Free 1 Year SEO Spyglass Backlinks Checker

Free SEO Spyglass To Check Backlinks, this application made by Sumo provides free for a year. It is said that this tool reportedly became the main competitor of Ahrefs for backlink matters. seo spyglass backlinking data crawling capabilities can reach 2.7 billion per day.

Many of the features offered by SEO Spyglass that are the most interesting are the bundling tools, including SEO PowerSite, rank tracker, website auditing, and link asssistant. For bundling tools we are given a free trial for 7 days.

Registration is not a hassle, you only need to input your email and create a password, then do the activation for which the link has been sent to your email. Don't forget after downloading the tool register. It's easy to open the tools, click help, click registration info

Free 1 Year SEO Spyglass Backlinks Checker
SEO Spyglass registration

Next will open a new window just input the registration key that has been sent to the email you used when registering SEO Spyglass.

Free 1 Year SEO Spyglass Backlinks Checker
SEO Spyglass

There are many interesting features offered by Seo Spylass include:

  • Can find out which keywords are good for optimization.
  • Can see alexa traffick rank from backlinks used by competitors.
  • Can find out whether competitors buy backlinks or not by looking at the IP range of the linked backlink site.
  • Can see directly the anchor text and page title that is used by competitors.
  • See if competitors use social media to boost rank.
  • With backlinks from the homepage you can find out where competitors buy backlinks.
  • Knowing exactly which backlinks bring traffic to competitors.
  • Seo Spyglass tells the number of visitors from each backlink to your website.

Those are some of the functions and uses of SEO Spyglass and many other features that can be explored for the benefit of competition with competitors. To get free for a year please visit the link below: