How to use the GSA SEO Indexer for beginners

What is GSA SEO Indexer?

These are SEO tools that are made to give non-permanent backlinks to your url so that it appears in search engines faster than manual indexing. All you have to do is enter the url you want to link to then press the "start" button next to it

You will see many new pages have been created that link to your url. This link is not visible on the main page and only appears on the related page

Backlinks that are made are not permanent, can be referred to as a type of backlink checker on dynamic pages which in the end, this page is just a checking history only

As per the name of the tool "GSA SEO Indexer" works by embedding your site in checker services like alexa.com, whois.com, cutestats.com, dapachecker.com, smallseotools.com and so on with the aim of getting signals from the google search engine (and engine other search) to be immediately crawled by botcrawl and added to the search index.

How to use the GSA SEO Indexer for beginners

So, the main function of this tool is to speed up the process of indexing the main url or is often also used by backlink service providers so that the backlinks they make are indexed immediately by Google and have a positive effect on sites that are linked / referred. In this way it is expected to be able to provide better ranking results.

In the end, it is a search engine's decision whether to index your url immediately or not. This tool works to shorten the index which normally takes a long time

The point is your url will be planted to hundreds of thousands of online checker services so that it produces a non-permanent backlink on a dynamic page that attracts signals from botcrawlers to crawl the url and add it to the search index

The features contained in the GSA SEO Indexer

If you press the drop down button, a list of features that can be adjusted to your needs appears, including:

How to use the GSA SEO Indexer for beginners

- Single URL

Indexing single urls in the url / domain field

- Multiple URLs

Open a new window to enter more than one url at a time, if you have just created a link, you can use this tool to speed up the index

- Change Number of Threads

This tool can send your url to more than one site at a time, by default the number of threads is set to number 10. You can change it to 100-1000 depending on the capacity or resources of your PC / laptop, my advice is not to enter too high a number so as not to overload computer performance

* Normally it is adjusted to your PC specifications automatically, if the specifications are intermediate or lower it might only be able to send urls to 1000-2000 sites. So there is no point in changing to a higher number

- Use Proxies

Equipped with a proxy feature to embed your url in various sites with different proxies. This is only an optional setting, may be checked or not

- Configure Proxies

If you want to activate the proxy feature, you must have a list of active web proxies. On the internet there are many free proxy provider services or you can also buy them to ensure the stability of the proxy

- Full Indexer Mode

Submit your url to all known sites

- Quick Indexer Mode

Submit your url to the site list by random method, the process is faster than full indexer mode

- Custom Indexer Mode

You can specify how many sites are sent url, by default 100 or can be changed to 5000

- Use only sited that can index deep links

This will send your url only to sites that receive links on the page and open only the main domain / root domain

- Filter by PR

Even though PageRank is dead, but some sites still have a history of PR scores. You can filter sites that have only a certain PR score

Utilizing multiple url features

How to use the GSA SEO Indexer for beginners

You don't need to sit still and wait for the GSA SEO Indexer tool to complete its task then enter another url to be indexed, this tool has been equipped with multiple url features to index multiple urls at once in large numbers

You simply save the list of urls you want to index into a notepad or txt file and then add them to the tools by clicking the import button. Then click the "start" button and let this tool complete its work

You can also check the "create reports" option so that the index results report for each url can be sent automatically via the export feature in txt format without having to wait for all urls to finish.

How is the result?

This is an example of a page created by the GSA SEO Indexer


Services like indexer in my opinion are not something that sounds familiar to bloggers, if you buy backlinks on SEOestore sites (for example) there are already equipped with indexer features with 3 depth levels to speed up the backlink index process to the search list. That includes:

Index level 1: shorten url, ping url to search engine, ping RSS and ping XML

Index level 2: repeat index level 1 more than 1x to ensure that the url is not only crawled by Google's crawl bot but also bots from other search engines

Index level 3: send url to list of other checker sites like whois, redirect, statistics etc.

Of course adding indexer features to backlink purchases costs more. On the internet there are lots of paid indexer services such as linkcentaur, indexking, onehour indexing and so on

The point is your backlinks are sent to various sites to strengthen its authority, pulling signals from Google's crawl bot and it's not a permanent type of backlink.

Thus the article on how to use the GSA SEO indexer tool for beginners, hopefully what I have to say can be understood and applied easily. If you have questions, leave a comment below!