12 Best Video Editing Software for PCs and Laptops

Video editing application for PC this time has the advantage of a variety of features for you to take advantage of doing cool video editing, of course, with satisfying results. Curious about what video editing software that we recommend?

1. AVS Video Editor

Best Video Editing Software for PCs and Laptops

Classified as having the capacity or a video editing application for a lightweight PC, AVS Video Editor becomes a video application that could be the right choice for you to use video editing. AVS Video Editor software presents an advantage that is Video Cache where users can easily edit Full-HD resolution videos quickly and smoothly without obstacles.

Not only that, AVS Video Editor is also not spared in embedding other supporting features such as separating videos, cutting, providing text, as well as embedding audio for the video to be edited. Also, AVS Video Editor prepares about 300 effects and transitions to provide interesting and creative video sensations. Want to try? Download the application here.

2. Sony Vegas Pro 13

Best Video Editing Software for PCs and Laptops

Maybe from the name alone some of you can guess that this video editing application for PC is made by Sony. Yes it's true, Sony Vegas Pro 13 is an application made by Sony that will help you make also edit good videos easily.

Application made by the State of Sakura is classified as a professional video editing application. As a professional-grade application, Sony Vegas Pro 13 offers a variety of features that are very capable for anyone who uses.

How to use it simply drag the video to be edited then Sony Vegas Pro 13 will divide it into two columns, namely video and sound. Afterwards you can create your video with Sony Vegas Pro 13. Interested to try it? Click here to download the application.

3. VirtualDub
Best Video Editing Software for PCs and Laptops

Need a free video editing application for PC? You can make VirtualDub the right choice for you. This application can only be available for Windows-based PCs. Classified as simple  without complicated words, VirtualDub makes it easy for you to edit videos.

Features like replacing and even deleting audio can be done by one of the video editing software for PCs, VirtualDub. Not only that, even VirtualDub software is equipped with features for you to record a video on a PC too. Interested in trying it? Download the application here.

4. Corel Video Studio
Best Video Editing Software for PCs and Laptops

For the next video editing application for PC now comes with Corel Video Studio. Maybe some of you are not strange with Corel, which is managing this one video editing software. Corel Video Studio application is quite famous for video editing software.

In its application, Corel Video Studio provides convenience with a fairly simple and simple interface . Not only that, Corel Video Studio can also be regarded as one of the sophisticated video editing applications.

With its simplicity, it is suitable for beginners to edit videos. If you are interested in using it, you can click here to get the application.

5. Adobe Premiere Pro
Best Video Editing Software for PCs and Laptops

Not only releasing software for editing photos, Adobe also offered a video editing application for PC called Adobe Premiere Pro. In this application, Adobe offers convenience and a variety of features to support good video editing.

It is no secret that Adobe is indeed an expert in gush editing software for photos or videos. In fact, the Adobe Premiere Pro application is arguably a video editing application commonly used by professionals. Want to edit using Adobe Premiere Pro? Click here to download the application.

6. Windows Movie Maker

Best Video Editing Software for PCs and Laptops

Of course this video editing application for PCs can only be used and used by Windows-based PC users. Exclusively, Windows creates special software for you who like to edit and even make cool and good videos.

Classified as easy with a simple interface , the Windows Movie Maker application is suitable for beginners who want to start working in the field of video editing or making videos. The basics for editing video are embedded as one of the superior features offered by Windows.

How do you want to try and start exploring the world of video editing with the Windows Movie Maker application? If you are interested, you can click here to download the application.

7. Avidemux

12 Best Video Editing Software for PCs and Laptops

Back again with the video editing application for PCs that do not need to pay any fees or free. In addition to presenting the advantages of free download, the Avidemux application also has another mainstay namely practicality for anyone who uses the application.

Avidemux designed a simple application for editing videos. Suitable for beginners who start learning to edit videos such as cutting videos, embedding filters in video, making slow motion videos, even to doing coding tasks. You can learn with this Avidemux application.

Of course, Avidemux is also supported by various video format files such as AVI, DVD, MP4, ASF also and many other files that avails for Avidemux. Interested? Download the Avidemux application here.

8. Camtasia

12 Best Video Editing Software for PCs and Laptops

If the previous discussion always discusses the video editing application for Windows-based PCs only, another case with Camtasia software. This application presents a software that can also support Windows and Mac.

Fairly rich in features for video editing, that's why Camtasia is classified as one of the best applications and can be used by anyone. Camtasia also offers a feature where its users can record videos on a PC.

After finishing recording, you can immediately edit it using Camtasia. Easy and not complicated. Try the application by downloading here.

9. Pinnacle studio
12 Best Video Editing Software for PCs and Laptops

Are you a beginner who wants to or is just learning to edit videos? Need cheap software with the most complete facilities that you can use? Caris Signal recommends Pinnacle studio software. This video editing application for PC is for beginners with a variety of basic video editing features.

You can edit videos even while learning to edit videos. Users can hone the creativity of video editing with the Pinnacle studio application. The quality presented by Pinnacle studio is quite good too. Do you want to learn video editing? Download the Pinnacle studio application here.

10. HitFilm Express
Best Video Editing Software for PCs and Laptops

Free? Of course you can choose HitFilm Express as a video editing application for PC without pay. This application is designed and created to provide cool and quality video edits. Not only avails for Windows, HitFilm Express is also capable of running on Mac too.

The features offered by the HitFilm Express application are also very useful to support the creation and editing of videos. Are you interested in editing videos using HitFilm Express? If interested, you can directly download the application by clicking here.

11. Kate’s Video Toolkit
Best Video Editing Software for PCs and Laptops

If you want a video editing application with a complete video format, then you can choose Kate's Video Toolkit. This is a video editing application for PCs with complete formats such as AVI, WMV, MOV, DIVX, ASF, 3GP, MP4, MPEG1, MPEG2, VCD-PAL, VCD-NTSC, SVCD-PAL, SVCD-NTSC, DVD-PAL, DVD -NTSC, and other formats.

Not only that, even you can also  convert  videos easily. Not to mention, this application also has a feature to add 3D Transtions effects  . If you are interested, then  Kate's Video Toolkit can be operated on PCs Windows 98, XP, and Vista.

12. CineFX Jahshaka
Best Video Editing Software for PCs and Laptops

Do you want a video editing application that can be operated on a Linux PC? Then you can choose CineFX Jahshaka. This is an application that cannot only be operated on Linux. For you Windows XP, Vista, 7 & 8 users can also enjoy the convenience of video editing with CineFX Jashaka.

In this application, you are able to edit videos in SD, HD, VD, even movies: real 3D. Not only that, even this application is also able to make videos with various formats such as, MOV, AVI, MPEG, MP3, WAV, and also OGG.

But unfortunately, this application can be said to be imperfect. Apart from its imperfections, CineFX Jahshaka is not a bad choice if you want to edit good videos. Interested? Download the application here.

That was the discussion of various video editing applications for PC that are the best with quality results. All of these applications you can use offline, yes. So, you can use these ten applications to produce the best videos without the need to be connected to the internet.