Domain Authority 2.0, Should Bloggers Worry?

Bloggers suddenly experience turmoil. In several WAGs I participated in, since March 6, exciting conversations took place. Namely when the Domain Authoruty (DA) goes down. Unmitigated, the decline was from 50 to 20.

Domain Authority (DA) is a measure of trust of a site or website based on referrals that come from search engines. DA is a reference for how Google assesses a site. In the context of bloggers, DA is often used as a reference to judge a blog related to tariffs if there is a brand that invites cooperation. The higher the DA value of our blog, the more income we get from the brand will be even greater.

Then why did Doman Authority (DA) experience a decrease?

As reported by Moz Web, since March 5, 2019, Moz announced about Domain Authority 2.0 promising better changes so that we can better understand how to make our site appear on the SERP / Search Engine Result Page, which is a keyword search results page in a search engine.

Factors considered in Moz DA 2.0 are Spam Score, link quality patterns, and new models designed to read new algorithms from Google.

These three factors apparently drastically affect the DA value of existing blogs and sites.

Other factors that are still taken into account include the age of your blog domain, speed, number of backlinks to your blog, Moz trusts, and don't forget the quality of your content. Stay true that content is king.

Then how can we increase our DA?

When this commotion happened, I also immediately checked my blog DA, my DA experienced a decline. Being 9 should be 12. I don't know why either. However, this number 12 has lasted several months. It's hard to really raise it.

I stick to it if content is king. Yes, other than promotional content, if I diligently write according to my niche it seems like it will go up long. Unfortunately in the past few months, I'm not very diligent in uploading quality content. You see, I often send it to the newspaper or Seconds. After loading, I will reload it on the blog. That's not good either.

Another key is getting quality backlinks, namely from blogs that have a higher DA. I recently got it from Tempo because I held a Tempo Institute writing class prize competition.

Apart from these two things, we must understand the DA factors themselves as already mentioned above.

Yes, whatever it is, I always remember the main purpose of writing a blog is sharing. DA, Adsense, etc. is really just a matter of bonuses. The important thing is to share useful things. That is more important.