Money Making Website Without Capital

Money Making Website — Website (site) is a web page that contains a diverse collection of information. Not only information on a website, there are many websites that are willing to pay users to do a task that has been provided.

Money Making Website Without Capital

Of course, with this money-making web, you can get extra money and make this a side job.

Usually the tasks given also vary, not infrequently there are also several websites that require you to have the ability in a field to get paid and sell some digital assets that you may have.

For those of you who are confused about what to do with your spare time, then you can try some following money-making webs. You can access the website recommendations below via various devices, such as PCs or smartphones.

List Of Money Making Websites (Proven to Pay)

Google Adsense

Google Adsense is an advertising service developed by Google. This service works with publishers to serve their advertisements and pay the publishers.


There are several platforms that can be used to serve ads from Google Adsense, starting from YouTube, websites / blogs to mobile applications.

If you have skills such as writing articles or making a video or creating an application, then you can try google adsense to make money.

You can use abilities such as making videos by uploading informative videos to YouTube, then serving ads from Google Adsense or monetizing for YouTube.

Meanwhile, if you have the ability to write articles, then you can create an informative website which later on the website can also display ads from adsense.

Likewise, if you have the ability to program to create mobile applications, you can monetize the application by placing advertisements from Google, then uploading them to the Google Play Store.

For calculation or statistical problems, of course, the ad payment varies, judged by many factors, starting from the number of visitors, the number of ad clicks and many more.

This is an opportunity that is very much in demand by people to make money, especially in Indonesia.

You can see lots of influencers or content creators who are already very popular and get coffers from Google Adsense, such as Raditya Dika, Deddy Corbuzier and many more.


2Captcha is a website that provides tasks for solving various types of captcha. In short, a captcha is a method used on a platform to ensure that users are humans not bots. A resolve captcha is needed by many large companies for various purposes, one of which is collecting valid data.


Well, on the 2captcha website you will be paid after completing the captcha task, usually the payment is calculated based on the target number, for example for 1000 captcha you can be paid from 0.5 to 1 usd, depending on the level of difficulty too.

If you have good typing skills and fast, then 2Captcha is perfect for you to make money.

Any money that you have collected can be withdrawn directly using several payment methods provided, including: airtm, advcash, bitcoin, payeer, perfect money, webmoney and others.


Points-web is one of the most popular money-making websites in Indonesia. This website provides many options that you can do to earn some money.

Well, if you have a hobby in playing games, this can be one of the money- making game options that you should try to get additional pocket money.

Oh yeah, apart from playing games, there are several other tasks you can do, such as: filling out surveys, shopping, giving opinions and much more.

If you are interested, you can register directly through the official website at point-web.co.id. when registering make sure that you enter correct information about yourself, because web-points only accept a valid profile to answer all surveys given.

To make a withdrawal, make sure you already have more than 15,000 points, these points can be exchanged into several things, such as credit, cash, shopping vouchers or games and others.


Unlike the previous websites, on fiverr.com to get money you have to use the abilities or skills you have.


This means that on this website we are appointed to be professionals who sell services with abilities or skills in accordance with the field being occupied.

There are many categories of services that you can sell on Fiverr, such as graphic design, writing, video or photo editing, dubbing and others.

To see the service categories that can be sold in detail on this website, you can directly visit the official page on fiverr.com.

Please note, fiverr.com is an international based platform, meaning you have to understand a little about English, unless your target customer is only Indonesian.

You can adjust the price offer provided on the fiverr.com website to your liking, whether it is based on the level of difficulty or request from the customer.

Oh yes, withdrawals from the balance or money that you have earned can be transferred via several payment methods, such as paypal, bank transfer and others.


Shutterstock is a platform for providing stock photos, videos and music. This means that on this website you can find lots of videos, photos or music that can be used in a project.


Stock available on shutterstock is user stock which is uploaded for sale as a license.

Therefore, if you have videos, photos or music that are of high quality, then you can sell them on the Shutterstock platform to get money.

This is perfect for people who have hobbies such as photography, videography or musicians. To register on this website is quite easy, although there are several conditions that must be met, you must first submit the work that you have and later they will review it.

After successfully registering for shutterstock, then you can upload as many assets that you have to sell. Besides being accessible via the official website at shutterstock.com, you can also install the application via the play store or app store.


Steemit is a social media and blogging website that uses a blockchain system. In Steemit you have to write things that are interesting and that people are looking for. Later, every article you write and is of good quality, you will be rewarded with steem.


Because it is a blogging and social media platform, of course you have to write interesting articles, vote and comment on other people's posts.

Later, every steem that you have collected can be immediately withdrawn or exchanged for cash through the cryptocurrency market.

Or to double the steem or money you can also trade with other cryptocurrencies.


Project.co.id is one of the most popular freelancer websites in Indonesia. On this website you can find many projects that you can complete.

There are many categories for the project, such as writers, translators, designers and many more. You can take projects according to your abilities or skills, you can also choose which projects you think have a high price and are suitable to work on.

To get it easier to get project orders, preferably before starting you prepare your profile on the website, one of the most influential is information on projects or works that you have worked on.

Any income that you get from completing the project, can be withdrawn directly using bank transfer.

Envato markets

Almost the same as the previous shutterstock website, but at envato.com you can sell a wider range of digital assets and have many choices, such as website templates, audio, images, music, 3d graphics and others.

Each asset you own and sell in Envato Markets, you can adjust the price according to your own preferences.

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The sale of digital assets on envato is highly recommended because of the very outside reach of buyers that come from all over the world and very many users.

The money that you have earned from this website can be immediately withdrawn using payment methods, such as paypal, payoneer, and swift.


If you have good design skills, then you must try the 99designs website. On this website you can use your skills in design to win the available contests.


Prizes from each contest are also very varied and large, some contests also provide prizes of more than 1000 dollars.

There are many design contest categories that you can find at 99designs, ranging from logos, websites, header designs and many more.


Is an online live streaming site that is very popular in the world, especially gamers. Every year there are more and more users of twitch with an average age of 18 - 21 years old.


Recently, monthly active users on twitch reached 2 million. Well, you can take advantage of it by creating a live streaming channel consistently.

So how do you get the money? By monetizing the channel twitch you have (according to the specified standard).

Not only through monetize, you can also get money through tips given by viewers on your live stream.

Interesting to try right? let's create a twitch account now!


If you want to get money from websites easily, you can try the CashSurfers website.


On this website you can get money just by browsing the websites they provide within a specified time.

The dollars that you get later, you can withdraw directly through several Indonesian banks that are already available.


SurveySavvy is a survey website that is very popular internationally. On this website you can get money just by completing the surveys provided.


Every time you do a survey with an appropriate answer, you will get a predetermined reward. In addition, to get additional money, you can also take advantage of the affiliate program to invite friends to join the website.

All the money you get can be withdrawn directly to several available payment methods, one of which is paypal.


Ysense is a website that will pay its users when completing the tasks provided. There are several tasks available on the ysense website, one of which is a survey.


Each assignment has its own pay rate, depending on the weight of the assignment you get, usually in the range of $ 0.3 to $ 2.

Every dollar that you get can be immediately withdrawn using several payment methods, one of which is paypal.

If interested, you can register directly through the official website at ysense.com, then on the main page you can fill in your email and password and press join now.

Facebook Ad Breaks

Facebook is one of the largest social media in the world. By using Facebook you can share posts in the form of writings, photos, videos and more.


In recent years, Facebook has had many changes. They even want to resemble YouTube, where every video uploaded can be monetized and earn money.

The program is named Facebook Ad Breaks. All you have to do is create a Facebook page, then upload the video and monetize the video.

Similar to YouTube, Facebook also has several requirements for monetization, such as 10 thousand page followers, watch time according to the provisions and others.

Every video that you have monetized will be inserted with an ad similar to YouTube and you will get money from serving the ad.


YouGov provides the task of filling out surveys for its users who will be rewarded after the survey is complete.

YouGov also provides many surveys from various categories, usually the surveys provided will be tailored to your profile.

The fee for each survey also varies, depending on the type and length of the survey.

Every point you get from filling out the survey must be collected as much as possible until it reaches the payment limit, amounting to 5000 points.

Later, the money that you have earned can be withdrawn using several payment methods, such as paypal, credit and others.


Unlike some of the previous websites, on the sfile.mobi website you can get money by uploading files. Of course, the money you get will be calculated from the number of file downloads uploaded.

The more the number of downloads, of course you will get a lot of money too. Even this website also provides a level level, where the higher the level you have, the greater the rate per download.

There are many types of files that you can upload on the sfile.mobi website, ranging from applications, configs, documents, images and others. Any money that has been obtained can be immediately withdrawn using credit and bank transfers.


Similar to the projects.co.id website that has been explained previously, on the fastwork website you can also become a freelancer by selling your services or expertise.

Fastwork provides a wide selection of services that you can offer on this website, such as graphics & design, writing, web and programming, visual and audio, consulting services and many more.

Besides being accessible via the official website at fastwork.id, they also provide applications that can be installed via the play store or app store.


Similar to the 99designs.com website, Sribu.com also provides many contests related to design. There are many contest categories that you can participate in, from website design, logo design, banner design, packaging design and many more.

Prizes from each contest that are held also vary, on average it has a price of over one million in one design contest.

On the Sribu website you can also take part in many contests at one time, this certainly gives you more chances to win.

To easily win in every contest, of course you have to provide the best design and have the highest quality.


Still part of sribu.com, sribulancer was created to accommodate many freelancers who have expertise in certain fields and sell them.

There are many services that can be sold on the Sribulancer website, ranging from graphic design, writing, translating, data entry and many more.

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To start becoming a freelancer at Sribulancer, you can register directly through the official website at sribulancer.com, then after the registration process is complete you can look for a job that suits your abilities and make an offer.


Eobot is a cryptocurrency mining website that is very well known and widely used in the world. This website allows users to do mining without the need to buy mining tools such as hardware.


The mining system offered is cloud mining. Where you will be given gh / s which will later be used for mining the cryptocurrency.

There are many cryptocurrencies that you can mine on the eobot website, starting from btc, eth, doge and many more.

Although it can be used for free, eobot also provides a paid version, where you can buy additional gh / s to speed up the mining process.

Every cryptocurrency that you get from mining, can be directly withdrawn to your local cryptocurrency wallet to be exchanged for cash.


Rajabacklink is one of the backlink buying and selling websites in Indonesia. In short, backlinks are links that point to our website or blog.

Usually the purpose of purchasing backlinks is to improve the quality and level of your website in search engines, such as Google.

Therefore, if you have a website or blog, you can sell backlink services through the Rajabacklink website.

For pricing, rajabacklink determines this. Usually the price of backlinks from your website will be adjusted to the quality of the website, as seen from the value of DA, PA and others.

As quoted from the official rajabacklink page, they already have more than 8,795 registered blog sites, and even successful transactions that have occurred have reached 12899.

If you are interested, you can register directly through the official website at rajabacklink.com, then you will also be asked to enter the website you have. Later a review process will be carried out to determine the quality and selling price of the website backlinks.


Sosiago is a website that provides a website for content creators and influencers. There are many types of campaigns available on the Socio website, such as YouTube, Instagram, website, Twitter and many more.

The tasks given from the campaign also vary, for example, you participate in a campaign for the website, later you will be asked to review or post matters related to the campaign.

For example, if you participate in a campaign for Instagram, usually you will be asked to post according to the direction of the campaign. Likewise for other types of campaigns.

The campaign prices available are also quite varied, on average, prices start from hundreds of thousands.

Those are the recommendations for money-making websites that can be used as an alternative to get additional income.

You can try several of the websites above one by one or all at once or adjust it to your abilities and interests.

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Oh yes, before using the website recommendations we discussed above, it's a good idea to read and comply with all the terms and conditions provided by each website.