Telegram VS WhatsApp Chat Application Competition

Telegram VS WhatsApp Chat Application Competition — Most people who like to send messages via messenger applications must already know WhatsApp, but not many know Telegram. The presence of Telegram in the Event chat application has attracted the attention of messenger application users and messenger application developers, including WhatsApp

Telegram VS WhatsApp
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WhatsApp and Telegram are basically the same thing, these two applications use a phone number as identification, they also make it easy to chat in groups, share videos and pictures. 

In this article, Seosuneo will review what are the advantages and disadvantages of Telegram compared to WhatsApp:

1. Message Security

Unlike WhatsApp, which sends messages through the server, Telegram actually encrypts messages sent by its users with the Secret Chat feature. Messages sent via Telegram will not be known by the server, because they can be encrypted and can only be read by the recipient. 

Messages sent via Telegram can also be equipped with a self-destruct feature, so messages can disappear within a certain period. In addition, if the message recipient takes a screenshot of the message we send, there will be a notification to the sender of the message.

2. Completeness of Features.

Officially equipped with a voice call feature, more and more people are making voice calls via WhatsApp, this is the only thing that Telegram lacks. However, Telegram still has other advantages over WhatsApp. On Telegram, we can send different types of files, be it text documents, zip files, or any file. Interestingly, the limit for files that can be sent via Telegram is up to 1.5 GB

3. User Privacy

As is known, WhatsApp is the first messenger application service to introduce a method of adding contacts directly from the user's phone number. This means that every user who registers their phone number on WhatsApp will be automatically contacted by other people who also use WhatsApp.

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Telegram also takes the same steps as WhatsApp, but what's different is that Telegram provides an additional username feature. If you don't want others to know your phone number you can give them your Telegram username.

4. Service Fees

Who do't love free stuff? For free enthusiasts, then Telegram deserves to be chosen because Telegram does not charge a penny for all of its services! Cool, right? Given that WhatsApp is only free in the first year, and the following year you have to pay $1 per year (That was then, now it's free).

5. Group Services

Telegram groups have a capacity of 200 people and can be upgraded to Super groups with a capacity of up to 1000 people. WhatsApp groups with a maximum capacity of 100 people.

6. Support Services

There is something interesting about Telegram, namely Jaconda services. Jaconda is a chatbot belonging to Telegram that can be used as a personal system to search for certain images or information directly from Telegram. To compete with Jaconda, reportedly WhatsApp is also developing its chatbot service. Not only Jaconda, Telegram is also favored because it has a sticker feature. Best of all, you can make your own stickers with the help of chatbot stickers.

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Those are some comparisons between Telegram and WhatsApp. If you look at the statistics above, it is clear that WhatsApp is far superior to Telegram. However, about our different tastes, then choose the one that best suits your needs and best suits your taste from these two chat applications.