Music and Psychology: Music can affect human mental health

Music and Psychology can be considered a branch of psychology or a branch of musicology. This science aims to explain and understand musical behavior and experiences. Music and human psychology are closely related. Psychology, research method, development. music theory, scales, knowledge

Music and Psychology: Music can affect human mental health

Music and modern psychology is more empirical or collected through systematic observation and interaction with humans. Human psychology is a research field with practical relevance for musical performance, musical composition, music education, music medicine, and music therapy.

Try listening to the song below to accompany us reading the article from PsyLine.id Psychology Online. A song composed by a band from Solo makes us more excited about reading this article. Music and Psychology.

Music and Human Psychological Relationships.

If you are someone who likes listening to music and hobbies, then you will get tremendous benefits. Both physical and psychological benefits.

Music itself is an art that depicts human thoughts and feelings. To describe it through the beauty of the tone or voice with certain concepts and techniques.

Music is created because someone has a certain talent in music. A talent for expressing ideas that can arise immediately or through planning. Like other arts, music is a reflection of the feelings of an individual or society.

Psychology itself is a science that studies human behavior from various angles. Especially in a mental state.

What we need to know is, music is very influential with the human psychological condition.

Believe it or not Music and Psychology. People who like to listen to music will have a more comfortable and calm standard of life. You will even avoid feelings of depression and stress.

Music and Psychology Can Affect A Person's Mental Health.

Music and Psychology has many benefits for human health. Music can provide a good mentality for listeners. People who listen to music will have a strong mentality, calm emotions, and live a more comfortable and relaxed life.

Listening to music makes our life more confident by developing intellectual and knowledge for us. Music and Psychology will be of benefit to anyone who listens to it. Be it for children, adults and the elderly. Even in the process of fetal and infant development, music is also very beneficial for fetuses and babies.

People who like to listen to music will have a calm psychological condition. Their souls feel constantly refreshed, so that in our activities, we will be more energized and calmer. Can even restore concentration. And can achieve a completely relaxed state when you are experiencing anxiety or anxiety. Music and Psychology.

The type of music genre (genre) that affects mood.

There are 15 genres or types of music that we can listen to. Everything will affect your mood. Depends on what kind of condition or mood we are feeling now. Music and human psychology.

But when you listen to all of these genres or just a few of them.

Our mood will be more fit as we wish. Music and Psychology.

Music genres that can affect mood are:

Heavy metal.

Aggressive lyrics and melodies can influence you with certain negative effects on your mood.

However, everyone has a different way of dealing with Music and Psychology.

Some may argue that people who listen to heavy metal have higher self-esteem.

Rock & Punk.

This type of music and psychology is indeed energetic and can boost your mood level.

If you enjoy rock and punk music, your adrenaline and energy boost will go a long way. The taste makes us want to nod and jump around!


Listening to mainstream music on the market, such as on TV, radio, internet, be it pop or rock can help us. When we want to exercise after work, but we are lazy to do it.

The soothing tempo and easy-to-digest rhythm (including the lyrics) keep your heart rate normal and breathing consistent.

Rap & hip-hop.

This type of music can change your mood in several ways. Depending on the lyrics of the song, the tempo of the music, and the overall message contained in the song itself.

Raps often carry messages about anger, arrogance, and violence. But some people say that rap makes them relax.

Maybe avoid 'gangsta rap' and choose something that makes the lyrics more sensible and easy to understand, and is better at the same time.


No matter how slow the disco music genre is played, we will be carried away with a happy atmosphere. Disco music from year to year can make you get carried away and get ready to start a new, better day.

Disco genre songs will make you feel better quickly. The fast tempo and the high level of energy possessed will make us sway. Don't forget to dance while listening to it.


Country music is associated with depression and even suicide. If you are depressed or down please don't listen to this song! However, there are several types of country music that make you feel cheerful and excited like a cowboy.

But everyone has a different way of reacting.


If you're feeling a little nervous or anxious, you might want to listen to blues.

The rhythm of the music can slow down your heart rate a little, which can calm you down.


This genre or type of music is suitable for those of us whose emotions are often explosive. Reggae is a music genre that can calm you down.

Some people say that the reggae genre has a musical rhythm that is healthy for the human heart. Especially when listening to it while resting.

Oldies Songs.

Listening to this song is suitable when you have fun just getting a partner.

But if you just broke up? Better not listen to romantic songs.

If you watch Bridget Jones' Diary and remember parts of the song All By Myself, don't do the same thing!


Listening to this song is really fun. The lyrics are sometimes funny and a little bit lead can really cheer us up when we are tense.


Listening to songs from theatrical and musical soundtracks can be very motivating. This music provides inspiration and sensitivity to us about creativity.


Latin music is energy boosting. Whether it's a tough day at the office or you're completely exhausted. Latin music can make you more excited by relieving fatigue symptoms.

Classical music.

This music genre can improve one's mood as well as soothe it. This type of music is also said to affect the level of the brain's ability. That's why classical music is often used in schools and hospitals.

Apart from that, classical songs can also make you (and your family, of course) sleep better at night.

New Age.

New Age is more filled with instruments and a variety of sounds. Using this genre of music leads to serenity and is appropriate for meditation and relaxation.

Meditation or Relaxation.

Maybe what is included in this music genre are songs that have a calming nuance. Like acoustic or folk songs.

By listening to this song that seems to make you "meditate", you can reduce your stress and anxiety levels. Listening to this genre of music will increase a sense of calm and relaxation.

There are lots of music genres in this world. The examples above are only a few examples. And what must be remembered, everyone has a different way of reacting.

Music and Psychology: Music Therapy for Health and Intelligence.

Indeed, there are many types of music that we can use for therapy. But relaxation music from brain waves is a modern music therapy. Not all types of music can be used to overcome various health problems that we experience. Good health of mind, soul and so on.

Therapy using music media aims to be easily used by its users. If we use music therapy and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Undoubtedly we will get many benefits from this total brain wave relaxation therapy.

Here are the benefits of relaxation brainwave music therapy.


Listening to relaxation music can have positive results on pain management. Listening to relaxation music can reduce chronic pain, reduce pain sensation, reduce prolonged pain and post-operative pain.

It is also good to listen to this relaxing music during childbirth. Very good used to reduce the consumption of medical drugs. Relaxation music provides control and causes the body to release endorphins to fight pain.

Reducing blood pressure.

Listening to relaxation music or classical songs for about 30 minutes every day can lower blood pressure / hypertension.

Medicine for the Heart.

Relaxation music is very effective in being used to treat chronic diseases such as heart disease, cancer and others. This is the easiest and cheapest way and tips. The relaxing effect of this music can have a big effect on self-healing.

Speed ​​up recovery.

Music is very good to use to speed up health recovery such as stroke and other diseases.

Increase immunity.

Relaxation music improves immune function.

Develop a creative mind.

According to research, music is very capable of inspiring someone when creating an idea. Music can make creativity better because it has the power to develop higher levels of our brain function.

Improve memory / memory performance.

Music can make you enter a state of deep relaxation. And can enter the subconscious state, where memories are stored.

Helps improve concentration and focus.

Studies show that listening to relaxing tones increases the intensity of concentration.

Helps body movement and coordination.

Through music, your muscle tension is reduced. Music can also improve body movement and coordination.

Eliminates fatigue.

There is no doubt that listening to music can be a very effective way of finding extra energy for the body. This can eliminate fatigue caused by too much exercise and fatigue caused by repetitive and tedious work.

Increase productivity.

Listening to music while working can inspire us. Most people do well and perform better at work when they are listening to music.

Relaxes the mind and helps overcome sleeplessness.

One way to deal with insomnia is to listen to classical music. Studies show that listening to music can relax you. Your brain waves become decreased, so your sleep becomes easier.

Helps reduce stress and promote relaxation.

Listening to music not only calms the mind but also physically. Music can help in relaxing muscles that are tense from overwork. It also helps release tension caused by a challenging atmosphere.

When listening to music, you will slowly feel your stress disappear.

We will be more optimistic and positive.

Music can really help us in dealing with days full of challenging assignments. Music can keep your mind relaxed. We will get positive changes in living life and daily activities.

Dr. research. Ali Zadeh Muhammadi About the Relationship between Music and Psychology.

Dr. Ali Zadeh Muhammadi, a clinical psychologist who has been conducting research and practicing music therapy for almost 20 years.

According to this Uncle, besides the type of music, musical instruments also have an important role.

"For the first step, you should use a type of rhythmic musical instrument such as the type of musical instrument hit." Uncle Ali said.

Dr Ali Zadeh's uncle argues that mentally disabled children cannot be taught with complex musical instruments such as the guitar. But they must be taught with simple, easy-to-play instruments and fast relationships.

Uncle Dr. Ali also added that music among blind people has a very magical effect. Particularly on their hearing power, so that many have a positive effect on the quality of life.

The flute is an important instrument in music therapy.

The type of music commonly used for therapy

Usually, the therapist divides the theme of music into five types.

Namely music on the theme of trance, melow, uplifting, cheerfulness, and relaxation.

Trance themed music.

Is a type of music that contains an extraordinary cheerful expression.

This type of music is suitable for healing people who are under mental stress or stress.

Melancholy or Melow themed music.

Is a type of music that cuts feelings. Such music can reduce the intake of a number of chemical compositions in the brain.

Under normal conditions it can reduce aches and pains.

Meanwhile, if you hear it when you are sad, it can make it easier for someone to endure sorrow.

Music on the theme of passion.

Is a type of music that can evoke strong and fast reactions accompanied by physiological responses. This type of music is in great demand among young people.

If used properly, this type of music can have a positive impact and boost morale.

Cheerful music with a touch of soothing rhythm.

Music like this can increase arousal and generate positive feelings. So that it can increase work power.

This type of music is also very useful for arousing enthusiasm and joy among children or adolescents.

Relaxation music.

This music is soft, monotonous and flat. The softness of the music can calm human feelings and emotions. This type of music is used to increase concentration and balance emotions.

In fact, there are many ways to create inner calm. Some people try to get it by listening to music. But there are those who read books, do nature tours, or even just eat and sleep.

However, inner peace will basically be obtained by getting closer to God by way of worship.

That is the article from PsyLine.id Online Psychology about the Relationship between Music and Human Psychology.