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google education updates 2021
In 2020, Google will carry out a core algorithm update that is divided into three periods, and several other minor updates. In May 2021, Google plans to carry out another core algorithm update regarding the page experience or user experience. This update means that Google will add several new factors that will determine the ranking of websites on Google. Then, what are the updates to the Google Algorithm in 2021?

There are several factors that are concerned about updating the Google Algorithm this year, and this new factor is called Core Web Vitals (CWV). CWV will measure various aspects regarding the user experience which will then determine the overall value of your page performance and the speed score of your website. CWV consists of:

1. Largest Contentful Pain / LCP (Loading)

LCP measures how quickly half of the main elements on a page are successfully displayed to visitors. Technically, LCP will measure the render time of the largest image or text block visible in the viewport. Google recommends a site's LCP value under 2.5 seconds for 75% of the page.

2. First Input Delay / FID (Interactivity)

FID will measure the reaction time of a page that is first input by a visitor (clicked, tapped, etc.). In other words, if a website has finished loading, but when the button on the page is not responsive when clicked, this means that the page has a high FID time. Google recommends an FID of under 100 milliseconds for 75% of the page.

3.Cumulative Layout Shift / CLS (Visual Stability)

CLS is the most difficult factor to understand directly. For example, when you access a page, sometimes the page looks like it has finished loading in the browser. But when you want to click a button or other content on the page, the page moves and the button moves due to an error during the loading process.

This is of course very annoying for visitors. For example, an online shop displays a 'Cancel Order' button which is right below the 'Buy Now' button. Imagine if a customer wants to cancel an order and the page suddenly switches and the customer clicks the 'Buy Now' button.

To put it simply, CLS is a metric that measures visual stability. Google recommends a CLS score below 0.1 for 75% of the page.

In conclusion, Core Web Vitals (CWV) can be used as a benchmark for measuring the user experience of a website. Furthermore, after updating the Google algorithm in 2021, CWV will be a factor that affects website ranking. Even so.

All Google SERP metric monitoring tools report this. So we think it's necessary to include this in this Google algorithm update article. Who knows, there are some of you who experience changes in traffic or there is a page URL that is missing from the index ... and you panic because of it.

Decreased Quality of Google Search Results

Prior to the fluctuation on February 8, there were a lot of minor ranking fluctuations. Some of the keyword rankings seem to be playing very fast. Even some 404 error pages, and pages that are not mobile friendly / unresponsive can enter the first page.

The decline in the quality of Google search results can also be seen from the increase in CTR of websites that are outside the TOP 5. This is a signal that Google users are not satisfied with the search results displayed by Google.

After this fluctuation on 8 February 2021; some people actually report that their traffic is increasing, but their sales are falling. That means visitors who come to the website are visitors who are not relevant.

Another problem that occurred quite often in the last month after the update of the core algorithm last December 3 is the change of pages displayed by Google. Some people reported that they optimized for page A, but page B was up for a few days.

So we don't know what's going on with Google's algorithm. Why search results have decreased in quality. It could be that the February 8 fluctuation is just part of the oddity that happened after December; it's just that with a bigger effect.

Google Education Updates 2021

We still have to wait for the release from Google to get more complete info ...

If any of your web pages are missing from Google's index, then it's quite natural to happen. You can request re-indexing in the search console, or just wait a few days. But just make sure there is no penalty info on the manual action page on your website search console.