Get Money Only by Notification

Get Money Only by Notification
Such messages are very common when visiting an online website. Not only news sites, but even weblogs or online websites with specific discussions sometimes post such messages. Visitors will be faced with the choice of yes or no.

Frankly, I also installed some notifications on the computer and cell. Just to know what's going on out there. Because it is not 24 hours I look at the screen. Sometimes there are big events that go unnoticed and only get caught when a notification arrives.

This notification or notification is very different from a subscription or subscriber. For those of you who are a YouTube major, you will understand what the difference is. The notification will remind us that there is a new replace from the online website that we are following. Because the potential for traffic is high, many people then install it or just remind visitors to activate notifications.

There are sites that develop their own notifications and some use third parties. Because the traffic is quite large, some people see the potential. Notifications can bring in lots of visits as well as make money.

At first I wasn't sure either. But after studying many similar services it turns out that it is possible. In fact it is very promising. I then focused on one of the notification ad networks called DatsPush.com. Leadbit Crew, a virtual marketing company and the affiliates behind it.

This company does have an ideology for monetizing every niche that exists on the web. It's no surprise, then, that DatsPush has come up with a wild idea. Cashing in notification service. A service that has not been thought of to make money.

Push Notification Advertising and marketing

But before going further into what and how this DatsPush works. It's not legitimate if you don't review push notification advertising and marketing or marketing strategies with encouragement. This concept did begin with a literal impulse.

A doctor in America in 1879 named Dr. Phineas Q. Snead cashed in on this strategy the first time. He would stand in front of his office and deliberately push passersby. Then he offered to treat wounds caused by falls. He encouraged someone to enter and recognize his business.

Even though it looks very extreme but the concept works. Basically what Dr. Snead is a promotional strategy that directly targets potential customers. There are many attractive types of businesses out there that go unrecognized because of their poor marketing. With technology, business actors can encourage anyone to see their business prospects.

Actually, push notification advertising and marketing is no different from advertising on the roadside, on television or radio or even a newspaper catalog. The advantage of using technology is because currently humans are very dependent on machines. So the chances are very big.

Marketing of these notifications is like sowing seeds. It is like when we plant corn. We direct them to see the area where the corn is planted and then hope that some of them will take it. Simple but effective. For business owners, this advertising and marketing strategy is very profitable.

Earning Potential from DatsPush

I will not discuss more about advertisers again. On the contrary, what can the owner of the weblog / website online or application get. At DatsPush, weblog owners will get more benefits if they post notifications. As advertising services in general, of course, will calculate profits.

One of the advantages of DatsPush is that it is not fixated on geographical location. So anyone, from anywhere in any language can join in to start monetizing their site visitors. There are several things in my opinion that make this service superior.

First: Ad Structure

We know that many advertising service providers today still use conventional concepts. In the form of a banner and then posted on the online website. It's not wrong. But there is no harm in seeing other potentials as well. DatsPush comes with another innovation.

They realize the dependence of society on cells. The position of the machine now is much more important than the wallet. And it can be put to good use by advertising service providers. One of them is by presenting Cell Push ads from DatsPush.

Maybe or most of you are familiar with notifications on smartphones. There's nothing wrong with using the DatsPush service to cash in on all of that. Apart from the cell, they also have a layout on the online website and Wealthy Push which will be sent to your customers along with a photo.

Examples like this:
Get Money Only by Notification

Second: Income Method

The basic principles of DatsPush when it comes to income are very simple. The visitor opens the online website and agrees to activate the notification. After that they will receive a notification which may contain advertisements in the future. From there, online website owners who install DatsPush notifications will get money.

The flow scheme is like this:
Get Money Only by Notification
There are two basic methods of payment. CPA and RevShare based. Fashion Value Consistent with Motion (CPA) is actually a common practice for advertising service providers. The site owner just needs to install the DatsPush script and wait for people to arrive. Then the payments flowed. Especially for DatsPush, the pay is quite tempting. Up to $ 20 for every 1000 push subscriptions. However, it depends on the geographical location.

RevShare goes even further. If CPA is only paid for each subscription that occurs, RevShare will pay for each click created. Unmitigated, on their site they dare to pay 75% of the overall ad price for every click made by a user.

Disbursement of payments can be made at any time provided that a minimum of $ 50 has been collected. But they also set a minimum payout of $ 15 which will always be paid on Thursdays. So if you haven't collected $ 50 per week and only $ 15 can be made, you can still pay. Payments for webmasters can be made on Paypal, WebMoney and Epayments.

So the more people do notifications the greater the opportunity to earn income. Especially if they click on the advertisement that was sent. Frankly, this is an interesting and promising concept.

Third: Not Complicated

Sometimes many advertising service providers promise a lot. But when you want to start, there are many terms and conditions that must be met. In DatsPush choose the short path. If you want to be a publisher or advertiser there are only a few things you need to fill out.

Publisher or Writer for example. You only need to fill in your name, e mail, telegram, Skype then password. Done. After that, just install the code given on the weblog or online website. To do this, in the dashboard select the Web site tab and Create Web site in the upper right corner. You will be given two choices of I Purchase Visitors or buy traffic or I Have A Web site or I have an online website. Choose the one I've a website.
Get Money Only by Notification
You will be asked to choose the website type HTTP or HTTPS. There are striking differences between the two. For HTTP subscription will be done in two clicks, whereas HTTPS is only one click. I chose HTTPS. Then you will be asked to fill in the data for the online website you have.
Third: Not Complicated
When you click Create / Save, the script that must be installed on the online website will appear. Examples are like the following. You only need to put the code on the online website body.
Get Money Only by Notification
DatsPush will then get to work displaying a notification message on your site. They will ask your visitors whether they want further notice or not. If you think about it, the whole process didn't take up to 10 minutes. Very easy.

Indeed, they have a few requirements to become a publisher. Such as a registered weblog or online website, you must use a paid web hosting service. Which means no free weblog.

The minimum number of unique visitors they can work with must be 500 in line with days. This will be proven by giving them access to external site statistics that are used by weblog owners. For example linking directly to Google Analytics or Liveinternet. But don't worry, because they are not as strict as Google Adsense. Anyone can register and make money immediately.

And finally, as a publisher who works with them, the ad code that is given may not be placed on other sites that are not registered. The sanctions are quite heavy due to the potential for loss of income. In my opinion, these requirements are quite general and are also often applied by many advertising service providers. So it's not something that needs to be dramatized.