8 Minimalist Home Stair Designs. Also Can Serve As A Rack

The increasingly limited availability of development land makes vertical or multi-level dwelling recommended. The need for land for terraced houses is not as large as residential areas in general to meet the needs of space. Now, in building terraced houses, one thing that should not be missed in the design process is the staircase.

8 Minimalist Home Stair Designs. Also Can Serve As A Rack

As access liaison between one floor with another, the design of the stairs of the household level also needs to be considered. Because apart from its function, the household ladder can also contribute aesthetic value. But how to design stairs for a narrow house? Here are some design guidelines and ideas for design stairs SeoSuneo Tips for those of you who are planning to build a terraced house with limited land, adjust to your taste and concept of your home later, yes!

Before deciding the design of a ladder, first understand some of the ideal requirements for a ladder that is not only functional but also safe

8 Minimalist Home Stair Designs. Also Can Serve As A Rack

1. Choose a simple staircase design so that it doesn't make the house look more crowded. Minimalist home stair design is also expected not to complicate users.

2. Considering the effectiveness of space is important in a small house, it is better if the stairs are placed in an area easily accessible to residents, for example in a family room that is open. Avoid making stairs in the living room because it is considered inappropriate, also you should not outside the house because it actually becomes difficult to access.

3. The dimensions of the stairs are adjusted to the footsteps of the occupants, the recommended slope angle is a maximum of 40 degrees so as not to endanger the user when going down the stairs. The stairs must also facilitate the removal of furniture and other home furniture.

4. Adequate lighting both day and night. Even if there is minimal natural lighting, install small lights along the steps. This method will also make the design of a small household ladder more attractive.

5. The surface of the steps and the floor leading to the stairs must be made or coated with anti-slip material. Avoid tile floors or other fine textured materials to reduce the risk of slipping for stair users. But if the floor can't be replaced, you can coat it with a carpet that is tightly installed without a gap to avoid the risk of tripping.

Small minimalist staircase design ideas that will not make the home feel more narrow

1. Spiral stairs

8 Minimalist Home Stair Designs. Also Can Serve As A Rack

Although the spiral staircase is always identical to the stairs for the rear alias alias emergency stairs only, this circular staircase design is always the perfect choice for narrow homes. Do you know? The latest design of this spiral staircase requires only about 1 square meter. Spiral stairs are also available in the finished form so that it doesn't take much time to install.

With the selection of a modern staircase design, color, and the right placement, a spiral staircase will be the center of attention in one area of ​​a small house. One drawback, because it is generally made of metal, spiral stairs tend to be noisy when we are used to stepping.

2. Floating stairs

8 Minimalist Home Stair Designs. Also Can Serve As A Rack

Called floating because this ladder is not equipped with banisters, so only one side of the ladder is pinned to the wall. Standing alone without anyone holding it is also called cantilever. Being able to bring a minimalist narrow home design to a futuristic level, this floating staircase is often referred to as a luxury home staircase design.

It takes precision in calculating the load to design the floating ladder so it does not collapse easily. Unfortunately, this floating staircase design is not safe for the elderly and children.

3. Folding ladder

8 Minimalist Home Stair Designs. Also Can Serve As A Rack

Another narrow staircase design option guaranteed to be economical is folding ladder. Just by pressing one button on the remote that has been provided, this futuristic ladder will be folded and pulled into the wall by itself. This ladder is very suitable for a very small area of ​​the house or second floor area that is designed like an attic or mezzanine. Even though the price of the folding ladder offered is around 5-6 million per unit, using a folding ladder to complement your multi-storey house won't be in vain.

4. L-shaped wooden stairs

8 Minimalist Home Stair Designs. Also Can Serve As A Rack

The selection of wood that is strong and flexible is often used to make stairs for narrow houses. The design of this wooden house ladder is usually placed against the wall. The width of the stairs is also adjusted to the proportion of the house. If your house is not too large, then you can choose the shape of a wooden staircase that turns with the L model. In addition to its toughness, the rich motive in the fiber also makes the wood have more value to enhance the appearance of the stairs.

5. Modern stairs with industrial elements

8 Minimalist Home Stair Designs. Also Can Serve As A Rack

You are happy with the industrial touch, so you can apply it to the design of the stairs. Included in the design of luxury home stairs, the industrialist design ladder design uses a combination of wood elements on the steps and iron material for the foundation. The material is sturdy and can support heavy loads so that the durability is also long.

For its position, you can place this industrialist staircase design in the middle of the room or stick to the main room's walls. Use a symmetrical staircase shape like a straight ladder or turn the L model to make it more sturdy and safe.

6. Zigzag stairs

8 Minimalist Home Stair Designs. Also Can Serve As A Rack

Zig-zag stairs can be used as a choice for you who like the uniqueness in terms of form and experience. Zig-zag design stairs is the right solution for the application of stairs in a narrow house. This ladder requires a distance of 50% less than ordinary stairs. When climbing the stairs of a zig-zag house, the experience will definitely be different than climbing the stairs in general. Using laminated wood material will add to the warm impression of the entire room which is dominated by white.

7. Penguin / split ladder

8 Minimalist Home Stair Designs. Also Can Serve As A Rack

Besides stairs with zig-zag tracks, penguin-style stairs can also be applied to small dwellings. The intermittent steps are designed to accentuate the perfect functional, structural and structural unity. Functionally, this penguin ladder feels comfortable, safe, and of course saves space. Even though it doesn't seem symmetrical, the geometrical shape on the penguin steps allows the structure to be securely attached to one main beam. You can also add handles that are attached to the wall as additional security.

8. Multifunctional ladder

8 Minimalist Home Stair Designs. Also Can Serve As A Rack

one of the most convenient place-saving solutions to connect the upper and lower floors is a combination of stairs with other furniture. This idea will be suitable for built-in bookshelf units, desks, to storage cabinets. This minimalist 2-story home staircase design will be the top of a bookshelf that covers all parts of the wall under the stairs.

For stairs that doubles as a table you can make it happen by widening one of the steps and giving a table leg at the end. This multifunctional staircase design can also utilize the bottom of the stairs as a minimalist storage rack.

Choosing a small staircase design is sometimes tricky. In addition to the shape or model, you also have to consider the material to its color, so that it can match the concept and area of ​​your home as well. Well, you are again looking for a staircase design to complement the vast multi-storey house that's not much, no more dizzy anymore, right?