Easy Ways To Speed Up Internet Connection With CMD

Easy Ways To Speed Up Internet Connection With CMD. Internet is now a basic need for everyone. But the main problem is that the current internet connection cannot be said to be suitable to be juxtaposed with countries with other super fast internet.

According to data from The Sean Post , the highest cable internet speed in Southeast Asia is from Singapore, reaching 199.62 Mbps. Has your home internet connection reached half of it? surely the answer is not yet. If it is certain that the price is expensive and is only used by large-scale offices, for personal use the maximum speed is around 10 Mbps.

Before continuing, please first check the internet speed you are using at this time. You can open a website to check internet speed which is widely available, we give an example with speedtest.net, here are the results.

Easy Ways To Speed Up Internet Connection With CMD

For the results of the internet speed test above, it is fast when compared to the average internet speed in which is currently around 16.65 Mbps. So now you don't need to worry because we have made a tutorial to speed up internet connection with CMD (Command Prompt). This method has been proven to have been done by many people to increase the internet speed used. The following is the discussion.

Speed up Internet Connection with CMD

Before starting, make sure you have opened a command prompt (CMD) as an administrator. Administrator is the highest permissions that allow to make changes to the system. To access the command prompt, please go to Windows search then type 'cmd', when the application icon appears, right click and select 'Run as Administrator'. If there is a popup window, please select 'Allow'.

So here we have made 5 easy ways to speed up internet connection with the command prompt.

1. Reset IP address

Many things can affect the internet connection you use, one of which is IP conflicts with other users. The solution is you just need to reset the IP address. In many cases, by resetting the IP address, the internet connection can return to normal.

You can use the command at the command prompt to reset IP by typing the following command:

  • Ipconfig/release

Please enter the command above then enter, please wait for the process to complete.

  • Ipconfig/renew

Please enter the command to renew IP then press enter. Wait for the process to complete.

Easy Ways To Speed Up Internet Connection With CMD

If you have done both, please test the internet speed whether it is back to normal or not. If it's still not normal, please do a DNS flush in the next way.

2. Flush DNS

Flush DNS is a command at the command prompt that functions to reset the DNS resolver cache. This DNS flush function will delete the old DNS cache replacing it with the new DNS cache. Changed information such as domain, DNS, website and name servers.

Here's how to flush DNS, please enter the command " ipconfig / flushdns " then press enter. Wait for the process until the words " Successfully flushed DNS Resolver Cache " appear .

Easy Ways To Speed Up Internet Connection With CMD

3. Netsh

NETSH has a function to configure network settings related to an internet connection. If you experience connection problems or are slow when opening a website, then you can perform the netsh command at the command prompt.

Below are some of the netsh commands you can use, there are many commands that you will enter. If it is correct, the status " Ok " will appear . Before entering the commands below you must enter the command "netsh" first, here is a list of netsh commands:

  • int tcp set global chimney=enabled
  • int tcp set global autotuninglevel=normal
  • int tcp set supplemental (Alternative command for Windows 7 users is at the end)
  • int tcp set global dca=enabled
  • int tcp set global netdma=enabled
  • int tcp set global ecncapability=enabled
  • int tcp set global congestionprovider = ctcp (For Windows 7 Users)

Please enter all the commands above, then restart the computer to run this Netsh configuration.

Easy Ways To Speed Up Internet Connection With CMD

4. Reset Winsock

The fourth way to speed up internet connection with command prompt is to do a Winsock reset. You need to know that Winsock is a setting that contains the connection configuration on the computer. If this damage occurs, usually you cannot open the website even though the internet is connected, besides that Winsock can also be one of the causes of slow internet.

Now to reset Winsock, the method is quite easy. Please open the command prompt first then enter " netsh winsock reset " then press enter. When finished you are required to restart the computer to complete the Winsock reset process.

Easy Ways To Speed Up Internet Connection With CMD

5. Speed up streaming

The last way to speed up the streaming connection with CMD. If you need internet speed for faster video streaming, you can enter a few commands at the command prompt, maybe the internet provider you are using may limit the speed so it can't be maximized. For that you can enter the following command:

netsh advfirewall firewall add rule name=”YouTubePerformanceHack” dir=in action=block remoteip=, enable=yes

This command serves to prevent the ISP from limiting the connection while streaming. Wait for this process until the words " Ok " appear .


If you experience a slow internet connection, please do the 5 methods above in order. If there are still problems, try checking the internet FUP or asking the ISP you are using whether you are having trouble or not.

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