How to get a FREE Unlimited Google Account

I'm sure all the tutorials that are on the internet about "how to create / get the latest unlimited Googledrive account" were initially successful but after being gangbanged by many people finally the campus changed its policy, one of them no longer giving student emails to prospective students except for students who have already really accepted at the campus

Just imagine if 1 person registers 10 accounts as prospective students for the sake of getting unlimited Googledrive services for resale or self-use, if there are 10 people it means that there are already 100 applicants of fictitious student candidates, eventually the campus will be suspicious because of the large number of prospective students do not proceed with the class selection process after getting a student email. Finally, giving student emails to prospective students is eliminated

Of course, after changing the rules, now people who register as prospective students must complete all the necessary online files starting from class selection, uploading a few files, filling out surveys, coming to campus, being accepted as a student then getting a student email

Now, tricks on the internet on how to get an unlimited Google Drive account with student email are really no longer useful, it's like a stale trick that still appears on the top page of Google.

Why does the owner of an email account get unlimited Googledrive?

Some campuses manage their student e-mail with the Google suite service and some use Microsoft Outlook service, of course if you have a campus email managed by Google Suite it means that it is included with unlimited Google Drive services but if you have a campus email managed by Microsoft Outlook means you too get 1TB OneDrive storage

The validity period for campus email is very long (but not forever), the campus email that we have uses the campus name subdomain as an email address for example seosuneo@namecampus.edu

As long as the campus domain continues to be extended by the campus management, that's when we can still have access to student email

There are also cases where student email is deactivated by the campus because it is considered suspicious, for example you store files on Google Drive up to 5TB and look very prominent among other G suite service users, and after opening it turns out the contents are adult content then the campus has the right to disable your email according to applicable policies

Even when you store pirated movies on Google Drive's service, it doesn't belong to the campus. Sometimes it is even more suspicious, especially if the email is managed by the campus, meaning that there is no privacy.

Some campuses also deactivate student e-mail after a number of years, usually e-mail that has been registered for more than 10 years will all be deactivated to facilitate student e-mail management

Every campus email that is registered under the G suite will receive various notifications / notifications from the campus about an important matter and there is no point in sending notifications to emails that have been registered for more than 10 years (because the student must have graduated), this is also intended to save server bandwidth

So if someone says student email is valid for life it's bullshit! there are many possibilities that could happen in the future

Back to the topic, if you're looking for a tutorial on how to get unlimited Google Drive services with student emails that still work until now 2020 then you visit the right blog

How to ? follow the guidelines I gave carefully

1. First open the site https://www.cccapply.org/ for the name of the campus select orange coast college

I have registered 3x and there are no problems

Look for apply now that directs you to the OpenCC Apply account registration page

How to get a free unlimited Google account

2. If you don't have an OpenCC apply, please click create account

Follow step 4 to step 7 only, if you already have an account just login .. make sure you still see the campus logo in the upper left corner as shown below

Then just click start new application
How to get a free unlimited Google account

3. In order to make it easier for you to fill out forms you should arrange for the page to be automatically translated into Indonesian

Choose when you want to register whether it's spring, summer or winter. Enter the study program that you want to follow then click continue
How to get a free unlimited Google account

4. On the next page that contains a review of your Opencc information account, nothing you need to fill in is just tick my mailling address is the same permanent in my Opencc account above

If you want to fill it in, you can use a fake address generated from
How to get a free unlimited Google account

5. Next fill out your previous educational history survey, select home schooling. Overseas schools by bringing home teachers are common
How to get a free unlimited Google account

6. Next is the contents of military history, select us citizen and on military status select no apply to me

Some countries do require military training for teenagers aged 20 years as an effort to defend the country, but many countries do not implement this policy
How to get a free unlimited Google account

7. On the next page is a survey of residence, including race, ethnicity, class, etc. as desired
How to get a free unlimited Google account

8. Then on the next page contains a survey of interests and interests

First fill first do you master English? choose yes

Next to the athletic survey, please select the sport you have an interest in

Do not equate college with high school first because when I was in college, you register in the name of yourself not the name of parents. Even if you pay fees every semester, if you don't get the value of attending lectures, you won't be able to graduate
How to get a free unlimited Google account

9. In the demographic survey enter gender, are you transgender? , do not fill your social interests with the child you will later be refused entry to campus, enter the ethnic race of the ethnicity you belong to
How to get a free unlimited Google account

10. Next to the additional survey, overseas campuses have a large selection of clubs that are tailored to the interests of their students so to train campus graduates to be able to mingle with the community so they always encourage students to join a club
How to get a free unlimited Google account

11. This page is part of the final agreement before sending the task to the campus for approval to make sure you have filled in all data correctly and focus is proven by checking the radio button i consent
How to get a free unlimited Google account

12. Review all data then agree, fill your response regarding the survey given by the campus whether it is fun - disappointing - ordinary or otherwise. Finally click continue until you find the sign out and finish button
How to get a free unlimited Google account

Then just wait for the email from the campus sent to the email address you registered when creating the Open Account application earlier. Usually it takes 2-4x24 hours a bit long but I don't care what is important can email a student include an unlimited Google Drive account

11. This is an example of my prospective student acceptance email on the Orange Coast College campus
How to get a free unlimited Google account

The data contained in the incoming e-mail messages includes

OCC Student ID: C02811677
MyOCC Username: gmiller36
Student Email: gmiller36@student.cccd.edu

The default password is initial capital letters initials, initial letters lowercase initials, MMDDYY, add CCCD

For example Robert, born March 3, 1999 the password is: Hk030399CCCD

How to login, please open gmail.com and enter your email gmiller36@student.cccd.edu

Later you will be transferred to the page https://pgsso.cccd.edu

Enter the username according to the email data; gmiller36 and the default password Gm030399CCCD
How to get a free unlimited Google account

Enter the e-mail address used to register the Open Account account then click to get the OTP code, enter and click login
How to get a free unlimited Google account

You will be diverted to gmail, now open https://drive.google.com then the status is unlimited
How to get a free unlimited Google account

The first time you open a new browser you must always log in via https://pgsso.cccd.edu and then switch to the google service but if you have logged in automatically you will be redirected to the page of google

How easy? now you already have an unlimited Google Drive account for unlimited file backups with a very large capacity of up to 10TB more. Can be sold or for self-use

Is this legal or illegal? some campuses provide student e-mails to each prospective student so this is not the result of purchasing cards or anything that is illegal, if you want to be legal please register with the original data when filling out assignments

The question that entered the inbox yesterday

Bro, I want to have an unlimited Google Drive account to backup large office data, some offer me a 30k student email and email with my own domain that is registered with Google Suite, he says, the active period is forever, then if the gdrive account is deleted because it violates the policy, it can be recovered at any time the data in it , price = 50k, which one should I choose?

In terms of data security of course a private g suite account is indeed safer

But in terms of the active period I think student accounts can last longer for years. Why is that ?

1. Talking about Indonesian people using Google paid services is very identical to the carding / misuse of other people's credit cards so at any time their g suite account can be deleted including all emails managed on that account

The G suite service is expensive and has to be renewed every month / every year, do you believe that you are offered an unlimited Google Drive account for only 1 time payment?

2. A g suite account that is held privately with a g suite account that is held by a lot of campus IT staff, what if suddenly the seizure seller gets seized and dies? who will extend their g suite domain? g suite is not a free service but must be renewed every year

If you manage the admin, please make it nice, which extends the campus as long as the campus still uses the domain

3. Which is safer than being banned? both of them are prone to be banned if used to store illegal files, when your pirated files are shared publicly then other people can transfer those files thus threatening the security of your account