Wikipedia Backlink: Make a Quality Backlink on Wikipedia

If we persistently try and see various opportunities there are actually several places to embed backlinks that are directed towards our website with the aim of building quality backlinks. And quality backlinks, of course, must be placed in a 'quality' place too. One of them is making a wikipedia backlink.

Wikipedia Backlink: Make a Quality Backlink on Wikipedia

In addition to Wikipedia, some backlinks can be planted elsewhere and we have discussed this in other articles such as articles making YouTube backlinks and other backlink articles. Why make a Wikipedia backlink? Does Wikipedia make it possible to plant quality backlinks?

What is Wikipedia?

Wiki itself means a website or collaborative software that contains documents or hypertext that allows users to edit, add or reduce the contents of existing content. And has a characteristic that is between one document and another document has a link.

While Wikipedia itself is a combination of two words namely Wiki and encyclopedia. Thus Wikipedia is a free encyclopedia that was built to provide information. And from the concept of the wiki that anyone can join to participate in providing information.

Although there is freedom to provide and edit content, but Wikipedia also has content standards that must be considered so that the information submitted is really valid and contextual.

Why does it have to be a Wikipedia backlink?

There are several reasons that make wikipedia a good place to embed backlinks.
  • Sites with high traffic Wikipedia is a place to look for reviews or information on the internet. Like a Wikipedia encyclopedia, it provides detailed information and also includes references used. Because of the large amount of information that can be extracted on the Wikipedia site, Wikipedia is one of the reference sites for information. Automatic with the number of people who visit the website traffic becomes high.
  • Relevant articles Articles on wikipedia that pass the manual examination are articles that are relevant to the theme discussed. Thus someone who is looking for information on Wikipedia is almost certain to get the results of the discussion in accordance with the desired information.
  • Respected by Google Wikipedia is one of the sites respected by search engines, especially Google. If we look for certain information in a search engine, we can be sure that the SERP will display results from the Wikipedia encyclopedia site.

That must be considered in filling Wikipedia content

As was discussed earlier that the Wikipedia site has a standard of content that must be considered. So that not just any content can enter.
  • Default language The language used in articles on Wikipedia must be standard. Not allowed to use slang, Alay, prokem or conversation language. Thus, the information obtained can be understood by various parties.
  • Relevant Because the audit conducted by Wikipedia is a manual audit, the content chosen to enter Wikipedia is, of course, the content in accordance with the discussion. If there is content that is not in accordance with the discussion or in the language of SEO is not a niche then the content will be deleted.
  • Valid Content that is on Wikipedia must be valid. Then there is an external link feature on Wikipedia that allows Wikipedia to retrieve information from outside. So with a concept like this we use the external link or external link feature to install a backlink for optimization.
  • Editable Because the content on Wikipedia is editable content, everyone can change, delete, and add to the existing content. This makes the content on Wikipedia can change at any time. And the more relvnae, according to the context and the more valid. But this is what also makes it troublesome. Because if our content is not considered relevant then other people can change the content with a more valid and detailed explanation. So make content that is really good and can be justified.

Make a backlink on Wikipedia by creating content

The step to make a backlink on Wikipedia is to make articles that correspond to our website discussion. And after the article is finished, find or make one or two words in the article which will later be made as anchor text. Where is the anchor going to our website. And to pass, of course, must comply with the instructions and pay attention to the rules of creating content on Wikipedia.

There are several steps so that we can write articles on Wikipedia. Below are instructions in order to fill content on Wikipedia.

Become a Wikipedia contributor

This method is to make content as a contributor. It means we are making something new and not yet in Wikipedia's discussion. The trick is:

First, register immediately on the Wikipedia page. Registration button is on the top right. Fill in your email, username and others according to instructions.

Second, look in the search field for something we want to create content. And make sure no one has created similar content on Wikipedia yet.

We can try to find articles about Backlink Generator. Then no backlink generator article will be found.

And there will be a tamplan offering a page about the backlink generator. Then click on the offer and then start by making an article about the backlink generator.

Then the following results will be obtained when we search for the fictitious address. And on the offer of making the page that is Create a page "Backlink generator" we click. Start making articles about backlink generators.

Third, After the article is complete, look for the words that will be made anchor text and the anchor we point to our website. Insert the website address using the tools provided.

Fourth, save or publish.
Wait a few days and look for the article that we have made. If not deleted means that the article really deserves to be on Wikipedia.

In addition we can use broken links in Wikipedia articles. The steps are almost the same as the discussion about utilizing broken links in the previous article.

In addition we can use broken links in Wikipedia articles. The steps are almost the same as the discussion about utilizing broken links in the previous article.


Experiment after trial must be done to get maximum results. By using what is available to the maximum will certainly get maximum results. The point is always try.

That's a review of how to create a Wilipedia backlink that can be used as a place to embed backlink optimization. Don't forget to follow and read other articles on the Sholeh Anak SEO website about preparation before creating a backlink. thanks.