How to Check Domain Owners With the Whois Application

Nowadays internet usage is getting higher, especially in accessing a website. Just mention a few types of websites that we often visit everyday, such as favorite online store websites, blogs, media, to e-commerce.

However, talking about websites, especially for those of you who understand computer science, of course, will be closely related to the domain name. In fact, you can use the domain address as a way to check the domain owner of a website.

Domain itself is an address, like the address of a house, and here the house is a website. So the domain address will direct the user to visit or open the intended website.

The reason is, a website that is created without a domain address, will make users difficult to find or find a website.

For additional information, domains that exist in Indonesia and throughout the world, are domains that are managed internationally. So, for those of you who are curious about domain ownership data, you can do several ways to check the domain owner, even to the origin of the country you can know, by only using applications, such as whois.

Not only that, all domains registered by users, will then be registered by the domain provider to ICAAN (Internet Corporation Assigned Names and Number), which is the manager of global domain names. This is done, so that the domain name that is registered, is not the same as the other domains.

There are many ways to find out the name of the owner of a domain. The way to check the domain owner most often is to use the Whois application.

This Whois application is a facility available on the internet, where you can find out the data of a website domain.

Starting from the registrant's name, registrant's address, registrant's contact, the provider where the user registered the domain, server's IP address, DNS, when the domain was registered, when the domain was expired, and other information.

List of Service Provider Applications How to Check Website Domain Owners

There are many service provider sites that check domain owners from whois you can try, including:
  • whois.domaintools.com/
  • www.networksolutions.com/whois/
  • www.betterwhois.com/
  • www.allwhois.com/
  • www.whois.sc/
  • www.whois.net/
  • www.internic.net/whois.html
  • www.easywhois.com/
  • www.who.is/
  • www.whois-search.com/
  • www.iwebtool.com/whois

How to Check Domain Owners Using the Whois Application (whois.domaintools.com)

  • First, users can simply visit the whois.domaintools.com website.
  • Then enter the web address or domain you want to see the data along with the name of the domain owner. Click submit.
  • Data related to the website domain address will also appear.

Can all website domains be checked up to the name of the domain owner?

A website domain is usually owned by an individual or a corporation, institution, or company. However, it turns out there are some domain providers who do not publish data and domain owner information, due to privacy reasons.

So, when you look for the domain address, the domain owner's data is not readable by the Whois service provider website.

However, even if the user hides his data as privacy data, for domain registration, users still need to enter their data for registration.

Benefits of Knowing How to Check a Domain Owner

Whois application that can be used to find out who owns this domain, it can also be used for several purposes. Among them is to investigate fraud cases on online shop websites.

By knowing how to check the domain owner, you can also find out the data of the domain owner himself. Ranging from telephone numbers to home addresses.

So, with the information from Whois related to how to check the domain owner, this can also be used as a deterrent to fraud, because the domain owner's self-published data.

But that also doesn't eliminate the possibility if the data registered by the domain owner is fictitious data. Especially if the domain owner uses a domain name with certain extensions such as ", com", ". Net", and the like, because the extension is offered for free.

Besides being free, using the extension also does not require verification of personal data when registering, so the owner can manipulate the data. However, for domains with extensions such as ".gov", ".mil", ".edu", etc., the domain is required to verify data.

So that the website domain has certainly been trusted. Even so, the reputation level of a website also cannot be pegged by looking at the domain extension alone.

If from the start, what was discussed was only related to how to check the domain owner of a website only. So, do you know how to create a new website domain?

Well, maybe this will be very useful for you, who also want to make a website and are confused about how to make it.

How to Create a New Website Domain

To get started, you must register a new domain at a trusted domain registration application, such as at domainesia.com, or other applications. Why do you have to register a domain?

Because, registering a domain name is one of the most important steps when wanting to create a new website. Come, consider the following brief steps:

1. Select trusted domain registration (for example, Domainesia.com or Hostinger).
2. Check domain availability with the domain check feature.
3. Search for the desired domain name.
4. Choose one of the domain names that you think is best.
5. Complete your order and complete the domain registration.
6. Verify ownership of your new domain.

To create a new domain with a good value of scarcity and uniqueness, certainly not cheap, it can even cost tens of millions of rupiah. Now, immediately submit a choice of credit card products at Cekaja.com, so you can create a domain, according to your wishes.