How to Create Google Short Links

Google provides a link shortener feature which is now a Dynamic Link, where this program is to make a link from a long one to a short one, then the link can be shared across various bases such as social media. Each link has a title and description that can be presented as the link's info, so that people can easily understand if the link is really valid.
How to Create Google Short Links
Google Firebase Image Source

Shortlinks are used to make it easier to share the link with someone, but what is important to note is the description of the link, because each link does not provide a description so that people will be hesitant to click on the link.

Here are some info links that are valid as this.

Here are the Steps to Create a URL Shortlink Using Google's Firebase Dynamic Link.

To start Google's Firebase Dynamic Link, please visit the link below firebase.google.com, then a special page will appear as below, then to continue registration, please click >Get started

Next will be aimed at registration using a Google Gmail account login, if you have successfully registered using gmail.

To start, please click >Add Project, an additional project form will appear.

Please fill in the project name, according to the project name being carried out, then click >Continue

In this section of the menu, please activate >Google Analytics, then click >Continue.

The next step is to check the data share link to be created, then tick I accept the Google Analytics terms, to end, please click >Create project.

To start creating a shortlink, please click the >Dynamic Links menu.

Please click >Get started, then we will do the Add URL prefix setting.

In this menu, please fill in the domain name used, then specify the Google-provided domains, namely lintassehat.page.link, then click >Continue, if successful.

To start shortlink work, please click >New Dynamic Link.

In the short url settings, please immediately click >Next

In the dynamic link settings, please suggest the link that will be changed, then fill in the name of the link, then click >Next.

If the link used will be opened in the browser, so please specify Open the deep link URL in the browser, then click >Next

Not much different from IOS, please specify Open the deep link URL in a browser, as shown above, to continue, please click >Next.

To end the short link, please click >Create, if successful.

Please copy the link listed above, then do the link testing on several social media bases, this opportunity uses Facebook, if the link is successful, if the link is successful it will appear on your Facebook