How To Register Google News

How to Register Google News. Google Newsletter Listing is a great way to attract natural visitors and help increase AdSense revenue.
How To Register Google News
Google News is a service provided by Google which provides the latest information in the form of news from various websites around the world.

Google News is not only useful for readers, but also a mid-stream tay column for website or blog owners. This is why every website owner wants their articles to appear on Google News.

In order for your website to appear on Google News, you must first know how to register for Google News. This way, every published article will also appear on Google News, and organic traffic can increase.

What is Google News?

In general, “Google News” makes it easy for readers to get the information they need, and can be accessed on both devices and computers. Surprisingly, you can enjoy the Google News service for free. Even today, there are still 1 million users who have downloaded Google News on the Play Store or Google Play.

For users, Google News is the right choice to get information or news based on topic, location, and news source. In other words, users can personalize content as needed.

Please note that the Google News service is not just made for users. For website owners, submitting their website to Google News is the best option. Because if the article gets a place on this Google service, there will be many benefits.

Google News has 494 million visits from around the world every month. This means that the positive impact of Google News for the benefit of the site is worth fighting for.

Why is that? The reason is, Google News is not only made for popular online news media. Blogspot and WordPress based websites can also be registered on Google News.

Overall, if Google News publishes useful and interesting content, the content published on the website can become the headline (recommended) of Google News.

Benefits of Google News listing

If the website succeeds in becoming part of Google's services, signing up for a blog with Google News can have many benefits, such as:

1. Enter search engine pages easily

If you have successfully registered your website on Google News, your next task is to make the content as beautiful and unique as possible. Therefore, Google News will not hesitate and be motivated to become headlines.

This means that newly created content or news must rank first in the Google search engine. Google News is one of the best techniques to get a chance to get to the first page of Google without SEO optimization (search engine optimization).

2. Increase the number of natural visitors

Another advantage of Google News is the increase in natural visitors. The easier it is for people to find what they want on search engines, including the content you create, the better the chances of getting natural visitors.

The ability to have personalized content has a big impact on high quality traffic. Users visiting your website will be pleased that the topic you have is related to the topic they are looking for or needing.

3. As an effective brand media

If your website provides rich content, the impact will be very positive. Visitors will frequently visit your website again. Apart from that, the comments you make about a topic, your website will be considered an expert in its field. This is the link between helping and branding a website through Google News.

4. Opportunities to get lots of backlinks

One of the off-page SEO optimizations is getting high quality backlinks. Of course, as a blogger you usually understand the function of backlinks in increasing the “trust” of site visitors.

The site's reputation can be obtained from Google News. If your content or article is used as a recommendation by Google, then the content will also be a reference for others, as a trusted source. Perhaps one of these sources is content or articles on your site.

The more backlinks you get, the more users will trust your website.

5. No Alternative Advertising

Why is Google News a free alternative to advertising? As mentioned above, Google News can effectively increase brand awareness.

If you happen to want to advertise your website, this is no big deal, as long as you can advertise the content you create and pay a lot of money.

But if there is a way to enhance your brand image without spending a dime, why not give it a try. Is not it?

Google News can bring organic traffic to your website. Natural traffic is visits from search engines, and you can get it without paying any fees.

Google News Listing Requirements

In order for you to get all the benefits of Google News as described above, you need to register your website on Google News first.

The requirements for registering a website on Googel News are actually very easy. The following content includes:

1. Create a news site

Many people believe that one of the conditions for registering a website with Google News is to create a news website. However, it's not just news sites that can list Google News. Even regular blogs with subdomains can join this Google service.

Do not believe? Please enter keywords: How to register Blogspot to Google News. Then you will get the answer.

In essence, the selection process after registering for Google News will be done manually by Google. Google is more selective in ensuring that a website or blog is fit for its purpose (providing the latest and important news).

Therefore, even if your site is not a news site, don't stop trying to list your blog on Google News. In short, create high-quality content that is needed and human-readable.

2. Create quality content

High quality content is the main key to getting the highest ranking on the homepage of search engines. This also applies if you want to register a blog on Google News.

What is meant by high quality website content?
  • Don't steal other people's content
  • Try to focus on only one type of content. For example: business content.
  • Always provide new information (update)
  • Don't create content that is prohibited by Google
  • Describe the structure of the blog.
  • Use a unique permalink and it won't change
  • The appearance of the website is attractive and responsive
  • Convenient for users to browse
  • Describe the identity of the website well

The points above do not require further explanation. Because I think readers are usually familiar with this.

How to register for Google News

After the above conditions are met, the next step is to register your blog on Google News. You can proceed as follows:

1. Sign in with a Google account

Please sign in with your Gmail account first to enter the Google Publisher Center.

2. Verify ownership of the website

Next, you need to verify your website using Google Search Console (GSC). Since Google News has its own search engine, make sure you fill out and add XML sitemaps on your website or blog. This is for Google News, and will always be updating changes that occur on the site.

3. Go to the Google News Publisher Center

Open Google Press Center and sign up for the site. Follow the steps below.

4. Add Website / blog

Add your blog under "Want to recommend a website for Google News?” Click here. “

5. Fill in the blog information

Google requires certain mandatory information during the curation process. Please fill in the required information correctly.

General information

  • About your news site: detailed information on registered news blogs
  • Website Information
  • Source URL: website address.
  • Source name: Website name.
  • Website language: The language used on the website. Please note that Google News does not allow multiple languages.
  • City, State / Province and Territory: Complete address.
  • Select all the categories that apply to your website content
  • Opinion content: Does the website release involve opinion content?
  • User generated content: If user generated content has gone through the editing process on the blog
  • Blog: please tick this option
  • Press release: applies if your website also publishes press releases
  • Satire: If the site is based on satire
  • News section information
  • URL: the name of the domain or subdomain that you want to add
  • Label: The type of content shown.

6. Done

After filling in the data correctly, click Submit.

7. Wait for the Google News review

If all processes have been completed correctly, then the last process is to wait for Google News to be reviewed, the review time is 1-3 weeks.

If the process is done correctly, then I think your blog or website can be accepted by Google News.

The conclusion

This is how you sign up for Google News for a website. Easy, that's not the problem. Because curation is done manually by Google. In essence, all the terms and benefits have been clearly explained above.

It remains only the persistence needed to create high-quality content, etc., all of which Google News can accept.

If the website content is displayed on Google News, the opportunity to occupy the first position in the search engine is more open. It doesn't stop there, you just need to wait for the time to get busy site visitors or increase the experience.

Hopefully this article can be useful for you. Good luck!