Best Software For 3D Design FREE!!

For those of you who really like 3D design or need software to start your project. Here are the 24 best free applications, no need to buy or bother to crack or hack.

Many websites provide free and paid 3D modeling software. Each three-dimensional software provides different features, adjusting to the intended use. For example for architectural design, animation, games, or industrial design.

Therefore, choosing the right 3D modeling software is an important step before starting to create the desired three-dimensional model. Incorrect software selection could be a three-dimensional model produced that is not as expected. But it depends on the skill or ability of the designer himself too.

What is this 3D design software?3D Slash is an easy-to-use, free 3D modeling software that lets you create models using a simple building block concept similar to Minecraft.

For those of you who already know a lot of software for 3D design and only need a brief description of specifications and file formats, you can simply scroll down to the bottom of the download link too.

This is a list of 24 3D design software that you can use as easily as possible according to your abilities and needs.

3D Slash

3D Slash is hailed as the easiest 3D modeling tool on the market. Its unique interface offers an intuitive and captivating experience using a set of tools, and users can create models by "cutting the cube".

In the context of fast-developing 3D technology, 3D Slash has a mission to create 3D creation applications that can be accessed by everyone. 3D Slash integrates with many key players in the 3D ecosystem and expands the scope of its partnership. 3D Slash sees strong problems that are used for a variety of uses, including design thinking, prototyping, scale modeling, and digital entertainment. This application is also used as an educational tool by the growing community of STEM (Science Technology Engineering Math) teachers.

This application uses the block construction workflow as if you really like the Minecraft game. 3D modeling pros will usually enjoy this program just for playing, direct approach.

What can I use for this free 3D modeling software? 3D Slash can also be used to import existing STL files and give them a cool pixel display or modify them with just a few clicks.


One complaint that often sounds related to Blender is that 3D modeling software is very difficult to access for beginners. Its user interface is messy with multiple entries, it uses the opposite mouse button intuitively and relies heavily on hotkeys. Enter the Blender community. Unlike commercial 3D modeling software, this program is completely open source, so the public is free to overcome this problem by developing a fork.

On the other hand, this means that if you are already familiar with the Blender hotkey, then you might be confused with the new hotkey at the start. You also need to be aware of other effects of this change in mind. Using the standard Blender tutorial will be a bit of an effort, because you have to translate between the two versions of the 3D modeling software as you work through the material. Fortunately, the developers of Bforartists also thought about this issue and rewrote and sometimes even improved Blender's original documentation.

What's more, Bforartis takes into account various tasks that can be used by 3D modeling software. Therefore, it uses a set of pre-configured views for 3D modeling, UV editing, compositing and more. And the tooltip has also been improved.

Bforartists corrects one annoying problem for first time Blender users: "Right Click to Select". Blender must be the only program in the known universe to use settings like this that conflict with the way users use Left-Click to select objects.

Users of this free 3D design software can further customize the program to fit their workflow. The menu can be configured. The tool uses icons to reduce the amount of time needed to scroll through the user interface, if you prefer to read the name of the tool, you can activate it.
What can I use for this free 3D modeling software? Bforartist is directed to artists and independent fans who want to use Blender, but are scared by an inaccessible user interface.


This is the new application satire above.
Blender is usually used by professional-class, free 3D modeling software that is comprehensive and completely open-source. Apart from the 3D modeling function that is at the core of the program, it also features modules dedicated to highly specialized tasks. For example, Blender can be used as a 3D sculpting suite that is comparable to other industry programs such as Mudbox or Sculptris.

Blender is also an excellent tool for producing visual effects for animators. To give an example, the integrated camera movement tracker eliminates the need to switch to another program. All you have to do is load the raw footage into the program and then track it manually or automatically. Thanks to the Python Blender API, this program can be tailored to the needs of the project. However, this wealth of features makes Blender one of the free 3D modeling software that is more challenging to master. If you feel that it's very difficult to master Blender, try Bforartists. This is a Blender fork, which tries to make free 3D design software more accessible for beginners.


Clara.io is a free 3D modeling software that runs on most modern browsers. All the modeling tools or features that you need in the most common situations: extrusion, beveling, cutting, and looping. Given that its rendering capabilities are supplied by V-Ray, this free 3D design software exceeds expectations for browser-based suites. For context, V-Ray is a rendering engine that is part of many professional desktop 3D programs.

Using the WebGL standard, Clara.io allows you to embed your 3D model into a website. This feature includes the possibility that visitors interactively manipulate standard properties of 3D models, such as scale or thickness. In the free version, this free 3D design software comes with 5GB of cloud storage. As can be expected, the paid version brings you more cloud storage, unlimited personal scenes and rendering time.

What can I use for this free 3D modeling software? Because Clara.io runs in the cloud, it is the perfect tool for collaboration on complex 3D animation projects. Featuring basic keyframe animations, it's even the right choice for making animated films.


Daz3D is a 3D modeling software that is primarily intended for 3D design enthusiasts. That means this tool requires several shortcuts to facilitate the workflow. You can buy models that are ready in the market and are attractive. As an alternative, you can start with one of the standard models and modify it as desired. Like similar programs, Daz3D has a number of tools to adjust every aspect of the basic model, such as the making, size, and length of limbs. After finishing your hair with a haircut, and dressing your creations, you can arrange complicated scenes with objects from properties that cover many genres.

In addition, Daz3D is loaded with tools for 3D animation. Motion capture data that can be edited to fit your needs is just one of many possibilities offered by this free 3D design software. The mastermind tool displays different poses as vertices in the grid that allow users to animate their model by sliding their mouse between these nodes. You can also set different poses in the timeline and the program will generate movements automatically. In other words, 3D animation has never been easier compared to this program.

The best thing about this 3D design software is that you can download it for free. It also needs to be mentioned that Daz3D offers a 3D Content Marketplace where you can buy and sell your models, poses and property.

What can I use for this free 3D modeling software? Daz3D is an amazing tool for creating realistic 3D human models and humanoid characters. Built-in 3D animation tools help you

DesignSpark Mechanical

The motion-based modeling approach of this free 3D design software makes it even possible for beginners to create complex geometries. DesignSpark is perfect for designing electronic devices. The PCB import tool allows users of this free 3D modeling software to make attachments around an accurate representation of the circuit board. DesignSpark's integrated part library which eliminates the need for other interesting items themselves. more than 45,000 parts including application covers and allow you to order parts used in the design quickly and comfortably.

In general, basic 3D design software is available for free. However, users can buy add-ons to expand the functionality. For example, drawing in 2D requires addons and so does support for iges, and step files.

What can I use for this free 3D modeling software? DesignSpark is a 3D modeling tool that can be used for engineering and even architecture. However, it is just as powerful for designing 3D models for 3D printing.

Doodle 3D Transform

Doodle 3D Transform is made by the creators of Doodle 3D, the first 3D pen. This is an online design tool for 3D printing with split-screen 2D-to-3D layout. Amazingly, this allows you to convert 2D images into 3D designs. 3D printer owners can use a special WiFi-Box to print directly from Transform to their 3D printer. "Scan-and-trace" allows you to take photos on a tablet and use it as a starting point. This free 3D design software automatically outlines the shape of the photo. In addition, you can download images from the web as a starting point for images and designs.

What can I use for this free 3D modeling software? This is a good 3D design software for education: 3D modeling is made very easy with this software. Although there is one weakness. However, the free version is limited when saving and exporting files and if you want more choices, you have to pay.

Fractal Lab

FractalLab is a WebGL based program dedicated to fractal 3D modeling. Free 3D modeling software allows you to choose different types of fractals. The basic idea is as follows, you place different boundaries on objects, such as scale, level of detail or smoothness. What's more, this program has options for texturing, camera control and shading. Considering that this is a free 3D design software, it's amazing that you can comprehensively control objects and scenes.

To create new fractals from scratch, users need solid knowledge about mathematics. Everyone can also enjoy the fractals provided in the fractal library from free 3D design software to customize them as you wish and explore objects.

What can I use for this free 3D modeling software? Create amazing illustrations that will draw your gaze to explore the smallest details.


FreeCAD is a parametric free 3D modeling software that is customizable, open source, and customizable. Parametric means you can define boundaries and parameters for a design that allows returning to the editing history and modifying it by changing its value.

In general, the main audience of FreeCAD is the CAD community. So, if you already know about other CAD software, you will learn it in no time. However, if you are just starting out with CAD, the complexity of FreeCAD can be overwhelming at first. Even so, it's definitely worth keeping, because it will be rewarded with a series of amazing features that have nothing in common between free CAD programs.

Specifically, this free 3D modeling software has a modular architecture that allows plugins to be loaded into the core program. You can do sophisticated operations such as weight analysis yourself or simulate robot movements and much more.

What can I use for this free 3D modeling software? Given its rich feature set, FreeCAD can be used in many engineering and architectural workflows. What's more, because it can produce, display and edit G-code, this is the perfect complete solution for 3D printing.

Fusion 360

Autodesk Fusion 360 combines the different steps of the product development process into a single 3D modeling software. On the right modeling side you have tools such as modeling and free form modeling, solid modeling and parametric modeling. For engineering needs, you can utilize sophisticated simulations, such as structural integrity analysis or assembly modeling. Equally amazing is the program's ability to make parts using CNC toolpath or 3D printing, making it the true Swiss army knife to be produced.

This free 3D modeling software has the added advantage of extensive collaborative features that allow large teams to work simultaneously in parts and manage file versions. Autodesk Fusion 360 is available free of charge for non-commercial use for one full year. Students and educators can even apply for a free 3-year license.

What can I use for this free 3D modeling software? Autodesk Fusion 360 is an excellent choice for intricate engineering designs that are great team insights. The fabrication features make this program the ideal tool for producing and testing prototypes quickly.


Houdini is a free procedural 3D modeling software that is designed node-based. Likewise for parametric modeling, this technique allows you to change the whole model by changing individual parameters (nodes). This feature alike allows users to reuse objects and make programs stand out from competitors such as 3DS Max.

However, another reason why this free 3D design software is an industry favorite, is that it includes complicated particle effects such as liquids etc. Although the free version of Houdini has all the features of a commercial product, it comes with some limitations that you must pay attention to that can only render up to 1280 ✕ 720 px resolution, third-party renderers are not activated and every image displayed will display the Houdini logo.

What can I use for this free 3D modeling software? Houdini's procedural modeling approach allows you to quickly produce complex geometries at a constant level of quality. From carefully crafted texture maps to various spacecraft corridors, almost everything can be produced efficiently. That's why Houdini's parametric magic is a popular tool for game development and 3D animation.

Actually there are still a lot of 3D design software or software that exists, but in the list that I chose included in the free category with limited features. There is no full version for the hard work of experts in making software, of course. Give your feedback in the comments column about the Best Software For 3D Design FREE !!