How to Get a Free eu.org Domain and How to Custom Blogging

In this post I will share a tutorial to get the eu.org domain for free and install it on blogger. You need to know that the eu.org domain extension is a free domain name since 1996 which means that this domain is 100% free and has a long life.

Eu.org is not a root domain but a subdomain of the main eu.org domain, however there are many benefits you can get if you have this eu.org domain. However, the method is rather difficult and requires quite a long time (a maximum of 7 days) for the approval process of the domain request you submit

Why is the eu.org domain difficult to obtain?

Eu.org is one of the free domain provider sites that has survived to date since 1996. In addition, the reason why eu.org domain registration is complicated is to prevent the abuse of the domain to do things that are not desired. Users of the eu.org domain extension indirectly carry the good name of the eu.org service so if a violation is found on the blog that is installed on the eu.org domain, the service provider can immediately revoke it

Therefore the eu.org service can still survive today with a good reputation in the eyes of internet users. There are many free domain provider services that have been around for years suddenly out of business due to the actions of irresponsible users. Domains are installed on sites that violate the policy so that it concerns the good name of the service provider as well

The purpose of eu.org is to provide free subdomain registration to all users or non-profits who cannot afford the renewal fees requested by NIC

The advantages of using the eu.org domain

1. Can use the nameservers of cloudflare, eu.org is an unofficial subdomain of the .org domain extension. By linking the domain to cloudflare, users get additional features such as DNS, SSL and CDN for free even though the limit

2. Can be installed to bloggers, even though eu.org is a subdomain as well as admin.helmykediri.com, but users do not need to set up their primary domain. This domain can be directly customizable to blogger via DNS settings only (there will be a tutorial later)

3. The eu.org domain can be registered to become a Google Adsense advertising partner because of its good reputation. You can use for cattle adsense accounts but having more than one adsense account is a violation

The eu.org domain provider itself aims to provide a free subdomain to the organization and does not intend to seek any benefits, therefore users will not see advertisements that suddenly appear on the blog after customing the eu.org domain.

4. The free eu.org domain without annual renewal fees on condition that the user may not violate the rules / violations that have been determined by eu.org

5. Support non-European sites, because Europe is not the only place where national NIC policies apply, non-European sites are welcome to register. Including Indonesia

Matters that are prohibited by eu.org and result in revocation of domain access:

If you install the eu.org domain on a blog / web with the following criteria, your domain access will be immediately revoked. This applies to all users of the eu.org subdomain

1. Commercial site
Although the eu.org domain is for non-profit organizations and individuals, some small commercial sites are accepted. But if a large commercial-based site, eu.org really hopes that they buy a private domain registered at ICANN

2. Comply with internet standards
The owner of the eu.org subdomain must comply with internet standards (RFC), this includes being careful in registering the domain name so that it does not involve certain trademarks that are copyrighted

3. Do not engage in mass spam activity
Domains should not be installed on sites that engage in mass spamming activities via email, domains for phishing pages, domains on sites that distribute malware or engage in blackhat SEO practices

Disadvantages of using the eu.org domain extension

1. Must provide third party administration authoritative access to host its own name server

2. No support is provided, but users can contact the service provider via email (later under the email)

3. Domains can be deleted at any time if the user is considered violating the policies of the service provider either intentionally or unintentionally

4. There are feelings of anxiety if you want to install the eu.org domain on the sitemoney blog

Conditions to get a free eu.org domain *

One of the requirements to get the eu.org subdomain is that users must provide their own DNS hosting or DNS manager (take it easy for free). Although this makes some people feel inconvenience and consider the eu.org domain to be very difficult to get even though it's easy if you want to spend 5 minutes

For DNS manager, I recommend Hostry because they provide CDN service, free DNS manager (cloudflare works too)

Here is a step by step tutorial to get the eu.org domain for free forever

I will show you how to claim the free eu.org domain which I did myself some time ago

Create a DNS manager collection

1. Please visit the site  https://hostry.com/

2. Create a new account, enter the required data such as active email, password, name, full address, cellphone number, zip code etc.

3. After that open the email / spam to find confirmation email from hostry so that your account is fully activated

4. If so, open the site https://hostry.com/ then log in with the account you just created

5. Open the service menu> free DNS> enter the domain you want to register for example lintassehat.eu.org> then press create

6. Until here you have made a DNS storage for the domain that you will submit at the NIC later.

The nameservers are as shown below:

How to register the free eu.org domain

1. Open the site  https://nic.eu.org/arf/en/login

If it can't be opened with the TRI provider, try to enable VPN, it can be in the form of a browser or application extension (psiphon)

2. If you don't have an account, please register enter data required such as name, email, address, country, cellphone number, password

Try the data that is here the same as the data in the DNS manager, if the data is not the same it is feared that your domain request will be rejected or someday because found out of sync data causes the domain you're revoked
How to Get a Free eu.org Domain and How to Bustom Blogging

3. After that open the email in the inbox / spam menu, find an email from NIC eu.org to confirm your account.

Find your username there, use the password you created in step 2 to log into your account

4. Repeat the first step and login with your account

How to Get a Free eu.org Domain and How to Bustom Blogging

5. Click the domain menu> new domain

Enter the domain name you want for example lintassehatel.eu.org Whois

data automatically follows your account information or can be changed according to the user's wishes

How to Get a Free eu.org Domain and How to Bustom Blogging

6. Scroll down, in the name server, enter the DNS

How to Get a Free eu.org Domain and How to Bustom Blogging

7. Click submit, then your domain request will be processed immediately

How to Get a Free eu.org Domain and How to Bustom Blogging

* Generally the domain is approved within 7 days to 30 days, enough?

For an eu.org domain request to be approved in less than 48 hours you must send an email to the service provider Hostmaster@eu.org containing a request to activate the domain you registered

Open gmail> compose> destination email Hostmaster@eu.org

Subject fill with = Approve my domain lintassehat.eu.org

Contents in English = Hello good evening, I will hope you activated the lintassehat.eu.org domain request for my personal blog. See you and thankyu

No need to be too serious the important thing is that your request can be understood

Not until 24 hours or more precisely the next day, I got an email that the domain I proposed lintassehat.eu.org has been fully approved

The approval message was sent via email and entered into the spam folder, more or less snippet like this

How to Get a Free eu.org Domain and How to Bustom Blogging

You can also check by logging in to the account https://nic.eu.org/arf/en/ in the domain menu

How to set eu.org domain to blogger service

1. Same as installing a domain in bloggers in general, go to settings> basic> blog address enter your domain for example www.lintassehat.eu.org then click save

Host Key / name / label and the destination has appeared please copy

How to Get a Free eu.org Domain and How to Bustom Blogging

2. Open your host account in the Service> Free DNS section> enter your domain's settings.

Or enter the orders menu.

As in the domain settings as usual, all you have to do is add a CNAME and A record like this. The

CNAME data you got in step 1 in blogger blogger

A record containing blogger IP Address, contents

3. Wait 30 minutes, then repeat the first step, try saving the domain settings in the blogger

4. And after the domain has been accessed,

other questions like why my domain can't be accessed without adding www in front?

Try going to the blogger dashboard> settings> domain address> tick "switch domain to www.domain.com"> save

If it fails to save it might change the CNAME please edit the domain hostry settings or you haven't added 4 A records containing the blogger IP address

Thus posting about how to register and get a free eu.org domain for bloggers, hopefully what I share is useful. If you have other questions or complaints about the service please leave relevant comments below

That is all and thank you