7 Applications that Spend Your Cellphone Battery

Applications that Spend Your Cellphone Battery

Wasteful! Without You Realizing It, These 7 Applications that spend Your Cellphone Battery.

The development of technology is currently growing rapidly. All needs are made instantly with technology. Your smartphone is no exception, how can you now easily do various activities using only your smartphone. Shopping, playing games, sending letters, taking photos, and videos can be done by your smartphone.

In order to sell better in the market, the applications on your smartphone also develop every day. There are so many applications that you can use either just for fun or to make your work easier. Unfortunately, the better the graphics and quality of an application, of course, requires more space and power so that sometimes these applications can make your smartphone battery run out quickly.

1. Facebook

Applications that Spend Your Cellphone Battery
Who does not ever wear this one application? The Facebook application, which has been successful for more than 12 years, is in the first place as the application that drains the most battery, you know. The Facebook application on Android smartphones is said to contribute to battery waste by as much as 20 percent. If you delete it, other applications on the smartphone can be scrolled faster by about 15 percent.

2. TikTok

Applications that Spend Your Cellphone Battery
This time it comes from the TikTok content contribution platform application. This application, which provides short video content, also contributes to the wasteful use of battery. This is allegedly because it requires video and internet to work simultaneously at one time. That's what makes this application considered a battery-draining application.

3. Instagram

Applications that Spend Your Cellphone Battery
Well, everyone knows this application and not a few have accounts on Instagram. This social media application contains content in the form of photos and videos that can be shared with all the followers you have. And, it turns out that Instagram is also included in one of the list of applications that waste battery, here.

This may occur because in addition to interesting content, there are also features such as Instagram Stories, and Live Stories that make users feel at home in the application and make the user's battery drain quickly.

4. Snapchat

Applications that Spend Your Cellphone Battery
Who has used the Snapchat app? true not that this application also makes batteries smartphone thy easily exhausted? This is indeed justified because this one application has many filters and requires processing photos and videos at one time. The results showed that after uninstalling the application the battery on the smartphone became more efficient.

5. YouTube

Applications that Spend Your Cellphone Battery
If this one application is sure to know a lot, from small children to the elderly can operate this one application. Yep! YouTube. In the midst of its popularity, it turns out that this one application is an application that in addition to draining quota usage, also contributes to making your smartphone battery run out quickly.

6. Spotify

Applications that Spend Your Cellphone Battery
Social media applications already, video streaming applications already. Well, this time it comes from an application that provides music playback services, here. Yep! Spotify. Why is this music streaming application one of the applications that drains battery usage, huh? This happens because this application is based on a 'streaming' service which requires non-stop access to the internet.

7. News application

Applications that Spend Your Cellphone Battery
News applications are indeed important to keep you up to date. Unfortunately, these applications can drain your battery. This is because they keep on sharing new news all the time so the phone needs to be refreshed constantly.

Luckily this is easy to fix. You can switch to accessing it via the site. If you prefer access via the application, just like before, activate it when you want to open it.