How to use Google Meet, you can call for free

There are many ways you can do for online meetings. The Google platform provides meeting services using the Google Meet application. You can use it to do Work from Home.

Google Meet

Currently, Google Meet can be one of the best solutions. Many of the features provided by Google use this application to provide convenience for its users.

You can also log in directly to this application when you already have an account on Google. This is a distinct advantage it has compared to other meeting applications. Conducting meetings can be made effectively and for many people at once.

What is the Google Meet App?

Google Meet

Google Meet is an application for conducting online video and audio conferencing conversations. An application made directly by Google.

In fact, this is another form of Google Hangouts and is made especially for businesses and other people. When using this application, users can make calls with more than 30 users.

Google Meet can be used as an alternative for you to conduct meetings and chat online. This application can be accessed via a computer or smartphone device. The supported systems are Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android.

During this Corona pandemic, Google provided relief to make it free until July 2020. Broadly speaking, Google Meet can not only be used for conducting meetings.

Many teachers and faculty are using it as a way to replace offline meetings. There are many features and services provided by Google with this application.

Free Calls Until March 2021

Since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, Google Meet has provided full access to free users to be able to enjoy features that only exist in the paid version of the application, including 60 minutes of free calls. Now, Google has again announced that this free phone feature will be extended.

The free version of Google Meet users can make unlimited phone calls (unlimited, 24 hours per day), until March 31, 2021. This feature is only given to free users who use Gmail accounts.

How to Use Google Meet

How to use Google Meet

Via a desktop or laptop computer:

1. Search Google Meet in the search field

To get this application, you must search for Google Meet on Google search. Directly you will be taken to the site. There are several menus that you can use before starting the meeting.

2. Log in or create an account

Once you are inside the homepage. Try to log in using an existing account on Google Meet. If you have never created an account, you can use all accounts connected to Google.

3. Click join or start meeting

Before conducting a meeting Click Join or Start Meeting on the menu. Here you can get a meeting ID or identity for conducting meetings. You can directly get the password then the link.

4. Write down the title of the meeting

You can add a title to the meeting that is or will be done. Meeting participants can see the title directly. This method is to make it easier for anyone to find out who did the invitation then the meeting matter.

5. Give access to microphone and camera permissions

The next way to use Google Meet is to make settings on the microphone and camera. Just like other applications, you can check the camera or microphone if it is in accordance with the settings. Without giving permission or access to these two parts, the meeting will not take place optimally.

Via Smartphone:

1. Download the application on Android or iOS

Google Meet can be used anywhere and anytime. When you don't have a laptop or PC then you can get it through a smartphone. You only need to download on the App Store or Play Store, Android and iOS devices can use this application made by Google.

2. Complete the sign up or sign in process

After you get the application, you only need to do the sign up process or sign in directly in the application. Use an existing account or create a new account using Google sync. You can directly enter and use the features provided by Google Meet.

3. Make a meeting choice

How to get Google Meet is easy to do. To start the meeting, you only need to click the '+' icon in the lower right corner. After that, select New Video Call, so you can immediately host a meeting.

4. Add participants

To add participants During a meeting, you can directly connect the participant's cellphone number or participant's email. If you want to join or join the meeting, you can log in with the link and password provided.

How to get started with Google Meet

1. Click join now or present

For those of you who are the host during the meeting, you can press the Present button. This means, you can start to conduct meetings and invite other participants. Share the link then the password to join the meeting with other meeting participants.

The join now menu is a way to join meetings that have been created or are in progress. You will get a link then a password to conduct a meeting. When joining you will be in the room and can have live conversations.

2. Give a link to join the other participants

If you host the meeting, you can share the link with other participants. Participants will directly enter the room created and only need to enter a password.

Features of Google Meet

Google Meet

Online video or audio call

Anyone can do a variety of activities from simple to basic with Google. Like the Google Meet service provided by Google today. When you can make video calls or audio calls in real time easily. Can be used as a means of conducting meetings while working from home.

Synchronization with G-Suite

Another feature of Google Meet that other applications may not have is account synchronization. When your account can be immediately synchronized by Google. Login or create an account with an existing account on Google.

Screen sharing

The ease of doing online presentations can be done using Google Meet. Now you can easily split the screen so the presentation can keep going. When you are going to share the screen, all meeting participants can easily see the screen that is displayed.

Pros and Cons of Google Meet


  • Can accommodate more than 250 participants when conducting meetings.
  • Available video call and audio call features for free.
  • Connect directly with G-Suite or the Google account used by its users.
  • Conducting meetings in real time.
  • You can easily share screens and make presentations.
  • User privacy has been confirmed safe by Google as a service provider and developer of Google Meet.


  • Recording a meeting the written text will usually be lost.
  • Very limited recording.
  • There is no feature to change the background so that the screen display is better.
  • Is a paid application.

Work from Home can be made easier once you understand how to use Google Meet. There are many other features and advantages that you can get. Currently, Google Meet can be used free of charge by business people because is currently doing it. Hope this article can help, have a good work!