Solutions for How to Overcome Low Price Content Google Adsense material

Solutions for How to Overcome Low Price Content Google Adsense material
A few days ago I tried to uninstall one of my weblogs from my Google AdSense account. I did this because I had 3 times my Google AdSense account was hit by Ad Serving Restrictions, My Google AdSense Account Ad Serving Limitations always happened every time I tried to re-enable ad serving on several additional weblogs outside of the main weblog.

Every time I get restricted I try to remove all ads, if it doesn't work within 2 - 4 weeks the ad limitation still occurs I try to only show ads on the main site and it always works, soon the ad limitation problem disappears by itself.

Then when I felt that my income from AdSense had decreased or I wanted to increase my AdSense income, I also tried to put ads on additional blogs that I previously stopped serving AdSense ads on. Again, every time I try my luck, it's always not long after that when AdSense income increases the problem of Restricting Ad Serving occurs again.

Departing from this problem, I thought and concluded, it could be one of the main factors causing the limitation of ad serving on an AdSense account, it could be due to the addition / serving of AdSense ads on a weblog with low traffic. Then I tried experimenting with deleting the weblogs with the lowest traffic and trying to create an account and register the weblog with a new AdSense account.

A few days after I checked, it turned out that the standing of the new AdSense account application was rejected with a rejection notification which in my opinion was new. Throughout my experience, registering a weblog with Google AdSense, this time I was faced with the problem of AdSense Rejection with an indication of material Low Price Content. From the words Low Price Content material, I can immediately conclude that this problem is actually a scourge or the culprit of limiting Ad Serving originating from Low Traffic Weblogs.

The question is, actually, what is Low Price Content material?

Of course, the definition of low price content material itself can be interpreted as relative, not necessarily because content is of low value when interpreted directly in Indonesian. I am sure every Blogger will have a different opinion when asked about his opinion personally regarding the issue of material AdSense Low Price Content Rejection. In the following I try to interpret and argue about what exactly the meaning of the AdSense Low Price Content Rejection is based on personal experience.

Low price content material briefly when translated in Indonesian means low value content is one indication that leads to a web page or web page that is still sharing content with low value when viewed in terms of visitor traffic.

It can also be interpreted that there is still minimal or at least content indexed on the Google Seek Console from a weblog that may be just starting and being built. Even though the articles that are made are basically useful, because the weblog is still relatively new, and automatically traffic is still low, Google will identify that the content that is shared is less attractive, high quality, useful, not much needed by people because of the lack of readers.

From the above explanation, it can be concluded that several causes of rejection of Low Price Content materials include:

1. Weblog content is still small in number

This problem usually and generally occurs in a weblog that is relatively new, in other words it is still the same age as corn. So that there is still little visitor traffic that is obtained even though the quality of the published content is very useful and informative, but because it is still new and the way of writing content is not quite right, for example writing content without analysis key phrases will make content difficult for users to find. so that the weblog is deemed not eligible and worthy to display ads from Google AdSense, one of which is the notification of Low Price Content material.

The solution: increase the amount of weblog content by posting content regularly and improve the quality of the content in terms of content, delivery, and way of writing. Especially what you have to pay attention to is the use of the right key phrase by analyzing the key phrase first before starting to write content, with the many organic key phrases applied to an article, it will open up a great chance that the article will be easily found by Google users and in the end the weblog traffic will be faster. to increase.

2. Less Informative and Useful Content

Content is the main thing that determines the quality of a weblog. The better the content that is shared, informative, useful and much needed by Google users, the more popularity of a weblog will increase, which of course will greatly impact the traffic you get. On the other hand, weblogs with content that are less attractive, informative and useful will find it difficult to get a lot of readers and traffic tends to decrease which eventually becomes a problem of rejection of AdSense Low Price Content material.

The solution: Improve the quality of content, don't just write careless articles which are important to write what you want to write without paying attention to what Google users need and also how to make Google and its users happy with the content we share. Create interesting ideas, what do you think is currently viral and needed by many people, both in the short and long term. Prioritize creating content with topics that are not easily obsolete so that your weblog traffic remains stable, and the content will still get readers even though it is stale or no longer viral among internet citizens.

3. Weblog Traffic Is Still Low

I have explained this third level indirectly at the first and second levels. So the problem of rejection of AdSense Low Price Content material is not necessarily because your weblog has little and no quality content. But it could be because the weblog traffic is low and unstable which causes Google to see that the weblog and its content are not really worth seeing from the visitor traffic it gets.

Evidenced by one of my weblogs that I tried to remove from my AdSense account, then I tried to register separately using a new AdSense account and it turned out to be rejected, even though I saw the content or posts that I shared had reached 447 posts.

So the rejection of AdSense Low Price Content material on my weblog is not because the post content is still small, but because the weblog traffic is low and unstable. Here I take the performance of my weblog on google seek console which shows that my weblog traffic is still low.

The solution: don't give up, stay paid and endeavor to increase weblog traffic by regularly making posts, improve the quality of content and don't forget to percentage your social media posts every time you publish new posts, because social media such as fb, twitter and instaggram are a gathering place for millions. and even billions of people who could just glance at the content that you share.

4. Weblog content from Copas of other people's weblog content

One of the most terrible diseases that afflicts beginner Bloggers is wanting to have a popular weblog with lots of quality content but not balanced with the right knowledge. For example, the number of new bloggers who like to steal and copy other people's weblog post content, the worse is that the copied content is the content found in the Google search results on pages 1, 2, and 3 which can be said to be Web page One content which of course has gotten a lot of visitor traffic.

Please note that copying or copying people's weblog posts that are displayed on the first 3 pages of Google search results is a work that ends in vain. Think about it, posts that have been copied have clearly appeared on the main page of Google search, of course, these posts have already been published and are getting a lot of traffic. 

Not to mention the weblog that publishes is a weblog with hundreds and possibly thousands of posts with a much higher popularity than the originator's weblog. How is it possible that the content of a new copy-and-copy weblog post will be able to shift the position of weblog post content that has already been published and get traffic? think about it, maybe not? I am sure the copy and paste content will only become trash, weblogs are rich in posts but of no value.

The solution: Avoid copying other people's posts, because it's a prohibited act and can harm and hurt others and is a disease that will make us lazier to learn. Learn to create authentic and unique post content that comes from your own thoughts so that it will be different from other people's post content which might make its own pluses for your own post content in the eyes of Google. Google will filter the content of posts that are exactly the same, and Google is smart, it's not as stupid as we might think.

Those are some of the guidelines for how to avoid rejection of Google AdSense. Low price content material for those of you who are just trying to build a weblog and learn to start earning from being a blogger by monetizing weblogs through Google AdSense ads.

Thank you for reading this post from start to finish, apologize if there are things that do not agree or are not right, if you have a different opinion, please write your arguments in the comments column which might be additional information for friends other bloggers who are in need.