Free Backlinks and How to use them

If talking about SEO and Google certainly can not be separated from the name backlink. Backlink itself is a link from outside our blog / website that goes to the address of our blog / website with anchor text as keywords that have been determined. Many ways to get backlinks, other than by commenting on blogs that do follow, create a profile on the forum and create a blog / web poster to leave a signature link or profile link on the blog / web authority.

A good backlink is an organic backlink in the sense that it is not a flood or mass backlink using a program. Google panda is more concerned with a high quality backlink not the quantity of backlinks. It also can not be separated from how high the page rank or PR web / blog that provides a link. The higher the PR / blog, the higher the quality of backlinks that we get. High quality backlinks can also be obtained from the authority of the blog / web or in an easy language blog / web that is trusted by Google. 100 backlinks with PR 5 and above are better than 1000 PR backlinks and below.

Many ways to get backlinks, in addition to using the Backlink footprint using Google is to enter unique and specific keywords to display search results that can be used to create backlinks, can also pay for the services of many backlink makers who are scattered on the internet. In addition to these two ways, backlinks can also be made by registering our articles into the article submitter directory or looking for the services of free backlink makers.

With this post, Seosuneo will give a little trick and how to get free backlinks. It must be remembered, the disadvantage of free backlinks is that we cannot monitor how high the Page Rank of the blog / web that will be used to stick a backlink. So my suggestion is to use this to create backlinks on new blogs / websites or blogs / websites whose PR is still low. Don't make too many backlinks for blogs / websites that are still too new and the number of posts is small, try to make a minimum of 10 posts with unique content and not duplicate content.

How to get free Backlinks

1. Using facilities from http://www.sitevaluestats.com

Enter your blog / website address, remember if your domain address uses www. please enter www. if not using www enter without using www. after your blog / web address is written please click submit. Do not close your browser screen until the loading / loading bar is finished. One sign that the backlink autopilot is complete is the description on the bottom page. Let the web work on autopilot to create the backlink. From this website, if you see the information, we will get 150 ++ backlinks. Not bad, rather than you: p

2. Using 25 free backlinks from socialmonkee.com

Register first, then follow the instructions. One of the instructions is that you must install the plugin for Mozilla Firefox. With that condition it means that this backlink cannot be done for other browsers such as chrome and opera. Use the Firefox browser and simply install the Firefox plugin then we submit the web / blog that wants to be given a backlink. Uniquely social monkee provides spun facilities for the title. anchor text and description. Use the specified format that can be seen in the instructions, and enter as many alternative spun as possible so that our anchor text and backlink descriptions vary. Social Monkee can be used to back up inner posts or our webpage.

Register / Register Socialmonkee

there are still many places that provide free backlinks, but it must be remembered that:

1. not all free backlink providers provide reports / proof of making backlinks. For the 2 backlinks giving facilities above, we can see the results.

2. Do not expect that free backlinks will get high PR, but if you happen to get high PR means that it's a bonus: p

3. Wise again Use this backlink to backlink the inner page, not the front page

4. Don't make backlinks too often, at least once every 3 days to avoid being hit by a panda

5. Don't just backlink but must be balanced with ongoing posts with unique content not duplicate content

6. Enjoy the free backlinks !!!