How to Fix a USB Flashdisk Write Protected

Problems with the flash may make a lot of people become confused. After we had time to discuss about how to repair a USB Device Not Recognized, on this occasion we will discuss about how to overcome the USB Flashdisk Write Protected.

Indeed, this one flash problem is rarely experienced by many people compared to other flash drives. But if the flashdisk already shows write protected or means an error in writing then to overcome and correct it can be said to be very complicated. But you do not need to be confused because on this occasion I will discuss about how to cope with the complete write protected USB flash drive.

Write Protected USB Flashdisk will usually appear when you want to format the flash. Usually when you encounter an error in the form of a write protected usb flash drive, the writing will appear as follows.

Cannot delete flashdisk name: The disk is write-protected
Remove the write-porotection or another use another disk

Usually in repairing this write protected USB flash drive, most users will use applications that are used to fix flash reads by 0 bytes. But you need to remember that each software and application has different functions and uses. And certainly it is not possible that the software you are using to repair a 0-byte readable flash disk can be used to repair this write protected usb flash drive.

Immediately, here's the way that you can try to fix the USB write write protected as follows.

Repairing USB Flashdisk Write Protected Through Safe Mode

1. Restart Your Laptop or Computer

2. After booting in the BIOS (before the Windows logo appears), hurry up to press the F8 key on your keyboard until the image appears as below.

3. Select Safe Mode and press Enter

4. After logging into Windows, then right-click on your USB Drive (Flashdisk)

5. After that, click format. Select Quick Format

6. If successful, the text "Format is Complete" appears. If it fails, please try the second method below.

Repairing USB Flashdisk Write Protected Through Registry

1. Plug the USB Flashdisk into your Computer or Laptop

2. After the flasdisk is installed. Open the windows registry. The trick is click start, then write run in the search column. Then type REGEDIT

3. After that enter the registry editor window, look for the following key


and look for the StorageDevicePolicies string.

If you don't find it, please do the following steps:

Click HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\Currentcontrolset\Control\

then right-click in the Control folder

4. Select New - Key then change the name to StorageDevicePolicies

5. Right-click in the newly created StorageDevicePolicies folder, then select DWORD (32-bit) for those who have 32bit OS, or DWORD (64-bit) for those who have 64-bit OS versions.

6. Change the name of the DWORD that we just made into WriteProtect and double click then change the value of the data to 0 with hexadecimal.

7. After that close the Registry Editor window. Next, restart your computer

8. Then re-plug your flashdisk. Then do the steps to format your flashdisk

That's how to deal with a USB flash drive that has write protected. With these steps, your flashdisk might not be write protected again. However, if you have done both of the above methods on your flashdisk still write error protected.

Then the biggest possibility that your flash is a flash that only has the ability to read. Not a flash that can have the feature to write a command. Therefore, before buying a flashdisk, make sure the flashdisk that you buy has a fairly complete ability that can be used to read (read) and also write (write).