7 World Famous Sniper That Has Been Tested On the Battlefield

Not only in movies or comics, sniper alias snipers also really exist in the real world.
There are some sniper names that are popular even referred to as the best shooter in the world.
From some of the names of the snipers, apparently one of them came from Indonesia! Sniper or sniper is a person who has special expertise in shooting on target from a variety of effective range of fire.

In addition, snipers are also adept at camouflage with the surrounding natural vegetation. For that to be a sniper is not easy. Recently there was news that a British SAS sniper had successfully killed an ISIS commander by gunfire from a distance of 1.5 kilometers.

This is a list of 7 world-famous sniper who have been tested on the battlefield.

Rob Furlong

7 World-Famous Sniper That Has Been Tested On the Battlefield
Rob Furlong
Robert Furlong is a sniper from Canada Army.

He was once assigned to Afghanistan in a military operation codenamed Anaconda. He even proved able to shoot enemies from a distance of 2.5 km and hit his head right, head shot!

Lyudmila Pavlichenko

7 World-Famous Sniper That Has Been Tested On the Battlefield
Lyudmila Pavlichenko
Well, this time the sniper's cold hands aren't just from men.

But it came from the hands of a woman named Lyudmila Pavlichenko from the Soviet Union (Russia). Armed with a Tokarev SVT-40 semi-automatic rifle, Lyudmila managed to kill 36 people in World War II.

The 36 people were all Nazi German sniper.

Tatang Koswara

7 World-Famous Sniper That Has Been Tested On the Battlefield
Tatang Koswara

The only Indonesian National Army (TNI) whose name is listed in the top 14 of Sniper's Roll of Honor.

His combat mission was in East Timor between 1977-1978. He successfully shot dead 41 members of the 'Krebo Forest' of Fretilin who were enemies of the TNI at the time.

Vasily Zaitsev

At that time the battle of Stalingrad in the arena of World War II between the Soviet Union was severe. Until the emergence of a Soviet Union sniper named Vasily Grigoryevich Zaitsev, which became a symbol of battle for the red army who managed to kill 242 enemy soldiers.

His famous duel was when he met with German heavyweight sniper, Major Konig. For 3 days they hunted each other, until the duel was won by Zaitsev.

Chris Kyle

The man who is a member of the US Navy Seal special forces does have talent as a sniper.

He served in the military in Iraq during Operation Iraqi Freedom. Chris Kyle managed to shoot 160 enemies during his assignment. The enemy even dubbed Chris as 'The Devil of Ramadi' because in the Ramadi area of ​​Iraq he killed many of his opponents.

After not being active in the military scene, Chris wrote his biography titled 'American Sniper' which was also appointed to the big screen with the same title.

Carlos Hathcock

Carlos Norman Hathcock II is so legendary in the world of snipers. If 'Rambo' is called a fictional hero of the Vietnam war, Hathcock is a real hero.

The US Marines member posted a record of 93 kills, despite unofficial data, he managed to kill 300-400 North Vietnamese soldiers.

Simo Hayha

7 World-Famous Sniper That Has Been Tested On the Battlefield
Simo Hayha

Simo Hayha was dubbed the 'White Death' by his enemy the Soviet Union because he always wore white clothes.

When the Soviets invaded Finland in 1939, Simo Hayha 'harvested' the lives of the red army. During the war he managed to kill up to 705 Soviet soldiers in just 100 days, the biggest murder record in a war.

There is one ability that is very rare Simo possessed by any sniper, which is able to shoot the enemy right in the distance even without the help of the crosshairs periscope