The Latest Android Game that Makes Money 2020

If in the past a game was only used as mere entertainment, but not now. Because by playing the game now you can get as many rupiah coffers as you want. No wonder if in the end there are many gamers who make the games they play as their work.

Interested in getting lots of money from playing games? Here are some choices for the Android money-making 2020 game that seosuneo.com will discuss and you can try playing.

Entropia Universe

Yes, although this is not a new game in 2019, because it was released in 2003 ago. Entropia Universe turned out to be among the best games that you could use as entertainment as well as to produce rupiah coffers. The game created by MindArk will later give you US $ 25 thousand or around Rp 333 million if you succeed in building an island.

Oh Crop!

Another 2019 Android money-making game that you really try to play is Oh Crop! This is the best old school game known by many gamers in the world. So, if you claim to be a true gamer, then surely you are familiar with Bitcoin. Bitcoin has a value like a currency and can be used but must be exchanged first. The value of a Bitcoin is very expensive, so surely you must really play this game if you want to earn lots of money.


This one simulation development strategy game can also play you really to get a lot of money. Here you can feel the simulation of company development, running the government, and managing the political, economic, and social aspects of your city. The virtual currency obtained from the game can be searched for into real money, you know.

Come on Dance Mobile

This is the best-selling music and dance game that sells best among young people. Not only can you find friends, you can also find a virtual love story in this game. Interestingly, it turns out that more and more people want to be friends with you, then your account can be sold at a price that is certainly not cheap.

Dungeons & Treasures

Another selection of the best money-making Android games in 2019 is Dungeons & Treasures. This is a Dungeon Crawler or dungeon explorer game that can produce huge amounts of rupiah coffers. The game can even make money without capital, aka free. To get money, you must first get a hidden treasure that contains virtual money.

RO: Idle Poring

Next is RO: Idle Poring which is also one of the best money making games on Android. Not much different from the classic version of Ragnarok, here you will be adventuring in the world of RO. The classes and items you will meet here are also not much different from the classic version. The items that you successfully get in this game can be sold.

EVE Online

For game lovers of course already familiar with the game. Yes, EVE Online is the best game developed by CCP Games. This MMORPG genre game does have tons of features that you can use to make lots of money. There are Manufacturing, Mining, and of course Trading that makes it easy for you to make transactions.

Exodus 3000

Then for this last game, it can also be considered as the best moneymaker, especially for the MMORPG game genre. The Exodus 3000 has an exciting space war theme to play. Here you will get a lot of money for each space mission that you successfully complete.

This is all the information we can share about the Android game that generates money 2020. Hopefully it can be useful and broaden your horizons.