Dangers of Using Auto Like and Auto Follow Instagram

It is undeniable that social media is now used as a venue to seek popularity and do business, various methods are carried out to make it look popular and liked by many people, one of them is by using auto like and auto follow instagram services, both social media panels aim to increase the number of likes photographed and the number of followers on an Instagram account to make it look popular while for Instagram that is used to do business with many followers and likes indicates that their business is quite popular

Dangers of Using Auto Like and Auto Follow Instagram

Injecting follower services and like Instagram also scattered in cyberspace, generally there are 2 types of targets offered namely active followers and passive followers

Passive followers are a collection of instagram accounts that are automatically created by robots and their account data is stored in a server panel, passive follower prices are very cheap and service providers only need your Instagram users to increase followers in 5 minutes. The disadvantage is that most of the passive accounts that are created are usually from abroad and even though you have a lot of followers if you are passive, there will not be any interaction on your most recent posts

Active Followers is a collection of Instagram accounts belonging to active users, usually to get it you must join the Instagram likes and followers service, you must enter your username and password then log in to the SOSM panel, then you can get the number of likes and followers you want

The advantage of active followers is that accounts that interact with posts and become your followers are real human accounts not robots, the disadvantage is that when you enter a user and password into a social media panel your data will be saved to the server and used freely to follow and like statuses. other auto likes

So don't be surprised if you see a lot of recent activities carried out by your account such as following someone or liking someone's photo even though you don't feel it, another danger is when your account is taken over by someone who has a social media panel, maybe they are interested in your account whatever the reason

Actually there are still other adverse effects if you use the auto follower and auto like Instagram services

Many new Instagram accounts have emerged that have lots of followers and likes, all done to make the owner of the account seem like a popular program even though all the reactions they get come from the auto like follow service (buy or free)

In some forums and groups too, many complain about ordering Instagram followers, for example 5,000 followers, the initial testimony is quite good where the process is very fast in less than 10 minutes, a few days later the buyer went berserk because the number of followers dropped by half to 2500, actually this is the thing which is common but most sellers complain if they are silent or even follow up on a rampage saying stupid buyers

Naturally, however, most sellers are resellers not as the main service owner of a social media panel, they buy likes / followers with some money, there is no way they will guarantee

Do not want to blame both because in my opinion (both are stupid), so I want to write an article about the dangers of using auto follow and auto like on an Instagram account

1. Lots of spam notifications

When you upload photos and then use autolike, a lot of spam notifications appear on your notice, many notifications make the important info from your Instagram account sink, besides that it may be unconscious when using the auto like follow service that requires you to enter account data, the server uses your account to follow and toike the status of other users who are very numerous

Spam notifications generally interfere with Instagram users especially if the cellphone specifications are low and can certainly affect the stability of the system, aka slow, some other things such as the Instagram application to restart and restart also make your system not optimal

2. Auto like negative content

As I said at the beginning, by using the autolike service, the photos or videos that you upload may get a lot of reactions, but you must be aware that your account might also be used by the system to track the status of other social media panel service users.

You certainly do not want it if you are forced to run a status that you do not like, especially if in large numbers your chronology will automatically be filled with other people's account submissions.

You no longer have control over the content you like and the content you don't like, you must change your account data after using the auto like follow instagram service.

The danger is if you get caught by saying photos of por-nography or gambling or pedophiles, your friends will know that you like that, even though you don't feel like and following them so the impact of auto like follow not only increases popularity but also damages the name good you

3. Instagram account is blocked

This I have experienced when using the auto follow service, after a while suddenly my account was deactivated. Social media services like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram have self-protection features against spammers and the ability to track other invalid activities such as Autolike

Dangers of Using Auto Like and Auto Follow Instagram

If your Instagram account has been banned it is very difficult to recover it, considering that Instagram is a product that was also acquired by Facebook, the similarity of a similarly strict detection system can also lead to the deactivation of your Instagram account

Those are some of the negative effects of the abuse of auto followers and auto likes on Instagram, at a glance you do get a lot of reactions and other users think you are quite popular on Instagram but as time goes by, people will see you like things that are not uncommon lower your prestige

Instead of using auto likes, you better upload something useful and bring great potential likes. Maybe this post is interesting to read