[Required to Know] Latest Google Algorithm Update

Without knowing the latest Google algorithm, how will your SEO efforts be optimal?

SEO optimization step is very dependent on Google's algorithm that is being used. That is, when the algorithm changes, your SEO strategy must also adjust. If this is not the case, your SEO strategy could be in danger of failing and your website ranking could drop dramatically.

Do not let this happen. Therefore, in this article, we will take you to see the latest Google algorithm updates. So, it can help you ensure the right SEO efforts.

Overview of Google's Algorithm

Google created a ranking system called the algorithm. The goal, displaying the most relevant search results with keywords that users use.

However, this system is far from perfect. That is the reason Google's algorithm update continues to be done. Changes made by Google are quite frequent. In fact, Google has done 3234 algorithm updates in just one year!

Website / blog that is not in accordance with the latest Google algorithm updates, will suffer losses. Website ranking can go down and visitors will be much reduced.

So, following every change that occurs in Google's algorithm is the best recommendation.
Keep in mind, the latest algorithm does not always replace the old algorithm. There are a number of Google algorithm updates that are in strength of other algorithms, both major updates and minor updates.

Latest Google Algorithm Update

We have summarized several Google algorithm updates based on the year of release. For your convenience, we put the latest updates at the top.

Google 2020 algorithm

Following are some of Google's algorithm updates this year:
  • January 2020 Core Update (January 13, 2020)

After its name, this Google algorithm update improves the main system of the algorithm performed.

There is no detailed information about this update core. However, it is certain to improve the quality of user experience and the relevance of search results. As long as your website is well optimized, there is no need to worry about this update.
  • Featured Snippet Decluttered (January 22, 2020)

SEO experts call the featured snippet as position 0. Not surprising. Because, this website content snippet is indeed above position 1 in a special box in search results.

With this update, websites with featured snippets only appear once on the search page, which is position 0 only.

Some of you might have been surprised because before, your website can get featured snippets at once in positions 1 through 5. However, with this update, Google wants to display neater search results.

Update NameUpdate DateExplanation
January 2020 Core UpdateJanuary 13, 2020Regular updates on improving the 
quality of search results
Featured Snippet Decluttered22 January 2020Website with featured snippet only appears 
once on the main page.