications

Here are the 24 intended malicious applications:

1. Sound Recorder (downloaded 100 million times)

2. Super Cleaner (downloaded 100 million times)

3. Virus Cleaner 2019 (downloaded 100 million times)

4. File Manager (downloaded 50 million times)

5. Joy Launcher (downloaded 10 million times)

6. Turbo Browser (downloaded 10 million times)

7. Weather Forecast (downloaded 10 million times)

8. Candy Selfie Camera (downloaded 10 million times)

9. Hi VPN, Free VPN (downloaded 10 million times)

10. Candy Gallery (10 million downloads)

11. Calendar Lite (downloaded 5 million times)

12. Super Battery (downloaded 5 million times)

13. Hi Security 2019 (downloaded 5 million times

14. Net Master (downloaded 5 million times)

15. Puzzle Box (downloaded 1 million times)

16. Private Browser (downloaded 500 thousand times)

17. Hi VPN Pro (downloaded 500 thousand times)

18. World Zoo (downloaded 100 thousand times)

19. World Crossy! (downloaded 100 thousand times)

20. Soccer Pinball (downloaded 10 thousand times)

21. Dig it (downloaded 10,000 times)

22. Laser Break (downloaded 10 thousand times)

23. Music Roam (downloaded 1,000 times)

24. Word Crush (downloaded 50 times).