7 Best Online Meeting Applications for WFH

Best Online Meeting Applications
It's free! The online meeting application is an alternative choice for conducting remote meetings while working from home or WFH as it is today.

The spread of the Corona or Covid-19 virus which is increasingly endemic in the country requires people not to move outside the home.

Work from Home or WFH makes all activities carried out from their respective homes, including for meeting matters.

So that meetings can be carried out smoothly even in long distances, you can take advantage of several applications for online meetings .

Best Online Meeting Application

The online meeting application is an alternative choice for conducting remote meetings, either for work or education purposes.

This application is increasingly being used in WFH conditions as it is today because it is very practical and useful.

Then, what are the best online meeting applications today? Here I love the review.

1. Skype

Skype is one of the pioneering applications for making video calls or video calls. This application makes it easy for you to contact distant relatives.
Best Online Meeting Applications
In the current conditions of WFH, the Skype application is very useful for conducting online meetings because of its many beneficial features.

For example, you can chat with 50 people in one video call. This call can also be recorded, stored and shared.

Another advantage is that Skype can be accessed from a variety of devices, such as computers or laptops, smartphones, and TVs that support it.

2. Zoom

Just like Skype, Zoom is a conversation application that can also be used for online meetings or video conferencing.
Best Online Meeting Applications
Zoom has a number of advanced features for easy video conferencing, such as screen sharing or screen sharing.

The Zoom application also offers a feature that allows users to invite participants by phone number to e-mail.

Besides being able to be used on various devices, Zoom can even accommodate up to 100 people in one video call.

3. WhatsApp

Besides being able to be used to chat with the closest people, the WhatsApp application can also be used for work meetings or just for long distance discussions.
Best Online Meeting Applications
You can immediately use the video call feature to make calls or hold small online meetings.

Why small? Because WhatsApp only allows video calls of four people at once, including you as a participant.

4. Google Hangouts

Google offers various facilities for communicating remotely, from sending emails, editing documents, to video calls.
Best Online Meeting Applications
To meet face to face with colleagues or friends, you can use the video call feature of Google Hangouts.

This product made by Google, which is certainly integrated with Google+ and Gmail, can accommodate up to 25 people in one video call.

Hangouts can also be used on computers, smartphones, and websites so that it is quite effective for holding online meetings.

5. Google Meet

Apart from Hangouts, Google also has a similar application for conducting online meetings, namely Google Meet as a virtual meeting room.
Best Online Meeting Applications
Its features include displaying captions automatically with text-to-speech technology, to meeting schedules integrated with Google Calendar.

Google Meet can be used on various platforms, from smartphones, computers or laptops, to Chromebase for meetings.

The cool thing is, this application can accommodate up to 250 users at once in one video call. Can make a meeting at the village!

6. Teams

Just like before, Teams is an application that you can use to communicate or hold online meetings.
Best Online Meeting Applications
This application designed by Microsoft offers a number of advantages that can be enjoyed based on the version used, namely the free or paid version.

Don't worry, even though you use it for free, you can still enjoy many powerful features.

These features include call access for up to 300 people, unlimited video calls, screen sharing, and cloud storage.

7. Cyberlink U Meeting

Another application that you can use to do video conferencing with colleagues from home is Cyberlink U Meeting.
Best Online Meeting Applications
Various supporting features are also available in applications that are suitable for use at this WFH. For example, group calls of up to 25 people and 2GB of Cloud storage.

Apart from that, you can also enjoy recording video call sessions, and the most important thing is that there is end-to-end encryption.

Those are the seven applications that you can use to hold online meetings or video conferences.

With this application, you can still conduct remote meetings smoothly and practically using the features provided.