6 Recommended Free and Paid Online Plagiarism Check Sites

Recommended Free and Paid Online Plagiarism Check Sites-The fear that academics, writers and bloggers often face in making their writing are plagiarism that might occur during the writing process. Plagiarism can happen at any time, even when you don't realize that what you are doing is in the plagiarism category.

Recommended Free and Paid Online Plagiarism Check Sites

As we discussed earlier in the post about plagiarism check tips, one way to avoid plagiarism is to take advantage of plagiarism check platforms available on the internet. Here we provide the best recommendations you can try.

1. Grammarly

Recommended Free and Paid Online Plagiarism Check Sites

The first plagiarism check platform that is always present in the list of online plagiarism checker recommendations, especially if it's not Grammarly. Here are the mainstay tools used by many of the world's leading educational institutions such as Berkeley, Stanford University, and the University of Michigan. 

Grammarly has proven to be a powerful plagiarism detection tool to help writers find possible plagiarism in an article quickly and easily. The good news is, Grammarly is also available as a keyboard application for Apple and Android users.

Supported by 16 million web page databases and ProQuest's database, every document or text that you load will be instantly scanned by the Grammarly plagiarism checker to find similarities or similar content. 

Apart from being a tool for detecting plagiarism, as the name implies, you can also use Grammarly to check the grammar of writing that you make in English. Cool again, Grammarly can detect the use of spelling, numbers, and punctuation marks of American, British, Canadian, and Australian English.

2. Turnitin

Recommended Free and Paid Online Plagiarism Check Sites

Another recommended online plagiarism check site that is also widely used in the world of education and business is Turnitin. Plagiarism detection service provider owned by iParadigms LLC from the United States has been standing since 1997 tablets. 

Turnitin can be used to compare the authenticity of an article with the online publication database in the system. So you can be more confident in the originality of your work after going through the plagiarism detection process with Turnitin. 

Another advantage offered by this platform is the feature settings that you can customize to suit your needs. For example, you can set Turnitin to not process citations, as well as references and sources with a certain percentage of similarity. 

3. SmallSEOTools

Recommended Free and Paid Online Plagiarism Check Sites

Platform plagiarism check online special free for you the content creator who has a myriad of writings kece waiting to be published, SmallSEOTools is a tool that must be tested ya. Why is that ? 

SmallSEOTools has several tools with the latest features that are generally only found on paid platforms. Besides of course provide plagiarism detection tool, you can also find SEO tools kece other tablets.

Starting from Article Rewriter, Keyword Position, Online Ping Website Tool, Backlink Checker, Backlink Maker, Link Tracker, Google PageRank Checker, Domain authority checker, Word Count Checker, Spell Checker tool, and many more are available for you to access for free at here.

4. Plagramme

Recommended Free and Paid Online Plagiarism Check Sites

Want to make sure that your writing is plagiarism-free easily and practically? Plagramme can be a solution. This software, which has become a favorite plagiarism checker for many people, can help you scrutinize every part of a sentence in a document or writing to produce original work.

Plagramme is not only an effective tool for detecting plagiarism, but also has a high accuracy rate of up to 99 percent. Do not need to bother to read your story again and again, simply copy and paste into Plagramme wrote.

You can immediately see parts of the writing that contain elements of plagiarism in color blocks which will make it easier for you to immediately change them immediately. Whereas other similar tools only compare writing with other sources, Plagramme is able to detect each sentence to look for even the smallest possible change.  

5. Unicheck

Recommended Free and Paid Online Plagiarism Check Sites

Who said it was difficult to create original content that was free of plagiarism? Surely you haven't tried the all-in-one online plagiarism check software called Unicheck. You can rely on this cloud -based plagiarism detection service to help you create a variety of unique written content.

Starting from blogging needs for websites, magazine articles, academic papers, to legal documents, you can process everything with Unicheck. This software has a complex algorithm to look for possible duplications in a text with a high degree of accuracy. 

Unicheck applies an algorithm based on the latent semantic indexing method, which is also used by Google to identify similarities between words and phrases in written structures to reduce the possibility of plagiarism. 

Not only that, Unicheck is also able to recognize various types of citations and references in the text according to the commonly used academic format. Until now, Unicheck was able to recognize references in the APA, MLA, Chicago, MLA, Harvard, and Turkish style formats. 

 6. PlagScan

Recommended Free and Paid Online Plagiarism Check Sites

Another well-known plagiarism check tool that is also a favorite and commonly used in academic institutions is PlagScan. With over 1.5 million individual users and 1,500 partner organizations, PlagScan has no doubt when it comes to plagiarism detection. 

When checking plagiarism on a document is done with Plagscan, this software will compare the existing content with various documents on millions of webs, journals, and the internal repository built into the system.  

How to use it is very easy. Simply by clicking -Upload documents that you check, or can simply copy and paste the parts of a particular sentence, then plagiarism analysis process will begin immediately. The results are then sent via e-mail in PDF format.   

Now, you feel calm when you want to create cool content that is free of tracing. Only armed with the internet, you can immediately perfect your writing and detect possible plagiarism in writing. Faster job done, time was growing.  Or, maybe you want to try paraphrasing techniques. We have tips on how to pre-book so that your writing is plagiarism-free.