Which Is Better: Blogger Or Wordpress

Most new bloggers have been caught up with this dilemma - which blog-publishing service should I use? The two most popular tool that easily comes to mind are Blogger and Wordpress. Both has its advantage and disadvantages. It always boils down to one's priority whether you want good support, stability, flexibility or free-service publishing. Below are the different pros/cons, advantages/disadvantages of Blogger and Wordpress.


Free and easy to use - easy drag and drop changes
Numerous free plugins and themes(but advanced customization is limited)
Limited designs
Free blogspot domain name
Hosted by Google's server so site down time is rare
Easy Google Adsense integration
No FTP access


Ease of use - similar to Blogger, you can sign up for a free account and start blogging within minutes
You can turn your blog into a hybrid website
Free hosting hosted by Automatic
Thousands of available designs which you can modify and customize as you wish
Limited to pre-installed plugins, need to pay for additional extras
Strict with monetization - Google Adsense or affiliate marketing are not allowed, although you can promote your own products.

This blog uses Blogger as its blog-publisher primarily for its ease-of-use, user-friendly interface and free service from Google which we are most fond of using. Wordpress is indeed good but we'll stick with Blogger for now.